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Foul Points awarded to opponent Example The cue ball doesn't hit the ball it was supposed to. These cues are also valued because of how well they perform. Retrieved 6 July Recommended Products

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Snooker Tip

When you are cueing try to keep your arm very still and when you hit the ball ensure that your elbow which is holding the cue is in direct line with the cue. Try to avoid sticking your elbow out or tucking it in too tight to your body. Finally there is sighting when taking a shot.

When you lower down and prepare to take your shot, you need to switch your glance back and forward between where the cue is going to strike the cue ball and the point on the object you want to hit. What you are trying to accomplish here is check that the line of your shot is accurate.

One important piece of advice is when you taking the shot, DO NOT look at the cue ball and focus on the object ball only. Snooker like Golf or any other sport that requires skill is really rewarding and worth sticking at. With a bit of practice you can get pretty good and it is a brilliant game to play with friends.

Snooker is a really enjoyable game and you may find yourself completely hooked after a couple of games. So give a go and stick at it, there is nothing like hitting a decent break or hitting a long shot into a pocket.

Snooker tips for beginners: How to play Snooker So to begin with this beginners guide to snooker lets look at the basics of Snooker. Snooker ball values Each player uses the white ball cue ball to pot the 21 object balls of different values.

Fouls in Snooker A foul in Snooker means you have broken a rule and a number of points from 4 to 7 are credited to your opponent depending on the foul. So the following actions are fouls; Foul Points awarded to opponent Example The cue ball doesn't hit the ball it was supposed to.

The cue ball doesn't touch any ball 4 points A player takes their shot but fails to hit anything Snooker terms There are numerous terms used when playing Snooker, some of which are obvious and some not!

Whoever gets the most points wins the frame. The player who wins the most frames wins the match. Free ball — means your opponent has fouled and left you unable to hit the ball you need to.

Therefore you can hit any ball. The rest — this is used to help you take a shot when the cue ball is too far to reach. A rest looks like a cue but has a plastic or metal X shape on the end to set the cue on when taking your shot.

Cue extension — makes your cue longer Spider — looks like a rest but has a bridge on the end. It is used to take a shot that is too far away to be bridged by hand.

How to play better Snooker There are a number of factors you will want to consider when playing snooker and the more you improve them the better your overall game will become. How to grip a Snooker cue How you grip your cue is a very important part of a Snooker players game. Stance in Snooker Your stance is your position when you take your shot. Bridging in Snooker Your bridge hand is the hand you place on the table. Popular Posts Best Snooker cue for beginners. The ultimate starter guide to Snooker.

How to rack up in pool - Proper pool setup. Best Snooker Cues - Whats the best Snooker cue to buy? Pool tips for beginners: The ultimate starter guide to Pool. How to retip a Snooker cue - Best Snooker cue tips. How to pot a ball in Snooker - improve your Snooker potting. Best Pool Tables for Kids. Snooker mental training - How to be more consistent in Snooker or Pool by improving your mental side of the game. You aim for the black but hit the pink first means 6 points awarded to the other player where as if you hit a red it would be 4.

I have tried several cues from another well cue maker and I didn't like them so I sold them. I went for a two piece because I got fed up of carrying a case for my break cue and another for my playing cue. Rumour has it that some cue makers give their cues to the professional players foc whereas other cue makers refuse to give away free cues to anyone. This could be seen as a reason why some players all use the same cue maker.

To get the very best in each category I think you will have to specify the game you are playing. Otherwise you will get the general answers based on generalization. The good thing with cue sticks is that you can get one custom made for you and it will definitely give you better results than what is in the market already. The best cue is the best for you.

If you can play all your shots and feel comfortable with it then that's fine. Stephen Hendry famously won many of his titles with a bent cue! I would say t that most of the professional use cues made by John Parris. However there is at least a 18 month wait unless you buy at a higher price on eBay.

Other good makes are peradon, Stamford, Trevor white and cue craft. Hasan Rashid's answer to How is o,min victory snooker cue? This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. What are some of the best brands in snooker cues? Need a catchy name?

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Get a one piece because fixing a joint problem is PITA. As a general guide, do not pay a huge fortune on them please. Download the employee handbook and streamline your workplace.

Develop, teach, and inform your new hires about your company culture and workplace. What are the best snooker cue tips and why?

What brand of Snooker cue does Ronnie O'Sullivan use and how expensive is the brand? Are peradon snooker cues good? What are points to keep in mind when buying a Snooker Cue Stick? I like Mike Wooldridge cues and I have bought two snooker cues from him and he is making me a pool cue for American pool here in the USA 1. He makes sure it is made to your spec.

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