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Swing the bat properly. When the ball is pitched, roll the shoulder facing the bowler down slightly and swing the bat backwards in a straight line. Use your top hand for control as you bring the bat forward to meet the ball. The back-swing provides the power for the shot; a good swing clears the top of the wicket.

Decide whether to attempt to score a run or continue batting. A successful batsman knows when to try to score and when to remain in position and defend the wicket. If there is no time to switch places with the non-striker and score a run, stay put and prepare for the next shot.

Select the right cricket bat. Bats differ in length, weight, and handle type; the right bat for you depends partly on your height and partly on personal preference. There are different bats depending on the type of ball you are using The proper length depends upon your height. Get into your batting stance and hold the cricket bat next to your front leg. The top of the cricket bat should be situated just at the top of the players pelvis The top of your hip.

The proper weight depends upon personal preference. Heavier bats provide more power, but lighter bats provide a faster swing. Take practice swings with cricket bats of different weights until one feels comfortable and controllable.

The proper handle depends upon personal preference. Bats with oval handles are stronger, but round handles are easier to grip, especially with your bottom hand. Round handles also provide additional lift when you hit the ball. Prepare the cricket bat by having it knocked in.

Bats are made from willow, a soft wood that is initially hardened by a mechanical press. Additional hardening improves its performance and protects against cracking.

While you can knock a bat in yourself, it is recommended that the process of strengthening the surface by denting and leveling it out be done by a professional. Apply the oil either with your fingers or a cloth, using a clean cloth each time the oil is combustible, so dispose of the cloths immediately.

Let the oil soak in overnight, then oil the bat 2 additional times before beginning the actual knocking in process. Dent the middle of the cricket bat. Use a hardwood bat mallet designed for this purpose a cricket ball may also be used. Continue hitting the surface until it is level and the dent has disappeared. This will take about 10 minutes using a bat mallet, and about 10 to 15 sessions are needed to complete the process. To hit the ball hard, tighten the left hand if you are right handed.

The more you tighten the left hand, the more you will be able to hit hard. Do it vice versa if you're left handed. Not Helpful 69 Helpful Sit at a peaceful place. Hold a tennis ball tightly in your hand and move your hand continuously in different directions while looking at the ball. Just keep your focus on the ball and start moving your hand faster.

This will cause your eyes to see the ball faster and easier. Your eye reflexes will enhance and your focus on the ball will increase, resulting in hitting better shots from the middle of your bat.

Not Helpful 50 Helpful To play a short ball, first shift your weight to your right leg in case you are right handed or do vice versa. Then try to play a pull shot or hook shot.

If it is too high, then don't try. It may became a catch. Leave it and look at the umpire for a no-ball or a wide. Not Helpful 23 Helpful There are two tips: Hit the ball before it lands on the ground.

Remain on your place and defend the ball. Not Helpful 92 Helpful Rather than swinging the bat faster, try to time the ball properly. To increase shot power, you may do some strengthening exercises which will eventually result in hard hitting. Not Helpful 29 Helpful Your cricket tips videos are really awesome.

I have done footwork today in the cricket match early in the morning. I took my team to victory. This is because of your cricket tips. Sir will you please add some more videos. Mail will not be published required. I think its great what your doing.

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