The Top 42 Hockey Towns in Europe

EHF will provide the User with a confirmation of the concluded contract of use on a durable medium e. SC Bern has been around since the thirties and is one of the most well-known clubs in and out of Switzerland. The city has numerous cultural attractions and hosts international events every year. Three Matches of the Week in the second leg of the Last 16

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Personal data shall mean any information based on which the User may be identified, including, but not limited to, first name and family name, date of birth, address, and email address. We found that even the people of Gothenburg were filled with the same charm and vibrancy that we felt as we explored the city.

Since the CHL started just three years ago, Frolunda Gothenburg has reached the final all three times. This year was the second year they won the title. Not only is the Scandinavium beautifully designed but it can light up like a flare in the night sky. The awe-inspiring show of colourful lights turns this edifice into a shining beacon and symbol of the Gothenburg Indians. Cologne is the oldest city in Germany. But within a community that cherishes its Epochal Gothic structures live some of the most dedicated and passionate hockey fans in the country.

They live and breathe hockey and often sell out their 18, plus capacity arena to watch the Kolner play. They even have a rivalry reminiscent of the Bruins-Habs grudge matches with their nemeses, Dusseldorfer EG. It has hosted championship hockey games and welcomed superstars Madonna and Adele in It was the venue for the very first Ultimate Fighting Championship held in Germany in Helsinki Ice Arena League: Helsinki dares to be the black sheep of the Scandinavian capitals with a boutique trendiness and a devil-may-care personality.

Classic Nordic-flavoured structures mingle with a tapestry of 20th century art-nouveau buildings off the Vantaa River. You can do anything here, and we ended it by watching hockey… of course. The Finnish team has endured and triumphed for years, making it one of the oldest hockey towns in the whole of Europe. Its capacity is an often sold out 8, seats. The roads wire around some incredible European-style buildings which come to a point at their charming town square.

The fans themselves are a big part of the team and you can sense a real camaraderie when they watch games together. Their best year was in when they finally captured the Czech Extraliga Championship… what an after party that must have been. With a capacity of 8,, the Home Monitoring Center is more than capable of housing its passionate, energized and thirsty fans.

During home games and as we understand it, pretty much all the time, the only beer the locals will drink is their beloved Plzner Urquell.

No other capital city smells the roses quite like Bern does. Their effortless slow-paced way of life is a testament to their respect for tradition and history. The warmth of this historical city was more than mirrored by its hospitable townspeople, it almost seemed out-of-place that the Bernese are such die-hard hockey fans!

SC Bern has been around since the thirties and is one of the most well-known clubs in and out of Switzerland. Tampere has a Jekkyl and Hyde persona that threw us for a loop at first, but in a good way.

The largest of the Nordic Cities, this Finnish tourist favourite had an almost rhythmic casualness to it. We weaved through its quaint streets lined with cafes, shops and pubs, accepting the calm and gracious hospitality the locals extended toward us.

The Ilves icon Raimo Helminen has played the most national team matches in the world, and he has played in six olympics which is world record for hockey players. Tampere holds the only real rivalry in the Finnish league with two local teams, Ilves and Tappara.

Not only are they rivals, but the two most successful teams in the Finnish hockey history, both having won the championship 16 times. Prior to joining the KHL, they had won 19 championships in Croatia with an season championship streak, and were consistent semi and quarter-finalists in the Erste Bank Ice Hockey League since their debut in It has opened its 5, seats to such events as the European Basketball Championships and has welcomed world-renowned artists such as Elton John, the Ramones, Pearl Jam and the Rolling Stones.

Kosice is a mecca of European culture and is well-known for its beautiful architecture, its museums and its die-hard love of hockey. Because this large Slovakian city is home to amazing sights and a rich history, it was awarded the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture in Within their one-of-a-kind culture is a passion for hockey that dates back to the s.

The beautiful and modern 8,seat structure has already hosted the IIHF world Championship in and is set to host again in Kosice is truly a wonder in Eastern Europe and their passion for hockey is a definite bonus for any fan of the sport.

This amazing Eastern European city is renowned as a cultural, economic and scientific hub and is home to some of the best historic and scientific museums in Europe. And when we asked them about their favourite sport, they had a lot to say! Possibly the only team to ever be named after a local hero, Salavat Yulaev is a force to be reckoned with on the ice.

