2018-19 Central Standings

We forecast the future of the NBA's best and worst squads. Boston shoots out on a run through the first nine minutes of the third quarter, cutting down the Cavs' advantage. The Celtics had been attacking him in isolation, so they'll need to adjust offensively with him out of the game. Final: Cavs 111, Celtics 102

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Game 7: LeBron Leads Cavs Back To Finals

The Celtics couldn't break through when they had opportunities, and the Cavs never let them get too close in the second half. LeBron James sets and fires from distance! Make that 42 for LBJ in the game! LeBron with the heads up steal and finish! Every time the Celtics close the gap, Cleveland creates separation. LeBron James strides for two in transition! Cleveland needs a timeout to regroup and get LeBron James back in the game. Al Horford spins baseline for the throw down!

Each member of Boston's starting five has at least 10 points, but the Celtics just can't seem to get over the hump. Both teams are battling defensively and turning up the physicality. With three minutes left in the third, the Cavs are ahead by nine points.

ET — Now Marcus Morris has five fouls. Some big calls here in the second half. Let's see how these coaches handle the lineup changes. He's going to sit on the bench for a bit. The Celtics had been attacking him in isolation, so they'll need to adjust offensively with him out of the game.

ET — A nice start to the second half for the Celtics. With the Cavs looking out of sync, Tyronn Lue calls a timeout less than three minutes into the third quarter. He clearly doesn't want to give Boston any confidence. Al Horford baseline jumper to open the 2nd half!

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