5 Things Every Basketball Wing Player Should Know

This is the most effective and fundamentally sound way to shoot a jump shot. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Raising the heels off the floor automatically causes the legs to bend, making it easier and more natural to lower the body into a slight squat that provides balance, power and enhances propulsion. Perimeter moves when you have the ball.

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Which foot becomes the pivot foot and which is used for the jab step?

The wing position is built to score at the basket on the fast break by sprinting to get open and cutting to the basket to receive a pass.

Finishing in transition requires exceptional quickness, and the skill to get the ball at the basket — both of which take great control and endurance. Wing players looking to improve should work on these qualities in practice and individual workouts. Ultimately, for a wing player to excel at his position his entire skill set must be well-developed.

If you have forgotten your password, click here There is a problem with this account, please contact support Please enter email and password. Are you a Basketball Player? Please enter an email address in the format: How to be a Great Wing Player in Basketball. The wing position in basketball is among the most physically demanding in the game.

This guide explores what it takes to become a great wing player. Finishing Strong at the Rim in Basketball Simply eluding a defender won't automatically result in Defending Against the Ball Handler Here's an easy to understand youth basketball drill to work Here is how to practice holding the ball: Make both hands into claws.

Growl like a lion and move the claws forward like you are going to rip something apart. Make sure your fingers are far apart. Put the ball between the claws and hold the ball securely.

Your only contact with the ball should be your finger ends, not the pads. The palm and other parts of the hand do not touch the ball.

Overdoing the hold this way is most beneficial. Hold the ball as long as possible at home while watching TV or listening to the radio. Before practice, hold the ball for a minute or two and at every other opportunity.

Use Your Wrists In Shooting, Passing, and Dribbling The wrist skills, which include shooting, passing, and dribbling, involve the motion of the hand and wrist. Waving good-bye is an example of wrist motion that needs to be practiced. This rarely practiced motion reaps incredible benefits. Not only will you improve, but you will permanently improve. Here is how to practice: While standing, put your arms straight up overhead, palms facing forward.

Keep your elbows straight and do not move your arms throughout the exercise. With your hands slightly clawed, flick your wrist backward and let it come forward without additional effort.

Continue to flick your wrists backward. You are doing this correctly if your hand and wrist go back and forth like a wet noodle. Make sure to keep your hands in a slightly clawed position. Continue doing this for one to two minutes. Initially this motion will be very difficult.

This first part of the exercise helps with shooting and passing. For help with dribbling, lower the arms to the side with the palms facing backward. With elbows straight and arms stationary, flick the wrist forward and let it come back without effort.

Continue doing this for one-two minutes. Make sure the hand is slightly clawed. Do these exercises as often as possible. Make them part of your normal practice warm-up. The more difficult this exercise is to do, the more you need it. It may take one month or more to properly do these exercises. Every movement with the ball initially involves pivoting. Players routinely pivot to shoot or pass. What is not so obvious is that all moves, most fakes, and driving to the basket all depend on the ability to pivot.

Poor pivoters do not have moves and cannot drive well to the basket. You must be able to pivot forward and backward using either foot. So each exercise must be repeated four times: During a game you should aim to try and get points off of easy baskets.

In order to do this though you need to be consciously thinking about them and looking for them. Easy scoring opportunities are all over the place, but you must be willing to work for them.

You may not know exactly what an easy scoring opportunity is or what you should be looking for, so here is a list of some of the different opportunities you should be looking for throughout the course of a game. Be willing to give the ball up to a teammate and trust that you will get it back later in the possession. If you show that you are willing to pass to the open teammate then the defense will have to respect that, and it will open up more space for you to score later on. If the only value that you add to your team is making shots, then what do you think is going to happen when you have an off night?

However, if you also play good defense, rebound the basketball , etc. So whether you are making shots or not, you must make your team better and still give them the best chance of winning the game. The problem with the wing designation is that a wing can be a center, and the term wing refers to outside positioning. It is confusing and just a pop culture fad that will fade, soon enough.

Your email address will not be published. Learn to be Efficient The more efficient you can be with your moves on the offensive end the better. Find Easy Scoring Opportunities During a game you should aim to try and get points off of easy baskets.