Madden predictions: Super Bowl showdown will be...

EA refused, but offered an inferior alternative that lacked Madden' s 3D graphics and most of its plays. Archived from the original on 10 May Manning has been skittish during the playoffs, at least according to statistics and watching the games. Madden Super Bowl 50 History of the Madden Prediction

Saquon Barkley had a historically weird stat line in Giants loss to Cowboys

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More of this coming up in the predictions page. Speaking of running backs on the move, expect to see Montee Ball have increased value next year. He's becoming more involved in the Broncos ' running attack. But his biggest influence lately has been in pass protection. Get that PBK moving in the right direction. Andrew Luck has played really well during his first two seasons, as he's lead the Colts to back-to-back playoff appearances. He's done so with essentially two different head coaches and two different offensive coordinators.

Pep Hamilton has turned down college overtures, so that's good. But Luck has turned the ball over way too much in the playoffs. This needs to be reflected in his rating headed into next year.

I know, we're not supposed to knock Luck because he's a good kid and a good quarterback. However, those turnover numbers don't lie. NFL coaches are control freaks. So, it seems weird Jim Harbaugh would end up changing his pants during a playoff run. If the 49ers were to lose, this would be blamed for sure. There would be a call for pleated khakis next year. Wait, does that really count as a prediction? Well, I can't say for sure unless you want me to spoil it.

No Seahawks receiver will have more than three receptions. The biggest difference in this game comes down to the big-play receivers on both sides. The 49ers have three.

The Seahawks don't have one with the loss of Percy Harvin. Peyton Manning will have an un-Manning like playoff game.

Thanks for signing up. Please check your email for a confirmation. Charles Curtis February 1, But the way the game finishes? With under four minutes left to play, Brady and company returned to the field with their sights set on victory. They showed tremendous patience, riding short passes and the power run game to march the ball across midfield, but with less than two minutes to play they knew they had to find the end zone. I'm not a WWE script writer, so my predictions are just opinions.

But please, hit me up on Twitter, I still love hearing from you. And I predict I will still feel that way about Twitter on Sunday night. Don't ever change, internet. Madden Next Gen superstar Bobby Wagner is going to make a big impact in this game. He's been a monster and often overlooked by some of his more outgoing teammates. The Broncos ranked seventh in the NFL against the run this season, and they are very underrated on defense. But Marshawn Lynch has done well against strong defenses in the past.

Just check out his history against the San Francisco 49ers. Lynch is going to crack rushing yards in this game. Russell Wilson is going to make a ton of plays with his legs in this one. The Broncos have a strong defense, as you know. But Wilson has been able to extend plays during the playoffs and he will continue to do it in this game, too.