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New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Cowboys' passing game after the departures of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten is in flux, but moving on from both was overdue from a financial standpoint. The issue was timing: Bryant was cut on April 13, well after the heart of free agency. As such, Dallas could not replace him with a high-end veteran and resorted to drafting Michael Gallup in the third round.

Witten retired the day after the draft. Witten played 99 percent of the Cowboys' offensive snaps, while Bryant played 84 percent; no other Dallas non-quarterback skill-position player reached 65 percent. Witten and Bryant combined for 33 red zone targets; no other Cowboy topped seven.

There is a massive production void in this pass-catcher corps. From , Dallas spent the ninth-least cap money on its offensive line. But in , the Cowboys are spending the most cap money of any team on their offensive line and are now dealing with massive injuries. That's a big concern.

The Cowboys don't pass enough on first down or to their running backs. Concern for Eagles, Steelers? No denying Saquon Barkley's skills, but Giants goofed in drafting him at No.

Cowboys' Prescott rises to 'challenge' vs. Roughing passer flags 'out of control' Green Bay Packers. Kicker Gonzalez costs Browns in heartbreaker Cleveland Browns. College football Power Rankings: Week 2 fantasy football winners and losers 17h Tristan H. Have realistic expectations and set short-term and long-term goals for profit. Keep track of weekly and monthly results. A goal of 4 percent monthly growth would increase your bankroll by over 60 percent in just 12 months!

Give yourself small rewards for reaching short- and long-term goals. Don't try to compare your bankroll or betting style with others. The best system you can use is the one that works for YOU.

Understanding The Odds Every sportsbook offers different odds. Negative odds - represent the Favorite. Positive odds represent the Underdog. The favorite needs to beat its opponent by more than the posted spread. So a -7 favorite needs to win by eight or more points to "cover the spread". The underdog can win the game outright or lose by less than the posted spread. The odds are not a prediction. Odds are a reflection of public perception and are an attempt by sportsbooks to balance the betting on both teams.

Spread Bets Picking the team to win according to the spread.