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Please send me an email is on the contact link bottom of the website and I can give you my paypal address from there. Remember that the harder you try, they harder they will counter, and the harder you will get hurt. So my question is. What matters is that you win, not the way you look. Primary Sidebar

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Is that a good idea? Also, you want to keep your head far from where you want it to go. If you want to move your head to the left, then bait with it on the right. It goes like this: Matt, I understood your theory perfectly. Imagine a runner only taking shallow breaths instead of deep breaths, so terribly inefficient.

Look at those karate guys that breathe really deep when they break the boards. In any case, I suggest that you try your theory anyway and see how well it works. Try it at full-sprint, jogging pace, on the heavy bag, and also during sparring. Thanks for your replay Johnny!

Of course that taking shallow breaths is bad because it gives us less oxygen. Maximum amount of additional air that can be inspired from the end of a normal inspiration. The maximum volume of additional air that can be expired from the end of a normal expiration.

The volume of air remaining in the lung after a maximal expiration. This is the only lung volume which cannot be measured with a spirometer. And another information about breathing that might be useful is that naturally our inhale and exhale rate must be 1: So the next time you do some push-ups try to inhale with one push-up and exhale on the next two etc. Either way, I stand by my original opinion.

You have to exhale sharply to contract your muscles explosively. Your breathing theory would be useful in a marathon where athletes have all the time to themselves to build up the perfect breathing rhythm. Punches are thrown with short rapid exhalations of air.

As soon as we get a chance to breathe, we replenish the air volume right away. Anytime that we breathe using ERV, it is because the fight forces us and there is no other way. Ultimately, boxers will have to breathe the way the fight is forced upon them. Your breathing interval theory is valid. The general principle is that your nose inhales slowly to breathe deeply and then the mouth can exhale slowly in spurts. You exhale through the mouth to slow down the air, which would then make exhales take longer than inhales.

The reason why many guys breathe at 1: I actually held some platoon push-up records in the Army. All the fastest guys used the same breathing pattern: And just one more thing I just read your article about breathing and I agree with you Johnny, breathing trough the nose must be better because if you try to respect 1: Do I have to breathe as I go up or exhale!!!

I wanted to improve the strength of my wrists!! For pull-ups you exhale as you go up. As for running, you keep a steady breathing rhythm. Most fighters do roadwork days a week. Got a charity bout on , march 31 st and want this as a big part of my offence, great site!!! You have to look forward. Like I mentioned before I box but not in the big times and when I was younger I got into fights and I learned to use periferals. I keep my ist up and head up. I box left and or right handed.

So I stay far enough back I use my periferals and can see from his head to his toes. Do u think that could work to my advantage? Hi Johnny,, why should we never lean back? There will always be times when leaning back can be useful…for example: Having a tight guard is good for keeping yourself in range to counter back. Having a tight guard is also useful if you want to push your opponent back using his own punch.

Hey man i have the runs, so i didnt go to the gym but for some reason i feel like im lacking determination but i dont think there would be a point to head all the way out to the gym to constantly use the bathroom i think that would definitely disturb my workout, am i lacking determination for not going johnny? I would probably wait to heal from the runs. Hey Johnny thanks for the awesome tips!

I just dont understand how to pivot my feet when I punch,ive read all of your power punching articles,and ive been sliding my feet towards the punch so that my body is balanced when I rotate my body,this seems to hit alot harder than the old one legged way I used to punch,i just dont understand how to pivot.

Watch my youtube videos. I demonstrate the punching technique for the main boxing punches jab, cross, hook, uppercut. Exact same tips my dad tells me,! Felt like he was the one that typed this. This tips are really good and help alot. Thanks Johnny, this may sound odd, but I actually have used these tips for boxing ….. Virtually of course some are impossible but the training tips…. I have to tweak them but the ground rules are there and once you get the fundamentals down, it makes any training so much easier.

I actually refer to this article in a blog I did. Thanks again and any time you are looking to box in down time, look us up. Warrior Instinct Nations and I promise no black eyes or broken noses.

If you have never heard of second life its a virtual world that mimics RL from stores to sports. Boxing, football and wrestling are huge there right now. Hi Johnny I just started boxing and I am on my 2nd week. I do wear eye glasses. I am considerin practice sparring without my glasses.

Do you think I can manage? Or is that not a good idea? I just want to know how to block punches for self defense. How well you manage depends on how bad your vision is without glasses. Please let me to know if I am a 36 year old than i had well trained, but can i attend any competition under my weight category? Hi Pathy, 36 is not too old for boxing competition. What kinda effing gym do you go to they make you fight with out being ready??

