Horse Race Prediction with Neural Networks

Traditional sports science believed science to be owned by experts, coaches, team managers, and analyzers. Actually any group of previous races can be considered as just one very large previous race. He places a bet on each bit, then tries to optimize the growth of his money. For each horse I summed the expectation for all possible place and show scenarios. Your number must be right and the crowd consensus must be wrong. Subscribe to news

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Times are expressed as a percentage of track record. The change in performance is precalculated with a linear regression equation is used to produce a slope which describes the horse's recent performances as improving, not changing or getting worse. While the network is being trained, the inputs the left portion of the diagram represent the information from a past race. The output is what the horse did at its next race. At least eight races worth of information are needed for training.

The program presents the races to the network one a time, over and over, until the network learns what the horse has done in the past. The training can be done just before the race since it takes about five minutes to complete. After the network is trained, it can be used to predict an upcoming race Information about the horse's last race is input, and the output is a prediction of what the horse will do at this the next race. BrainMaker Neural Network Software.

In order to yield the best results from this network, a race selection system was created: No races with maiden horses or allowance races are used. No races with more than nine horses are used. I met him at a Thorograph seminar. When I asked a question and referred to Dr. Soon I was spending a lot of time inputting data from Racing Forms using what then was an HP Calculator which used mag cards magnetic strips to perform calculations.

Not long after that we were entering data into the Texas Instruments 99—4A. We were mostly concentrating on Dr. At one point we were some of the very few people using computers at all for Horse Betting.

Our daily, along with the computer selections became on of the publications available at Hollywood Park. So, computers can be used successfully in horse race handicapping and AI as well is a tool that still could have a future with the right mixture of good programming, AI and the proper knowledge of what needs to be focused on by someone who is erudite in the more subtle and seasoned understanding of the role data management plays in having a real time and correct impact insight into what is important and what is not.

As they say, junk in, junk out. It is even more true in horse racing where there are so many myths about the sport and the facts of what contributes to profitable wagering. So many simply false ideas are believed to be facts by horseplayers who have no statistical or real knowledge of Thoroughbred racing. The sport keeps evolving, more rapidly it seems every year. Unfortunately the sport itself is rather stagnant, as far as the customer base is concerned.

Racing management has not handled things in such a way as to instill growth in the industry. It is a provincial and idyllic world, full of incredible events and stories, magnificent accomplishments such as the career of American Pharoah and other great horses as well as great riders and trainers.

Still, the sport itself, especially concerning the lower strata of Thoroughbreds is rather damaging to the animals themselves. Horses are actually one species of the very few surviving animals that existed in prehistoric times. What I learned from her, is that the animals could be treated much better. The wear and tear of racing can be quite damaging for them, although it could be much better. You might be better advised to try it on the dog-races. I know people who tried both the horses and the dogs, and the dogs seemed to be a bit more predictable than the horses.

This just makes it hard to scale up a winning solution, even if you find one…. There are so many factors in a race that you cannot predict. There are many software programs that will allow you to download data about the horses and then build algorithms either your own or pre-determined to pick horses to bet on.

These are your competitors. I love handicapping the horses because I love numbers and also watching the horses run. But I have a ton of fun, win or lose. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. Has anyone ever used AI to make a horse race predictor? Can it be done? Get hand-matched with proven, senior-level AI engineers for your team.

ANN has been widely implemented in various scientific fields to make predictions or forecasting since and has become an interesting object of research [7]. ANN is a mathematical model of the structure and function inspired by the organization and function of the human brain. Network traffic anomaly prediction using Artificial Neural Network.

A similar study was carried out by Davoodi and Khanteymoori in but this time using data collected from the Aqueduct Race Track in New York [13]. Impact of the variation of horse racing odds on the outcome of horse races at the Champ de Mars. Davoodi and Khanteymoori's [7] work was based primarily on the work of Williams and Li[7], who conducted similar experiments on data collected from the Caymans Race Track in Jamaica.

In[8], Bishell explained most models that have been used to predicting the outcome of horseraces consider the strength of each horse separately from the other horses. Davoodi and Khanteymoori's[7]work was based primarily on the work of Williams and Li [7] , who conducted similar experiments on data collected from the Caymans Race Track in Jamaica. We can also note that for races 5 and 7 from meeting 42 and race 6 of meeting 4, the horses that were predicted to win the race have finished in the 2 nd and 3 rd positions.

Although, these results are well below those claimed in[6]and [7] , although we need to point out that the data is different and the features used are also quite different.

It is also important to point out that none of the predicted winners were crowd favourites, instead they can be considered as long shots as the odds of three of four winning horses was above Rs A Case Study at the Champs de Mars. The study of Jannet Williams and Yan Li in Jamaica proved that taking relevant parameters into consideration can increase the probability to find the probable winners in a race.

Artificial Neural Network was used to create a system that is trained from existing racing data [17]. A probabilistic approach was used in[18]to determine the winner of a horse race. These works are analysed and briefly described below.