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Yes, if you need to weld on material that's become magnetized from friction, such as when hay, feed or water constantly rub against a steel part. If you have a skill like design, baking, or music you can offer to help with a new logo, bring cookies to a gym party, or offer to DJ an event. For much better bead appearance and work on higher strength steels say for a hitch , use a rod. Most clinch fighting comes from combat sports such as western wrestling and judo. My Top 15 Weight Cutting Tips

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The article is written for those who can benefit from it. Every time I want to write something totally interesting, I get comments from all the newbies and it makes me realize how much basic help the general boxing public needs.

In regards to the orthodox vs southpaw match-ups, I have a large guide and some Youtube videos addressing that aspect of boxing. My plan for the future is to work my way up into the more advanced boxing guides covering both footwork technique as well as footwork strategy.

Keep making requests because I definitely will catch up to them. Obviously you have some experience with the sweet science..

What are you doing? The introductory paragraph had me believing that he was going to break down actual foot work to be used when either sparring or fighting. Especially when coming forward. I tend to be far n lean over n leap in with a jab. Sometimes I can land It but sometimes I get cought leaping in. How do I force myself to shorten my stance n take smaller Steps without losing my balance, especially when trying to close the distance.

I notice often this causes me to put too much weight on my front leg which makes it hard to advance. This can be done with the jump rope, shadowboxing, and many other specific footwork drills. Another helpful tip is to take smaller steps. The less you have to move, the less likely you are to come off balance. Would you recommend buying the fast feet from title boxing? I want to fix my balance I often overstep , or stance too wide or stance too sideways.

Or you can also manually adjust yourself through shadowboxing. Thank you for putting in the effort to help out people like myself that are new to the sport. Your articles are interesting, witty, and most importantly informative. Thank you for your hard work.

I love this article. I am getting back into boxing. The part about jumping rope, smaller steps, and walking helps a lot. I was just wondering should your footwork always be completely relaxed no tension in your legs, feet etc even when your opponent is coming at you aggressively and your trying to change direction fast and get out of there quickly with your feet.

My coach always tells me to relax my upper body for more speed so would this do the same for the speed of your footwork?? Make sure you know the difference between tensed, relaxed, and collapsed. You want to be right in the middle which is relaxed. You should still have control, not just let your body fall all over the place. Thanx for the tips, my trainer always gives me grieve when it comes to balance.

I am sure this will help. Keep up the good work! I recommend boxing shoes. I would say yes, any shoe with a thicker sole will probably decrease the amount of power you can generate. Like how he balance himself and jump around and even counterpunch while moving.

Would really love to learn his footwork and add it into my arsenal! Yes, I can definitely do this. Hi, Johnny N, I knew about your website a couple of days ago and have it very good…. I want to join you in gym..

Regarding the shoes, what if you are doing both plyometrics and sparring in one session. Is wearing boxing shoes ok for this? It would be terrible to have to switch shoes in between. I use my boxing shoes for everything in the gym. They work fine for all exercises inside and outside of the ring. My foot work has always felt cumbersome and unbalanced. I was in bed reading this article last night and I had to get up and shadow box after reading the part about pointing your toes in the direction you want to move.

So simple yet I could feel the difference immediately as I moved around the room… felt like I was gliding compared to how I conducted movement before. Thanks for the tips! And yes, that tip can be such a huge difference when done correctly. Can you use wrestling shoes for boxing? The asics wrestlig shoes for example, is it not good with to much grip?

I want to do some foot work drills at home,,,can I use the regular exercise mat or wrestling mat together with boxing shoes for this purpose… btw your website what encouraged me to start and I thank you so much for your work. Keep training hard and good luck! These are Title Boxing Class Training gloves. I only use these for making videos. I have some on my Youtube channel. Plus do you know how fast professional title fighting boxing can move across a ring using step-drag?

A lot of it has to do with slick skills and refined ways of moving that make it harder for your opponents to detect your movements. Being able to move fast means nothing if your opponent can sense it before you even start to move. David Haye became the first man to knock Chisora out in and what he had in his feet? They can be found from online stores but then you cannot try them on beforehand. I found only one store where I could test the shoes and I bought the newest edition of Everlast shoes and for my feet they are shit.

I feel better boxing barefoot or in running shoes than I do with my high quality Everlast shoes. Thanks, I think your site is awesome btw.

I also like JT Van V. What you think about his knowledge? Everlast shoes ARE crap. Try Nike, Adidas, Rival, before you give up on boxing shoes entirely. If you like running shoes, then so be it.

JT Van V is a cool guy. Thank you for your explanations. That was easy to understand and very inciteful. I have a problem relaxing my shoulder and upper back muscles I keep toghtninh up when I move froward or slip etc….