I trained for 6 months before sparring. Pls whats d solution. Train at your pace. I would appreciate it alot if you could give me any other advice for a beginner and im hoping that i can have a future in boxing. I have the mentality for it and i know that if i try hard enough i can be very good some day. I am a 16 year old who wants to be great in boxing and compete. I hope to become a great boxer and become proud and feel victorious.

I was just wandering if I should lift weights to gain strength first then go into boxing training or should I only do boxing training. Because I have heard that it is bad to lift weights for boxing. Thanks for your time. Hey man liaten my story is a bit long I a, from lebanon and live there I cant find any gyms that my father can accept he says that there are dirty minded people in this club that takes drugs and exct… ok i get it but i have been telling for a year to find a club at saida so please if u can try to find me a club at sidon,lebanon i am really excited for boxing I will admit it i dont have thatmuch power and muscles i am only tall and skinny but I have a strong heart please tell me any club for a 15 year old boy pleade man and thank you.

Hey Jonny first of all thanks my life changed alot since i start trying boxe in this website… I am not in a gym and there arent gyms here or near, so i think you guys could think about who boxe at home some tips and tricks… Thanks once again! But due to my family commitments I need to work.

Bt still I want to learn boxing nd compete. Despite of my age factor and time restrictions can I become victorious in boxing? Hi I am completly new at boxing I am 14 years old. I wipl be working out 5 times a week usuallyfy average 50 minutes outsidee of boxing training. I eat little junkfood. I Know the basics of boxing and I am looking for tips and work outs strategies.

Weight 46 kgs last time I checked 1or two months ago. A few tips to counteract muscle cramps too…please. I fight even though it hurts, but it still is pretty annoying when you wanna make a good move but the ache just ruins it all. Throw some overhands over her jab. Hard ones…that might be enough to keep her from launching so many jabs. I kinda have a weird tendency to forget things far too often.

Thanks for the tip, dude! Sorry for bothering Mr. Johnny,but what weight i mean the weight of a person can learn boxing? I once wish to join a gym but instead they told me that im not fitted enough to learn it. The reason are that i have a overweight problem.

Its is to learn boxing,first thing required are fit body? Please help me as i love boxing but because im overweight so im unable to learn anything at all other than only jab. I am 41 and started just yesterday home boxing with a punching bag. My newly chosen way of exercise.

This is a great tutorial for me as a beginner. Dude, you are the absolute dopest Johnny. I have been looking for a website like this AND an article exactly like this. I stumbled upon gold on the internet here. I started hitting the bag to just deal with some personal stuff and fell in love with boxing instantly. I would love to try out amateur one day even have my coach picked out! Really had a great wish to meet u,: Im still a bit confused about the jabbing.

Like strike a jab or like throw a jab does it all mean punch with your left? Im doing a school project about how to box so can you reply ASAP? Hello im 20 years old 1. I can only train during weekends.

Hope you can help me. Im a 16 year old female. Ive been taking fitness boxing classes for about 6 months. Ive been thinking about trying to be trained for fights and sparring instead of doing fitness boxing. I only make it to the boxing hym 2 times a week but run and condition on the days im not at the gym.

Do you think 2 times a week at the gym is enough for a trainer to actually be interested in training me and eventually finding me fights? Can you please tell where to see while boxing into the opponents eyes or his gloves……and one more thing is there any trick to knw which of the punch your opponent is going to strike…or its all about practice.

Everything is all about practice. I used them for the first time today and my fingers are kind of sore especially my two pinkies. You could also buy training gloves made for women. Rival has several pairs. Also some glove brands are smaller than others.

Improving your punching technique also helps as well. I think that in order for anything to become a conclusion you really have to use a bigger set of test subjects!

Yes even in sports like Badminton etc. So why would boxers be any different! Please answer me back. I am sure we could go a long way toward enlightening each other. I am like you I just want to see that people get Top Flight instruction. Except only, my articles were not about being against weight-training or resistance training.

And yes, I too, have spoken to pro athletes, and trainers. If you experienced something different, and you like it, please keep doing it. This mentality goes with all my articles. The coach never thought i was all that great as he was focusing a great deal on his star pupil , so i eventually used what i had learned and it helped a great deal.

The boxing left the schools program and never returned after that. Every so often i practiced a bit of my boxing but not with a gym and because my brother was in high school by the time i was 12 i started learning wrestling from him that he had been learning in school. So i practiced wrestling and still used my boxing instead whenever i faced a dilemma. I got into football the next year and started practicing wrestling less but shattered my wrist half way through the season.

