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Stay on the back foot when the bowler throws the ball. As the bowler runs at you, keep your eyes focused on the seams of the ball to best judge its speed. Have a word which you say to yourself as the bowler is about to deliver to turn your concentration on. ट्रेंडिंग न्यूज़

Ask New Question Sign In. What is cricket called in hindi? What's the Hindi word for cricket bat? What is cricket called in Marathi? What do you call feedback in Hindi? What do we call literature in Hindi?

What is the Hindi term for cricket? Pakad dandu, maar mandu, de danaadan pratiyogita. Although Cricket word has bacome part and parcal of Hindi vocabulary now.

What do we call cricket in Hindi? Other terms of cricket are used in hindi play ground khel Ka maidan fielding kshetra -rakshan , L. W pagbadha wickets killian wales gillian boundary seemarekha batsman ballebaz , bowler gaindbaz , batting ballebazi bowling gaidbazi. A cricket bowl is always performed over-the-shoulder, with a completely straight arm. The ball is allowed to bounce on the pitch once before reaching the striker, though it doesn't have to.

The batsmen can run as though they hit the ball, but can't be out except by a few specific methods. Different bowlers have different movement styles, and may rush forward for a fast bowl, or step forward a couple of times and twist for a trickier bowl. The bowl must reach the striker at or below the waist. Hit the ball and run.

Using the flat side of the cricket bat, the striker can attempt to hit the ball. There are many different types of strike, each with a different advantage over the others. Once the striker has hit the ball, they and the non-striker can choose to run from end to end of the pitch, exchanging places. If both batsmen manage to run safely to the far side of the pitch, 1 run is declared, and 1 point is scored. If either batsman is declared out while trying to reach the far side of the pitch, no point is scored.

Batsmen don't have to run when they hit the ball. As long as they stay behind their popping lines, they're safe from most outs, so sometimes it's prudent not to run. Batsmen who successfully score a run can turn around immediately and try to score another run, as many times as they think they can get away with it before the fielding team can run one of them out.

Taking more than 4 runs on a bowl is very rare, but possible. If a batsman hits the ball out of bounds and the ball bounced at least once on its way out, 4 runs are awarded automatically.

If the ball didn't bounce before it landed out of bounds, 6 runs are awarded instead. Play according to whatever type of game you've chosen until the appropriate number of innings has been reached. The team with the highest number of runs is the winner. Rishabh Mehan Cricket Coach. Place a cone on your head during practice and ensure it stays on your head.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful By doing practice drills for front foot shots. Front foot shots should only be played to full or good length balls.

Not Helpful 5 Helpful Instead of moving back and across, plant the front foot forward and swing a pull shot. You can refer to this article: How to Reverse Swing a Cricket Ball. This is a difficult task. You anticipate the yorker, step out of your crease so that the ball will be a full toss, and hit it.

Not Helpful 19 Helpful Six ball series simply means six overs match. It is normally played in Hong Kong, as Hong Kong has the smallest ground, which is the most suitable for this. Not Helpful 22 Helpful Let go of the ball before your arm reaches your ear. It will go further in flight before the bounce. Not Helpful 24 Helpful Not always, but if the ball hits the legs before the wicket, it is out, hence called LBW. Not Helpful 18 Helpful The batsman gets out if a fielder hits the wickets with the ball before the batsman gets to the other wickets.

With spinners, many of the facing batsmen with try to smash it for six, usually over the spinner's head. Try placing a fielder at deep mid-on or deep mid-off. When the batsman mistimes the shot, the fielder can take a nice, easy catch into the bread basket. Also, place fielders deep if the batsman smashes it elsewhere e. Don't place all of your fielders near the boundary, scatter some up close near the wicky because the batsman could block some and take easy singles, and, every once an awhile the spinner bowls the perfect ball and the batter nicks the ball to the slips or silly mid-on and that gives you many wickets for your team.

Not Helpful 16 Helpful How do I attack the batsman's mind while bowling? Answer this question Flag as Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Quick Summary To play cricket, assemble two teams of 11 players each.

Did this summary help you? Tips There are many other minor rules and details to learn about cricket, to say nothing of cricket strategy. Use this guide as a starting point to learn the basics of the game, and then supplement your knowledge with information from more advanced sources.

Between plays, up to 2 minutes is allowed to the players to reset for the next play. This is a good time for the batsmen to confer with each other on strategy. If you're playing as a batsman, be sure to resume your position before the two minutes are up. As a matter of course, cricket is always played during the summer, outdoors, and typically only between the hours of 1: As a result, it can get very hot during the course of a game.

Also, remain calm and focused. Don't try to duck away or launch an assault towards the bowler. Not Helpful 34 Helpful First of all, your head should be straight during a straight drive.

Keep your eyes and shoulders level. Then, lift your battery up to your shoulder, keep your eyes on the ball, go to your front foot and drive. Not Helpful 23 Helpful Take a look at the bowler's arm and watch how fast the bowler swings it.

Just take a glance because obviously you won't have much time after the player bowls. Not Helpful 49 Helpful From where you feel comfortable. Virender Sehwag, an absolute legend used to hold the bat from down and Gilly Adam Gilchrist the destructive Aussie used to hold it from the strong. See what works for you.

Not Helpful 22 Helpful Stay on the back foot when the bowler throws the ball. Come down to the ground and hit it in any direction. Not Helpful 24 Helpful First of all, keep your head calm. A fast bowler will always look for a yorker or full length deliveries. Use a light weight bat and keep it low.

Judge the line and length of the bowl and swing your bat with full power if your motive is to get a boundary. It will take some practice to build confidence, don't lose hope. By stepping out and shifting your weight onto the back. Practice a lot, as that's the best chance you have for improvement, rote procedure.

Keep an eye on the ball when bowler is going to release, and try to defend first few deliveries with your eyes on the ball.

Once you start middling the ball with your bat, you can judge the length with your eyesight. This will take some time to practice, however. Not Helpful 19 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Quick Summary To time a cricket stroke, point your elbow at the bowler as he runs into the bowl. Did this summary help you? Tips Don't try to hit a six on every ball.

Most batsmen try to do this but it will make you over-confident and there will be chances that you will be out. Use your feet against spinners in defence as well as attack. You're much more likely to be stumped by inches than by yards.

When assessing the field before taking strike, always look for the gaps, never at the fielders. You'll subconsciously hit the ball into the gaps as a result. Have a word which you say to yourself as the bowler is about to deliver to turn your concentration on.

If you feel your concentration slipping, call for a drink, remark your guard and survive to the end of the over. Don't try to hit the ball too hard or you will most likely miss it.

It's easier if you let the ball bounce before you hit it there's less chance of you missing it.. For fast bowlers, just give the ball direction by leaning forward and transferring the weight to the ball.

Keep a high elbow and do not let your shoulder drop. Pay attention to your stance. Your feet should be the same distance apart as your shoulders. When a fast ball is coming you do not need to apply so much pressure. Don't be over confident about hitting boundary Warnings If you're going to flash then, of course, flash hard!

If you're playing against a fast bowler then stand your ground unless you are sure you can crank it for a six or a four. This is because you would need precision timing and focus to hit a ball coming from a fast bowler. Don't premeditate a shot, you can premeditate attack or defence as a principle, but never the actual shot to be played. Don't try to change your technique in the middle of an inning.