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Well, it was most likely a result of political clout. UK and European greyhound racetracks work closely with dog racing betting sites to bring the full experience to your computer. The United States is especially keen on horse racing, where racing tracks are found in almost every state. From there, you can log in to your account, watch the dogs race in real time and place your bets. The following is a list of the most reputable offshore racebooks in the industry. Greyhound Betting Sites – Where to Bet Money on Greyhounds Online

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Before you find a site with which to place your bets, Greyhound Betting Online would like to emphasize caution. Take a few moments to learn about some of the wagers you can place at a racebook.

Straight Bet - this is the simplest type of bet, whereby you're simply betting on which dog wins the race outright, no handicap involved. Place Bet - rather than betting on which dog wins, a "place" bet is betting on if the dog finishes in first or in second place, so you have a whole other spot that can cover for you.

Show Bet - when betting to show, you're betting on a dog to take first, second or third place. Of course, place and show bets don't pay out as well as winners, but you do have more options. Across The Board Bet - with this type of bet, you're placing three separate wagers on a dog that will win, one that will place 2nd and one that will show 3rd. Hitting all three is a big payday; three-times the original bet.

Quinella Bet - this is when you bet on the first two dogs to cross the finish line, in any order. Trifecta Bet - like a quinella, you're betting on the order of the dogs from 1st to 3rd, having to name them exactly. Trifecta Box - this is the same as the trifecta except the dogs can come in any order.

Naturally it doesn't pay as much as a trifecta straight bet. Superfecta - perhaps the hardest bet there is, a superfecta bet is when you pick the exact order of four different dogs in the same race, th place. Tri-Super Bet - with this bet type, you will select a winning trifecta for one race, and then exchange that ticket for a superfecta in the next race. Winning this bet can be incredibly lucrative. Daily Double - with a daily double, you will bet in advance of the races and select the dog s you think will win for two consecutive races.

Jackpot Bet - this is where you will pick six winners in six races. The odds here become much more like a lotto, so it's very affordable to place this wager. Your odds of winning are slim. Parlay - maybe one of the most popular bets per vernacular, a parlay is a multiple bet where you will make selections on two races or more, and if you win on the first you will roll your bets over parlay them to the next race for a shot at a huge payday.

Pick 3, or 6 - this is when you select the winning dog for each of 3 or 6 races. This is important to some gamblers due to a lot of misinformation online that paints greyhounds as victims of abuse and over-breeding puppy mills. While there are documented instances of this, there have been great strides taken within the genre to really clean things up. Today's greyhounds are closely monitored and have pretty comfortable lives.

They live in the open, as opposed to in cages, they eat very well, and most of their time is spent playing and running. Like thoroughbred race horses, a greyhound instinctively knows that it's supposed to run. This is the dog's life. Domesticated, and with the moniker of man's best friend, dogs are treated by many Americans like a legitimate part of the family.

Government knows what a hot-button topic this is, and so too do we. We are not comfortable getting into all of these things. It is nasty stuff to think about. However, we want to give you the most accurate picture possible on why government is so strict against on-location racing, though not on online racing.

With greyhound racing on the Internet, it falls under the "out of sight, out of mind" principle. Parts of the industry may still need some cleaning up, but politicians are not necessarily worried about this form of betting over the 'Net.

Because greyhound betting is pari-mutuel betting and not specifically commercial betting, more states and the federal government are inclined to allow it to take place. A pari-mutuel bet is when all the money collected from wagers is pooled together. Some will win, most will lose; that's just how betting works. And even if a higher percentage win, they're probably winning low pots because they bet with favorites.

Another interesting aspect of pari-mutuel wagering is that the odds are not fixed ahead of time. They are set in advance, but they usually don't stay that way. Instead, odds will typically adjust based on which way the action is flowing.

For instance, if dog X is In sports, while lines and odds do change, they're typically not changing in real-time and will take days to switch up. Because gamblers are not competing against the house, as with blackjack or roulette, pari-mutuel gambling isn't considered on the same level as commercial gambling. This means you have an advantage, at least in the sense that the house does not.

The house never "wins" with a pari-mutuel bet per se; instead they take their vig via a percentage and end up clearing money every time someone bets. You're betting against the public at large and the odds of the dogs on the track. Our advice to all greyhound gamblers: Read up on these types of bets before you go out and put your money down.

The more you know about betting and the genre in general, the better your odds are of actually winning money. Here are a few types of greyhound bets you can make on reputable racebooks:.

Most Trusted Greyhound Betting Site. Other Top Rated Offshore Racebooks. What to Look For in a Quality Racebook for Greyhounds No matter the avenue you decide to explore here, either going with our suggestions or branching out on your own, there are certain things that you should be looking for in a quality racebook.

Some of the things you should be looking for in a quality racebook include: A wide assortment of greyhound races, preferably offered to you in streaming format A long list of betting options, like the ones we have listed above A lot of people gambling so that the pooled money is always solid A strong security presence so you know you're safe when playing there A great customer support staff that can handle your inquiries A range of payment options that cater explicitly to you A high payout rate, showing the racebook is really fair when people win A great reputation with its customer base, e.

How States Handle Their Greyhound Legislation The facts here can seriously confuse anyone unversed in the political double-speak and typical gambling lingo found via state legislation. Reasons States Aren't Thrilled About Live Racing In less than a ten-year period, the state of Massachusetts alone received over complaints to the Humane Society about the living conditions of dogs.

The Basics For Betting On The Greyhounds Because greyhound betting is pari-mutuel betting and not specifically commercial betting, more states and the federal government are inclined to allow it to take place. Here are a few types of greyhound bets you can make on reputable racebooks: If the dog on which you bet is the first to cross the finish line, you win.

Outside of the top two, you lose the bet. It doesn't pay as much as a straight win bet, but it is a popular type of bet to place. Win, place and show. The great thing about this type of sport is that there are so many races and due to its popularity it is covered by bookies and online sports books around the world. People are now starting to use the online sports books as a way to bet from theirs homes.

This article is dedicated to informing you on all about greyhound racing. We will discuss bets and odds for racing, we will explain the major greyhound racing around the world and giving some tips and history about the sport.

Depending on the country of the race bettors will find that there will be some differences that occur in betting. For example in the US greyhound races individuals can make bets against each other. Below we will discuss the types of betting for greyhound racing. This is probably the most common and easiest type of bet.

This is where individuals bet on the dog they believe will win the race. A sports book will list odds for each dog. This is a wager on a particular dog finishing in the top two. This will have less of a pay out then the strait up bet.

This is a bet on a single dog in three areas, place, win and show. If the dog wagered on, wins the race, the bettor collects on each three wagers.