I also hurt the muscle a bit in my right shoulder playing football with college kids. When i was 14 everything was just fine and i felt great excelling beyond all others in every workout and was very healthy. The following year i turned 15 and eventually got into a fight that i won by using wrestling which is what i had become a custom to.

A boxing program started at that school soon after so i joined and began relearning boxing. Later on the same person i had fought before and not done so well against wanted to fight again so we did. I used my relearned boxing and some wrestling and handled myself well. I soon found myself training in Wing Chun and found it very difficult as i was used to great power and constantly pushing my limits. It was similar to a rigid standing meditation at first but i got a hang of it and began training intensely in it and also started practicing Muay thai and aikido.

Soon afterwards i was learning pieces from other styles and began adding them to my repetwar. The following year i turned 16 and i decided to continue learning each of my styles individually and to take on weapon styles as well. I consistently played football with college guys and eventually broke my elbow but it didnt do much damage to my training for long.

The following year i turned 17 and a heavyweight wanted to fight me for fun so i thought it was a good opportunity to test my many skills. We fought and i soon realized that i was still using only my boxing and wrestling. I went back to the drawing board and started going over the basics of everything i had trained in. I even began learning various forms of wushu to add to my daily forms practiced before working out and striking.

I felt completely untouchable. The following year i changed schools ,yeah for my senior year , I no longer had any training partners whatsoever so i began training less and less. I only trained maybe once a month and did no form practice. I gained about 30 pounds and still walked around teaching a bit and being fine with not training because i was confident i could easily defend myself against any aggressor. So i turn 18 and the routine continues to about the end of senior year but a pro ex world champion Taekwondo fighter that also happens to fight in mma matches is told about my love of fighting so we agree to fight sometime.

Randomly i am told when i wake that it will happen after school that day. So the day of the fight i wake up and feel very sick , i then realize i have a text and am told i am expected to fight later in the day.

I get on the bus and the motion agitated me and i vomited. I did my best to feel better throughout the day and look tough.

At the end of the day i realize i no longer have a mouth guard for if he chooses to use one and all i have are some mma gloves. I still decide to head over and we start. He says the rules are no knees and no elbows which are a huge part of my offense and defense from muay thai and wing chun so to test if he understands that these strikes are attacking strikes that also defend i ask if i can use them in defense and he says yes so that solidifies that he doesnt understand those techniques Now we begin and the moment we started i jumped forward and put my foot on his knee.

I immediately realized that i could have easily hurt him with this kick from Wing Chun and that i did not actually kick because i had become a custom to teaching it and always stopping before landing to not injure those i was teaching. I then decided that wing chun is far to dangerous to use. So i take a stray punch to the jaw. I then begin to get up but am hit in the chin by a knee which he begins to say was an attempted kick later reviewed it and it was definitely a knee straight up to the jaw It left me very dazed and upset because i was told i could not use my knees and elbows.

I end up on a liquid diet for a month and my doctors did a mediocre job leaving me with an overbite after i removed the metal screws. Oh and i also have a titanium plate in my jaw. So after the liquid diet and losing about 45 pounds i decide its best to try and gain weight back and am having a great healthy routine at first.

About two months go by and i lose my healthy routine and i move homes, but begin training at least a little every day. I stop taining much and about three months go by and i move again i turn 19 and about 5 to 6 months go by of no training. I start training again and feel a bit off at first but get sick and get better to train about 3 weeks later. I begin retraining in just about everything i know but on my own since there are no gyms near by. I train every other day for about 2 months and finally hear about a boxing gym that will open soon.

The gym has finally opened so i visited today and it is a very small humbling gym with a fair cheap price. The coaches seem great and i look forward to training Monday through Thursday 5: It was a good workout and had me gasping for air after just a few rounds. I would like to ask for any boxing tips to help me get started again and honestly for some good advice. I always wanted to box in tournament when i was younger but never got the chance. I more lately have considered to after some hard training have some amateur boxing matches mma fights or both.

I understand how different the two combat sports are and just wanna know what you think about me possibly doing one the other or both especially since i have a previous wrist break other arm elbow break and titanium plate in my jaw from that break.

And also if i do well in either should i consider trying out a career in one or the other or just teaching. With all my experience i really do know skill wise i have a monstrous advantage over just about anyone and just need to get my body back in shape which is currently about 30 pounds off from being hugely fit. Also how long is a good enough time to lose the weight in.

