How to Hit Laser-Straight Irons: 4 Golf Tips

We value your privacy. That, Labritz said, is how he got comfortable shooting low scores — something he had to get comfortable with if he was to have any success on the mini-tours he was playing, where guys were shooting 7- or 8-under par every day. Squeezing the handle tighter with your right-hand fingers also helps keep you on plane. The Latest

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Should you take lessons before buying fitted golf clubs? Set smart targets when chipping on the golf course. Improve your putting stroke path. MOI and off-center hits. Mizuno JPX irons. Behind the scenes on Masters Wednesday. Top 5 Equipment Stories. A distance tip from a pro long driver 9-Point Game for putting speed control. Not sure if this tip is right for you?

Always looking for tips to shave my score down to low capper. Please enter your comment! The fix is similar to that explained above. Squeezing the handle tighter with your right-hand fingers also helps keep you on plane. If you make these moves too soon, though, the ball shoots right, finding trouble and adding strokes to your score. To fix this flaw, continue to push your right hand onto your left and drive your left foot into the ground.

Stay low and turn less as you enter the hitting zone. These moves will produce pure strikes. Your hands should be low at impact. In other words, your hands must return to the same place as they were at address—no lower closer to your body and no higher farther away from your body. As you rotate, keep your left arm and the grip close to your body. But the ball will fly straight and true. Hitting more greens in regulation eliminate those little chip shots around the green that pack strokes on to your scores.

More importantly, it will produce more birdies and pars, a key step in breaking 80, whittling your golf handicap down to single digits, and checking off one more item on your bucket list. Get our free golf tips sent directly to your email and improve your game now! Why You Need This: In this video, you'll get 5 golf tips to break That's when it gets really fun.

It's all about fine-tuning your swing for more solid, consistent contact and reducing mistakes. Now, if you're not consistently hitting in the 80s yet You'll still learn a ton and be able to use these tips.