NBA: 5 Players Who Scored the Most Points in One Quarter

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5. Joe Johnson

4. David Thompson

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Indeed, it was on. Redick knows all too well that the Warriors' blitzes can and do arrive at any time. But there is a signature moment when the Warriors are their most devastating, as many around the NBA have come to learn -- and that's why, on Nov. He did so in the third. And when Curry went nuclear and outscored the Pelicans by himself, , in a single quarter on Halloween in ? That also happened in the third. Or how about when the Warriors went on a run versus the Kings in February ?

Or a burst over the Lakers in January ? Or a surge over the Bulls in January ? Or their eruptions over the Spurs in May and the Celtics in November ? Just like that, the Cavaliers' halftime edge was gone, their hometown momentum evaporated, and the Warriors motored on to a win, , placing them one win from their third title in four years.

Entering these Finals, which Golden State can finish off in a sweep in Friday's Game 4 in Cleveland, the figures on the Warriors' third-quarter play from the past four seasons, including the playoffs, are staggering. In that span, the Warriors lead the NBA in virtually every category in the third quarter, from points per game to offensive and defensive efficiency.

For comparison, the win Warriors boasted a plus Another way of looking at it: Entering the Finals, this season's Warriors have added a total of percent in win probability during the third quarter alone -- almost three times as high as the next-closest team.

Which means that, basically, the Warriors won more than three full games thanks to their third-quarter play alone. During their recent seven-game Western Conference finals series against the Rockets, the Warriors created percent of their win probability during the third quarters -- the only quarter during which they were a net positive for the series.