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I think the stronger half is the bottom half of this region. I had a very tough time deciding between No. Whoever wins that game will beat Xavier in the Elite 8. I did find some nice upset picks in this region. The Aztecs rolled through the Mountain West Tournament, actually beating Nevada twice in their final two meetings. Nobody wants to face this team right now. I also have No. The Friars played their best basketball of the season down the stretch and actually made the Big East Championship, taking Villanova to overtime.

The Aggies have terrible guards, but stud big men. The Kansas Jayhawks played their best basketball down the stretch as well to earn a No. They won the Big 12 regular season title yet again thanks to a huge road win at Texas Tech.

They also rolled through the Big 12 Tournament despite playing without stud big man Udoka Azubuike. I think that experience playing without Azubuike and becoming a more guard-oriented offense will only help the Jayhawks moving forward. This is now a very dangerous team that should have no problem reaching the Elite 8. The bottom half of this bracket is the tougher half.

I think both No. But the Spartans have more depth and experience, and I think this is the year they get back to the Final Four and challenge for their first championship since College baseball betting presents some interest opportunities to make money, but players must understand the differences between betting the college game and betting the pro game.

College baseball is often more exciting and run scoring is more prolific, so bettors want to get in on the action. But what are the differences that you have to know before jumping into college baseball betting?

Understand that betting opportunities will be more scarce, on-field mistakes will come into play, and emotion plays a significant part in the game. If you understand these things, then college baseball betting will come much easier as a result.

This puts a huge premium on patience throughout the betting season. Some players might have a tendency to jump on any college baseball game they see, since those opportunities are so scarce. Smart handicappers will fight this urge, betting only when value presents itself. Possible opportunities to bet on college baseball will come with the following events:.

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