Boxing shoes are best to wear for a grounded yet explosive pivot and movement boxing style. Do I wear hightop or lo top boxing. Try all and see what you like and what works best for you. I have been solidly focused on boxing for a year and a half. My coach has trained me very well in footwork, I feel I get better every day. I find I use it a lot because it provides a large amount of movement with little effort and can set you up for some big shots.

Would not fighting people my own size hinder my over all progress? One last question, when you are really tired and finding it hard to keep your guard, what is the best approach? Keep moving and evading while you recover?

Fight people of all sizes. Smaller fighters can really test your speed. As for fighting tired and keeping your guard up, I have articles on it. And yes, indeed everything is harder to do when you get tired. Thank you thank you thank you. Super helpful article with great visuals. Will be reading this at least 5 more times! Hi there very cool web site!! I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionally? Is there any idea to do footwork drill where you tie rope or elastic band between your legs.

How long should it be to cm kg boxer. However, I do have a little disagreement with your consistent view of proper stance width. Maybe because I come from the MMA perspective where grappling is such a huge factor… But I feel a wide stance is very effective in the striking element as well. In every striking or striking dominant martial art, the purpose of momentarily or habitually adopting a wide stance is for the fundamentals of pivoting, counter striking and creating angles from the outside.

The wider the stance, the more distance covered 3 dimensionally, specifically on your pivots. Floyd does this all the time. It takes head movement as well Boxing but it sets up devastating angles when perfecting the techniques of pivoting. However, where the real weakness is in a wide stance is getting tolled by a smart boxer who targets the body.

Because, like you said, foot speed will be diminished when summoning a wide stance… Therefore moving your head off the center line when executed correctly will become more efficient at the expense of your body becoming a relatively stationary target. Went back and watched some Floyd highlights and where he most effectively uses wide stances is not when counter punching like I thought I remembered, but landing a shot and quickly getting out of range… Usually the shot he lands is his straight.

The greatness in his elusiveness definitely is rooted around that wide stance he adopts momentarily as well as his foot speed in his typically narrower stance like you pointed out. Where I was mixed up stems from my knowledge of how to open up angles for kicks while pivoting from a wide stance and returning a kick counter… Which is very common in MMA.

No rules are ever the end all. But if you want to talk about alternative methods and possibilities, I would say a wide stance can also be used for in and out. But if you want to pivot a lot, a narrow stance is definitely more preferred. Check out Miguel Cotto against Margarito part 1 and you can see how he relied a lot on a narrower stance for pivoting.

Pivoting from a wide stance is really hard and honestly just not recommended for me. If you want to do small precise pivots, a wide stance is ok. I made a really helpful video on Youtube regarding pivots as well. Hey Johnny, do you have any footwork tips specific to lateral movement? Offensively and defensively I mean. Do you think there are benefits to breaking stance when moving laterally? Muhammad Ali and Willie Pep would do stuff like square up and pendulum step left or right to confuse their opponents.

Usually, you have to break your form a little bit to move sideways…let your feet go sideways instead of trying to hold your stand. Relax your shoulders and arms a little. Does tying a piece of string around your ankles while your hitting the bag help with footwork any like on rocky.

Who would you say falls into that bracket now? Share your thoughts with other boxers. Want your own comment image? Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. The 1 boxing training website since Techniques and tips for boxers, fighters, martial artists, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to learn how to box. Watch my video for better demonstrations of boxing footwork technique.

Boxing shoes are thinner allowing for more power transfer. Boxing shoes prevent sliding BUT allow pivoting. Want to buy the same boxing shoes as me? Jumping rope improves your leg conditioning. Jumping rope improves your foot coordination. Straighten Your Spine The spine was made to hold you straight up. The straighter spine has better balance. Your upper body and lower body should not move independently. A stiff upper body restricts lower body movement. For everyone else, try this: Try walking a couple steps just as you normally would.

Notice how your arms naturally sway to counter-balance your lower body. See how stiff and awkward you feel? Here's a tutorial on the technique:. Our site uses cookies to deliver a better experience. Please click accept to agree with the use of all cookies. You can change the cookie settings here.

Brock Lesnar Francis Ngannou. A blind disciple of the savage science that is combat sports. Basketball's a lesser vice. Professional Muay Thai fighters running a lot and in different variations. The most effective technique is to run on tiptoe. Thus, the calf muscles are strengthened and promoted the correct posture and technique in combat.

However, this running technique has a disadvantage: Running on the right surface plays a major role. Asphalt roads are generally to be avoided rather because they are a huge burden on the legs. More likely to recommend is walking on forest trails and grass as well as special tartan tracks, as they are actually found on any sports field.

On the long 10 km run various running techniques should be used. Running training requires very little equipment. Especially on hard surfaces. At the beach it is also possible to running barefoot.