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July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Teams can run numbers from 0 to 99 as well as 00 to 09 , but no two cars can display the same number during a race. Book Category Commons Portal. NASCAR Partners With SportsData To Distribute Live Timing & Scoring Data

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That can be difficult at small local tracks where timingpersonnel are often wives, girlfriends, or other family members whosevolunteer services can range from highly capable to not-so-capable.

Track owners areturning to electronic timing and scoring systems as a means to eliminatehuman error and the shortcomings associated with manual stopwatches andother hand-operated equipment.

When used properly, electronic timingsystems are virtually percent accurate and eliminate the possibilityof accidental or even intentional scoring error. Its systems are used atvirtually every level of motorsports, from Nextel Cup to local tracks,as well as for Indy Cars and ChampCar racing. The systems are alsowidely used in motocross, karting, snowmobile racing, motorcycleracing—even in radio-controlled car racing, the X-Games, and Olympicspeed events such as cycling.

The various elements of the system are theessence of simplicity. Each car carries a transponder that emits a uniqueseven-digit signal using magnetic induction technology, which is notaffected by lighting systems, TV cameras, RFI, or other electricalinterference.

When the transponder passes over the loop of wire embeddedin the track, the signal is picked up and relayed to a decoder thatidentifies the transponder number, registers the passing time, and sendsthis data to a computer which processes the signals.

Easy-to-use Windows-based software provides practice, qualifying, andrace results during and immediately after each race. It can providereal-time position and lap times for announcers and spectators, and canbe integrated with scoreboards or TV monitors. A feature of particularinterest to drivers is a specially-dedicated AMB Web site calledwww.

All racers and track personnel can view and printresults online for free anytime they want. The entire system is designedfor easy use by a single operator with minimal training. Using the training materials, techsupport, and some practice, an operator should be system-capable withina week. The entire system is virtually maintenance-free.

There areseveral reasons a track owner would want to fork over ten large for anelectronic timing and scoring system. And, of course, it eliminatesdisputes and misunderstandings among competitors.