Houston defeated Sacramento, , on Friday for its fourth win in five games as James Harden led the Rockets with 23 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. The Knicks come off two tough losses, including in overtime at Phoenix an Memphis suffered a blow when Chandler Parsons went down with a knee injury and he is expected to be out for about two weeks. Topic: Kenny White.. former oddsmaker and now handicapper?

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Chief among QBs

Spring training is around the corner with Opening Day more than a month away. If you really love the game like I do and have a great skill at betting on it, then it equates to that same thrill of handicapping betting your way through March Madness. Looking ahead to games like this 48 hours ahead is always vibrant. With the recent win over the Celtics at TD Garden, I think that the line will be adjusted a bit more to around the Now, it is a little premature to call this right now, but I would gear towards more looking at the total.

The last game it blew over the Very important game for cappers I'm BIG on Cleveland right now For me, a Lebron James team getting points, that is now motivated, has to be a bet-on concept. I'd sure guess some know more than that I'm kind of shocked Definitely late OKC sharp money. Your share has been sent. Join the Contest Enter Optional Code.

He can also make decisions based on his anticipation of line moves. For instance, we can look at a specific NFL game played between team A and team B say, team B, playing at home, opened as a three-point favorite.

Upon further examination, we find other reasons why team B should be favored by three. Likewise, team A had played good games in opening the season The line was also good in that action was equally divided, if we can Judge from the lack of Line movement in what was a game that saw more than moderate action. So what we have here is a right line and a good line. Bettors looked at this game, analyzed it up-and-down, and either divided themselves on each side or, like us, decided That the line was tight and left the game alone.

The important thing is not that we examined the game, but that we examined the line in relation to the probabilities of the game producing a certain outcome and made a decision. The Browns were a 3. The Chiefs were undefeated and had looked great the previous week against Oakland. The Browns had opened with a loss at New England and had looked uninterested when beating Tampa Bay and Houston, teams that they clearly outclassed. Still, when it seems obvious that most bettors would love the Chiefs.

They did so because they figured Cleveland would improve against competition they could take seriously, be-cause the Chiefs had lost six straight against the spread in games after they played the Raiders, and because the Chiefs looked like a candidate to bounce after come-from-be-hind wins against the New York Giants and Oakland in the previous two weeks.

The casual players, meanwhile, backed Kansas City strongly. So what we have in this situation is a good line, one that divided action, but that after some statistical and situational analysis can be called wrong in that it is unlikely to predict the actual outcome of a contest.

Linesmakers, of course, are not perfect. Some contend they are nowhere near perfect. Whatever the case, point spreads for sports betting are occasionally posted that do not divide action. Bad lines sometimes move by eight or 10 points through the course of a week and still do not get balanced action. What bettors must do is put themselves in a position to take advantage of lines and situations when those lines and situations will be to their advantage.

Many football bettors lose opportunities, if not bets, because they join the party too late. So, here is our program for taking advantage of line:. Good power ratings should be able to give a bettor, at least, an initial assessment of a line. You can find two different sets of power ratings on this website via Raw numbers paid and our regular pcg power ratings free.

Lines That Move — Many bettors follow line movement vary closely and bat either for or against certain kinds of movement.