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How do I predict winner team in cricket for betting? The live predictor is a fun way to compete with your friend in a live match to get an amazing prize. I'm glad I've won a watch and a mobile on this! Rate this Article:

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If you further scroll down on the same page, there is a wonderful option available to get lot more insights like, for example if match is between India vs England. All you need to do is toggle around with the filters you will find amazing insights.

Use the below link and scroll down to bottom of the page, where you can see an option called performance filters.. One last point read match previews so that you will also get to know if there any probable changes that may happen to the team. There are various sites which provide predictions for a cricket match.

According to my experience, below are some websites which I follow:. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. Which prediction sites are good for cricket match predictions?

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How do I predict winner team in cricket for betting? Which is the best prediction sites and apps for IPL? Which is the best Dream11 prediction website? What is the best website prediction for cricket? All Cricket Predictions are based on analysis and by the best astrologers of India The genuine Cricket Match Prediction of all matches will cover the full match so you can gain huge.

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Sachin Tendulkar One last point read match previews so that you will also get to know if there any probable changes that may happen to the team To make it more easy I've added screenshots below. According to my experience, below are some websites which I follow: Related Questions Whit is best site to predict the possible playing XI in a cricket match? Winning and Score Predictor WASP is a calculation tool used in cricket to predict scores and possible results of a limited overs match, e.

One Day and Twenty 20 matches. The prediction is based upon factors like the ease of scoring on the day according to the pitch, weather and boundary size. For the team batting first, it gives the prediction of the final total. For the team batting second, it gives the probability of the chasing team winning, although it does not just take the match situation into the equation.

Predictions are based on the average team playing against the average team in those conditions. The models are based on a database of all non-shortened One Day International ODI matches and Twenty20 games played between top-eight countries since late slightly further back for Twenty20 games.

The batting-first model estimates the additional runs likely to be scored as a function of the number of balls and wickets remaining. The batting-second model estimates the probability of winning as a function of balls and wickets remaining, runs scored to date, and the target score.

Projected score or required run-rate will not qualitatively show the real picture as they fail to take into the account the quality of the batting team and the quality of the bowling attack. WASP [2] is a very good quantitative parameter. They worked on this project for four years and started after they received a phone call from the university's economics department asking them to investigate alternatives to the Duckworth—Lewis method. The WASP system is grounded in the theory of dynamic programming.

It looks at data from past matches and estimates the probability of runs and wickets in each game situation, and works backwards to calculate the total runs or probability of winning in any situation. Let V b , w be the expected additional runs for the rest of the innings when b legitimate balls have been bowled and w wickets have been lost, and let r b , w and p b , w be, respectively, the estimated expected runs and the probability of a wicket on the next ball in that situation.

The batting second model is a bit more complicated, but uses essentially the same logic. If a batsman gets retired hurt, the model will not work well as it does not know the position in which the retired hurt batsman will come to bat again.