Home Casino Sports Betting Poker. Gambling on ice hockey can earn you a tidy profit, especially when something unexpected happens during a game. All the top casinos and sportsbooks have designed their sites to work perfectly on smartphones and tablets. Betting on the total number of goals scored in a game is a very popular type of ice hockey betting. The next three strategies are more advanced betting tips to help you really crush the sportsbooks! The Regular Season

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Kontinental Hockey League betting odds have increased in popularity in recent years. Widely regarded as the most prestigious ice hockey league in Europe and Asia, the 29 teams who compete in the KHL fight to win the Gagarin Cup. Gagarin Cup odds are available with most bookmakers, and our ice hockey tipsters provide you with their best Gagarin Cup tips and predictions. It's not just club ice hockey that is popular amongst bettors.

The sports' biggest international competition is the Ice Hockey World Championships. This tournament, first held in , was part of the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics calendar, before becoming a tournament in its own right. Like the Olympics, countries competing in the competition fight for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The Ice Hockey World Championships are held annually.

For fans of betting on ice hockey, there is an ice hockey league or tournament in play almost all the year round. Let's take a look at when the major ice hockey leagues are in action:. Looking for the best betting tips for ice hockey today? Here at bettingexpert, we have an up and coming betting community who post their tips and predictions on a range of sports and events each day. With many ice hockey leagues and tournaments available to bet on, we have a wide range of ice hockey tips for you to study.

What makes our ice hockey tips even better is that they're completely free! Finding reputable ice hockey tipsters can be hard. With our ice hockey tipsters, we rank them in terms of success so you can follow only the best tipsters around. Via our User Statistics tab, you can view how much profit and yield each tipster has earned, to help you take advantage of the best ice hockey betting advice. Betting on ice hockey has increased in popularity in recent times.

Ice hockey betting odds are more widely available, with bookmakers also offering a series of ice hockey betting promotions and bonuses to enhance your opportunities to make extra profit on your ice hockey betting. As well as reading our ice hockey tips, why not sign up and post one yourself? Join our bettingexpert tipster competition and post your tips, the most successful tipsters can win a cash prize!

Think you can be our number one ice hockey tipster? Sign up and let's see what you've got! Look at some of the benefits you will receive when you sign up to bettingexpert:. Sign up and become an ice hockey tipster. Puckline betting is ice hockey's version of the runline in baseball.

In this case, bookmakers will give one team a 1. Much like baseball betting, however, the puckline is not as popular as straight up moneyline betting head to head without any handicap. One of the reasons is that it is a difficult form of betting to succeed at. A team's potential against the moneyline is much easier to frame as scoring events and margins in such a low scoring sport can tend to be more random than other sports.

Betting on the total number of goals scored in a game is a very popular type of ice hockey betting. Typically the number of goals scored in a NHL games varies between 5 and 7. So how can you win betting on goal totals in ice hockey? The first thing you should do is to not give to much consideration to a team's goal averages.

Averages can often give a distorted picture. What you should rather do is keep track of goal total occurrences. For example, games that featured the Los Angeles Kings might have had an average of 5 goals scored over their last 20 games. But what if two of those games only saw a single goal scored? When times like that happen, it is very beneficial to bettors to wager on that team plus the odds. In most situations in hockey, if a team is behind in the game, there odds will be much stronger than if they were in the lead.

That is when it is most beneficial to play that team and capitalize with the Live Betting aspect of betting. We recommend two sportsbooks for Live Betting on hockey. First, we recommend MyBookie. As you read earlier, they are one of the cleanest and easiest sites to use and their live feature is quick to use and easy to maneuver through. The second online sportsbook that we recommend is Bookmaker.

Bookmaker rarely ever has any issues with the Live Betting and they offer a ton of options, especially with hockey, in their Live Betting platform.

Ask any expert professional gambler and they will all tell you that they have some sort of strategy that they use to maintain sustainability. Whether they are very basic or requires extensive research, a strategy in hockey betting is a must if you want to be successful.

Below are three basic hockey betting strategies that our experts have listed to help you with betting hockey. Once you begin to get the grasp on a basic hockey betting strategy, you will want to begin rounding out your style of wagering so that you become more profitable and begin to be able to save some money in your bank account. The next three strategies are more advanced betting tips to help you really crush the sportsbooks! Another reason for its lack of popularity is due to the fact that its season runs parallel with the NFL, which is one of the most watched and most widely bet sports in the industry.

This is why it is very important to find a reliable handicapping service that can provide you with reliable betting picks and provide you with the needed information, whether a paid service or freeplays, to help guide you through hockey wagering. Mobile betting is popular among most gamblers and rightfully so.

With mobile betting, you can download an app or website to your mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Kindle or other sort of mobile device and wager from the device at anytime, anywhere! No more entering plays early because you have plans, then finding out a player is out of the lineup. That is why mobile betting is a great feature to look for with your online sportsbook. Simply put the app or website on your phone and play your wagers when you have time.

The most well known, and really the only league to bet on for hockey is the National Hockey League, also known as the NHL.