Before the KHL was born in , they were the last team to win the cup in the Russian hockey league. Ak Bars Kazan Arena: When you think of classic Russian empire architecture, you must be thinking of anywhere but Kazan. Kazan, meaning cooking pot in Tatar, is an a propos epithet for the Tartastan capital. With so much diversity, culture and a strangely perfect marriage of contrasting styles and personalities, Kazan was hypnotic. Kazan describes itself as the hockey capital of Russia.

It stands to reason too, the Ak Bars were the first winners of the KHL Gagarin Cup and their continued success has rekindled the flames of hockey fever across the country for the past ten years. The massive facility is only ten years old and can hold 10, hockey fans. Zug is your classic sleepy lakeside town in Switzerland. What threw us for a bit of a loop was that the tiny 30,resident city is a an economic powerhouse. The stadium opened its doors in and has become a force for Swiss hockey. Frankfurt Ice Sports Hall League: We loved what this tourism hub had to offer us in terms of fun and entertainment.

Along with many other bright new installations in Frankfurt , the Lowen Frankfurt hockey team was a playing its 6th year. Formerly the DEL-1 league contending Frankfurt Lions, Lowen Frankfurt took over when they the team dissolved due to financial problems. Since their debut, Lowen has used their grit, experience and spirit to make it to the DEL 2 league in , with no signs of slowing down. The stadium is home to about 20 sub-leagues in hockey, as well as other ice sports.

Gjovik Olympic Cavern Hall League: Compared to the other entries on this list, Gjovik is a tiny city with a very young team. The hall is one of many underground structures in Norway and it was designed with the idea it would take up much less central real estate in Gjovik downtown area. Although the arena is modern, some of its design was made to reflect Norwegian culture and the hall itself pays homage to Scandinavian folklore, making it one of the most unique arenas on the planet.

The city has numerous cultural attractions and hosts international events every year. Explore Lake Biel and the mystic St. They even chant in two languages; again, very Montreal! The arena holds 6, excited hockey fans that electrify the building from the ice to the roof. The town is known for lush forests, rolling hills and is said to be the sunniest place in all of Switzerland.

Born in , the Tigers have played top-level hockey for a generation. The National League A team has had a loyal fan following, averaging about 5, fans per game in their modestly-sized arena. Ilfis Stadium is the 6, capacity arena that is home to the Tigers. The recently renovated ice rink and stadium grounds have even more appeal to their fans and continues to be a huge part of everyday life in Langnau. Tondiraba Ice Hall League: The Estonian capital city was a vibrant adventure through the intermingling of the modern and the medieval.

Tondiraba Ice Hall is even younger than the team itself, opening its doors in It has all the bells and whistles of an international stadium and seats 7, fans for HC home games and tons of local and international sporting events. Kristal Sports Center League: The old Volga merchant streets are still astir with lively shopping districts, great restaurants and unique little mom-and-pop stops.

Kristall is one of the top teams in the Volga region of Russia, and has been for over fifty years. Early in its career, the team consistently won gold, silver and bronze in the Soviet Hockey Championships. Before we moved on we headed to Landshut Stadium for some hockey action.

The 7, seat arena has both an indoor and an outdoor skating rink. Add a tapestry of friendly locals and classical Polish eateries and pubs and this not-so-touristy destination had everything a tourist could want. Likely the oldest team on this list and one of the oldest in Europe, TKH Torun has had a long and proud hockey tradition. This modest 3, capacity edifice is home to team TKH. Fine wine, stunning sunsets, majestic architecture… and hockey? Founded in the late nineties, the Boxers are still in their toddler years, but their teething process seems to be pretty short.

The Boxers play their home games here and the young stadium, which is ranked among the top three in the country, has hosted many Skating Championships and has provided locals and visitors with some great hockey. Metal League or DHL. Its visual pallet was a bit rough around the edges, giving it more grit and character than similar cities; more than a welcome surprise! Their hockey team, the Esbjerg Energy, were perfectly named.

You can literally feel the Energy, pun intended, when the home games are played. The stadium has been a fixture in the city since the mid-seventies. Ice Arena Bremerhaven League: The now DEL A league team is preparing to have a tremendous season, having replaced the Hamburg Freezers, who had to withdraw.

With their recent induction to the highest level in German hockey, locals are more excited than ever to cheer their team on. Linkoping Hockey Club Arena: