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There has been some drama and uncertainty around the team this year, and it's hard to argue that they have gotten better. Yet despite missing a month and a half, he still finished 10th in the league in WAR. The Chicago Cubs are not playing their best baseball with a record in their last eight games. Headlines Forum Picks

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These moves are closely evaluated by professional bettors and the World Series odds could shift depending on how significant the changes are.

Therefore, the movement of a certain player or two can be very important. Because of the long tradition and history of Major League Baseball, certain teams will draw more interest than others, based on their fan base.

The odds of the Chicago Cubs are a little slanted each year because fans of the team are prone to making a World Series wager on the team each and every season. In addition to the Cubs, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are the other public teams that are commonly bet upon heavily in the offseason.

However, unlike the Cubs, these teams have won championships in the last few years. While sports bettors enjoy the daily action that is tied to MLB games over six months of play, they must have patience when making a wager on a World Series winner. On a typical day in the spring and summer, there are usually 15 games to bet on that deliver an immediate payoff. Cleveland is more stacked when it comes to their arms, and they have the offense to match wits with anyone. For the NL, I think the Dodgers will ultimately piece things together, overtake the Rockies, and march their way back to the World Series.

Ultimately, the Dodgers and Indians give us a very interesting World Series showdown between each of the losers in the last two MLB title series. Who Will Get to the World Series? By Noah Davis Published on September 11, It was the Houston Astros that nabbed a banner, instead.

Find odds, predictions, and free picks here! Who Offers the Most Betting Value? Cancel Reply Your Comment. And many other sites. Select a language English English. The Yankees have played in the most ALDS with 18 appearances, while the Houston Astros made their first appearance in , as they had previously been in the National League.

From through it was the Wild Card winner playing the division winner with the best record unless the teams were in the same division. That changed in , as the Wild Card winner plays the top division winner, regardless of if they are in the same division or not. The ALDS is a best-of-five series with the team with the better record getting the home field advantage.

It was first played in a format but in it was changed to a format, with the higher seeded team getting the first two games at home and game five at home. Who will win the World Series? Take a sneak peak at how each MLB division-by-division race will play out, complete with win-loss record predictions for all 30 teams and full divisional analysis.

Betting on the MLB regular season is one thing, but for some of the most thrilling and potentially lucrative baseball betting you have to follow the MLB playoff series.