Turns out im pounds above where I should be right now. Just another place to talk with skilled people is quite refreshing. Good luck and do your best. Hi my name is Israel I am 15 years old weigh and is 6 ft. Is it possible for me to teach myself then once I go to college out of state ill join a gym. I want to know what you think I could do and how to do it? Use the internet, start practicing your technique in front of a mirror. See if you can get your friends to learn with you and work with you.

Just wondered if you have any ideas on how to stop the eye shutting. How can I use the advantage of being a tall, skinny and fast? Thanks if you reply. Stay far and fire in single shots as well as combinations. Boxing will help strengthen you. What low intensity should I start with and what exercises do you recommend for me to do to build up my body to a stronger condition.

Do fewer reps, lighter reps, slower reps, but move! What an awesome site………Thank You!!! My best friend is an ex-pro, and encouraging me to get into boxing, after my husband was killed in a work accident. Thank you so very much for you site! It is so great! My son is 8 yrs old and really motivated to start boxing.

I have been teaching him everyday and your site has really helped a lot! The beginners guide is an excellent platform to learn boxing. It has really strengthened my inner spirit. Thank you for your hardwork and kind effort to provide us such a helpful platform to learn boxing. Share your thoughts with other boxers. Want your own comment image?

Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. At the end of just the […]. The 1 boxing training website since Techniques and tips for boxers, fighters, martial artists, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to learn how to box. Basic Boxing Technique Basic Boxing Stance The basic boxing stance is supposed to be easy for beginners to attack and defend easily.

Dominant hand in back if you are right-handed, put the right hand in back. Weight evenly distributed across both legs, knees slightly bent. Feet diagonal, little wider than shoulder width apart, back heel raised. Elbows down, hands up. Head behind your gloves, chin slightly down, eyes see over the gloves. Read more guides on boxing stance: Practice small pivots degrees as well as big pivots degrees.

Read more guides on boxing footwork: Shuffle , Bounce-Step Boxing footwork strategy videos: Maintain your stance and balance for better power and mobility. Make sure the non-punching hand is defending the other side of your body. Exhale sharply on every shot.

All boxing punches are basically a variation of straight punches elbow straight , hook punches elbow sideways , or uppercut punches elbow down. I did see the knockout. The body punching guide will come later. This is simply the best guide to boxing we can find in the internet. Shin splints are a result of many things: This website is definitely encyclopaedia on boxing technique.

I really wish you lived in Australia so I could come and train at your gym hahaha On a more serious note, I was wandering if you could an answer a question about overtraining. Thanks in advance mate, keep it up! Duracell check this story out I too started out in rural town in Southwest New Mexico. Got any tips on finding a sparring partner?

Is going to a boxing gym the only option? Use really light weights and only do slow motions with them. Watch all my Youtube videos and start from there! Do you have any articles on the step-drag technique? Being skinny is actually a good body type for boxing.

If you want to bulk up, be a bodybuilder. I hope you do well! Let me know how you do, Randi. Hi Johnny, Just wanted to drop a line of thanks for all the outstanding content on this site.

Thank you John for all the information you punched in here! How about wearing some socks or shoes? Hi Johnny, just want to say thanks for this in depth guide for beginner boxing. Good luck and have fun boxing! Thank you so much for the offer, Billie. I would recommend going back to the gym and starting with the basics again.

Check out my guides on boxing gloves and go from there! Good luck to you. Boxing is a fun sport. Wish we lived near each other. This is a great article.

Great article, great site. Thanks for all the work on here. Hi Kevin, Thank you for the awesome feedback. Will you update this with the newer articles please? Your body and mind need time to get used to this type of workout. You do not want to quit after a month, do you?

No matter if you hit the punching bag or fight with someone always keep the proper stance. This state will help you to throw more powerful punches and support the defense. Also, it provides better stability, flexibility, mobility and balance. If you watch a match, you can see fighters lowering their arms, but since you are a beginner, you should not do that yet. Always keep your hands high and your elbows low, close to your body.

Keep this position even if you punch a heavy bag. Also, keep your chin down. If you spare with someone or you punch a heavy bag keep hitting no matter what. Your opponent should know you are a not a quieter. In the ring, there is no time to lose your focus. Your opponent waits for that one second when you do not focus to knock you out.

When you hit the bag imagine you are fighting with someone, and keep focusing as if you are in a real fight. Do not only train for hitting the head. Hit the body of your opponent from every angle. As it is said,. If you always throw the same punches and combos, your opponent will quickly find the way to protect himself and find your weaknesses.

So, keep them guessing. This way he will also get tired in mind sooner or later and lose his focus. Good footwork is vital for defensive and offensive reasons. It is as important as the correct ways to punch. During sparring or heavy bag training always move but keep the proper boxing form.