2018 Fall Exhibition Schedule

Sep 14, Version Over all, to hear the news of the players on the team and what is happening with so many teams it is quite the blessing to stay on top of all the many teams and players that I so appreciate and admire. Your favorite teams are now mixed in with today's top headlines. Baseball / Softball

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With the same players and same number of hits, Top Score Baseball creates the batting order that helps your team enjoy longer rallies, strand fewer runners, and ultimately, score more runs.

Whether you're kicking off a new season, you're mid-season, or you're registering for a tournament, we have pricing that works for you and your team!

Score as many games and run as many teams as you want while your subscription is active. Your stats will always be free and accessible even after your subscription expires. Ready to sign up? Choose your subscription plan below. Do you run a league or association? Contact us for discounts when registering 5 or more teams! Download the app and hit Try It to explore everything it has to offer. Tap the button for Next Game to get a feel for scoring a game or drill down into the stats to see the top players in each category, spray charts for individual players, and much, much more.

When you're ready, hit the Sign Up button, enter the email address and password you'd like to use for your team, then start adding games to your Schedule and adding players to your Roster.

The stats you generate are stored in the cloud, so you can log in on any phone and always be up to date. Score up to three games for free. Individual Pitch Count for both teams. The Standard Edition of Live Score contains different scoreboard layouts, that provide all features and optional color adjustments. This scoreboard is a typical full-length scoreboard with shape indicators for Strikes, Balls and Outs. The Field on the right side displays shapes for runners. All elements can be hidden if not operated.

Scoreboard 2 is a more modern scoreboard, which is most often displayed in a top or bottom corner of the broadcast. Strikes and Balls are displayed as numbers, Outs are shown with circle shapes.

This scoreboard does also have the option to show images for the two teams. Team images have a basic size of 25 x The main image is 50 x This scoreboard is the most realistic one. It contains a complete visualization of a baseball field for the runners display. The rectangle form makes it perfect for displaying it at the edge of the screen.

Strikes, Balls and Outs are displayed as numbers. Team images have a basic size of 21 x Scoreboard 4 is a brand new flat and fresh design with all relevant data like Runs, Strikes, Balls, Pitch Count, Bases and more.

Use the Color Manager to create the perfect layout for your broadcast. This scoreboard gives you the realism you need - whether on top or at the bottom of your broadcast, it is a good match if you want to do a traditional broadcast without flat layouts and scorebugs.

Scoreboard Stats 1 helps you to display the most important statistics between inning or at the end of your game. Gaps between elements give you a great transparency for your stream. All colors can be adjusted to match the style of your production.