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I like chocolate, gadgets, open source software, photography, traveling and all shades of green colors. I love spending time with fun loving friends and family members. This is my own online journal. View all posts by admin. Wat a wonderful way to depict a superb concept… Ramayan was always a eye catching story and with all this effects and sound,, they really made one that cannot be bargained on..

Way to go Sahara One.. The one that bring Sri Rama in his meditations. Thanks for this gift! Be sure you are allowing lots of children the opportunity of being free! Valmiki essentially called people who looked little different than him as monkeys. It is told that wherever bhajans praising Lord Rama is going on, Lord Handuman will be present there. Then chant Hanuman Chalisa with full devotion and faith. Early Morning around 6 to 7 O'clock or evening 6 to 7 O 'clock will be ideal if it suits you.

Otherwise any time you feel convenient you can start your prayers. I think Sri Vidya Rajgopalan has given the correct answer. But the Answer is very long. Let me explain you in short.

Ram built a Bridge instead of ship because he thought, if in the war with Ravana more army of Varana is required then it will be easy to bring reinforcement through a Bridge Than to send ship. Trust and Pray to Lord Hanumaanji and I am sure you will recover from all your problems soon. The prayer is from Heart and mind. All times are auspicious. Gods never differentiated between morning or evenings If nothing else - just in your heart, remember Lord Hanuman and he will listen to your voice.

All the time is the best time to pray lord - whether it is lord hanuman or lord ram. Whenever you feel to pray just join yours, close your eyes and bow down and tell lord whatever you want to tell, complaint and thank god for whatever he has given to you. Remember lord always hears every prayer and does whatever is best for his disciple. Related Questions Did the last great megafaunal mass extinction take place because the animals didn't pray enough? Why did lord rama built bridge to sri lanka instead of sailing in ship with army?

If you could see 24 hours into the future what would you do with this ability? If you could live the next 24 hours and then erase it and start over just once, what would you do? Answer Questions Why do some people not believe in evolution, IQ testing, round Earth, medicine, psychiatry and similar? What do you think? Right or wrong, God is mask with avatar of son of God?

Guys, god is real, what do u say? What's the point of atheism? If faith is belief without evidence, then why do people dispute this when it comes to the presence of God? Why do they try to prove?

Doeas God care about us as individuals?