Complete Guide to Betting on Boxing

Mixed martial arts is the actual sport, and the UFC is just a league. Just like the banking methods, if the software of a site is not dependable, there is no reason to spend any energy or time betting there. Between rounds, each boxer has 60 seconds to go to their corner and recuperate with their trainer. Get Exclusive Access to Winning Sports Betting Picks for Free

Best Sites for UFC Betting

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This is the nature of the business though. As a bonus side nugget, notice that I am not saying fights where you think you know who is going to win.

You can have a winning record picking fights and still be a losing player. What you need to be doing is breaking down their records and looking at each of their fights individually. What happens if all 10 of those fights are against strikers? What if some of those fights were against wrestlers, but the fight stayed on the feet the entire time? Yes, someone on a win streak is usually doing something right and probably has some momentum, but you need to be looking at each fight individually.

Look for fights they had against similar styles and similar caliber of opponents. Try and find fights that might have mirrored how you think the upcoming bout is going to go. The media is not in the business of picking fight winners. The media is also not in the business of picking smart bets that have value.

They specialize in finding the stories that people like to hear and blowing them up to get you excited and amped up for an upcoming bout. Is this a bad thing? This is what gets new fans into the sport, and it makes things a lot more exciting when you know the storylines behind the bouts. The problem, though, is when you let this information permeate your bets. Comeback stories are the worst. When a fighter has had something terrible happen in their life that has pulled them away from the octagon, it makes for a huge story when they return to fight.

In fact, if anything it makes them less likely thanks to ring rust and having to be away from training and fighting for a while. The betting public loves to get behind these comeback stories. They get so amped for them and bet them so hard that it actually creates a lot of great opportunities to bet the other way on a fight because the lines have moved so much in favor of the underdog.

This is even true of people that are making fight picks. Yes, they are probably making an honest pick of who they think is going to win. Every sportscaster under the sun is going to pick that person to win the fight. Only use facts and data to steer your bets. In my tip on reading records correctly, I talked about the importance of finding past fights where the fighter was matched up with someone of a similar style of their upcoming opponent. Why is this important?

When this happens, fights are going to get that much more incredible because everyone is going to be great at everything. For example, what should you be looking at if a Muay Thai fighter is fighting against a jiu-jitsu master? Betting on the underdog works oppositely to negative money lines. There are a number of ways to increase your UFC betting odds, beginning with proposition betting. In this style of proposition bet, you would choose the winner but also the round that they will finish their opponent.

These markets are often released in the finals days before the event commences, so keep a close eye on the markets that are offered by bookmakers. Odds will vary across bookmakers too, so make sure to evaluate the best odds across all sites!

Parlay betting is another popular way to boost your UFC betting odds and earning potential for an event. Naturally, by combining multiple selections into one ticket, you can receive increased odds. An example is choosing three fighters to win their upcoming bout at an event and selecting them all in an UFC accumulator bet.

To win this bet, you require all three fighters to win their fights as proposed in your betting selection. Many online sportsbooks also offer mobile betting from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows based cell phones, as well as for tablets such as the iPad, Nexus and Kindle Fire. Some gambling sites have created apps that you can use for easy betting, while others have simply made mobile-friendly versions of their websites. As mobile betting becomes more and more popular, we expect this trend to continue, as more companies start making their sites smartphone and tablet compatible in an attempt to tap into the ever growing market of mobile sports bettors.

Of course, you can set up a UFC betting pool with your friends for money, too!