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You can get milk as an exchange item for one of the usual cooking byproducts, albeit at a low rate. Score points in the Red Battlefield. The marketplace in this game is just a delayed vendor in my eyes. Twinfinite

Navigating the Marketplace

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Mar 3, Messages: I'm trying to get a muskans from marketplace, and even tho i preorder on them, there are a lot that still go to marketplace and get bid.

How does preorder work? Oct 24, Messages: Theres a chance for the item to go straight to the market, bypassing pre orders. If it does go to pre orders, highest pre order wins. That chance of going to market is higher than the chance of going to preorder i guess. Feb 21, Messages: RNG chance of item going to preorder - highest bid wins. Aug 5, Messages: Item may go to market or preorder, you may get it or not, really nothing in BDO is certain, literally nothing.

Jul 14, Messages: When an item is registered the system randomly determines if the item is sold to a pre-order or if it goes to the market. If it goes to a pre-order the system checks on the existing pre-orders and the highest one gets the items sold. By pressing the pre-order tab in the image above you open up the screen shown below. You now need to select the number of items you wish to purchase and the price you are willing to pay.

To be successful you need to have a higher number than any other pre-order. The best way is to start with a lowish number and slowly increase it until you get the item you want. Be aware that some rare items are sold up to 10 times their base marketplace price. If you want a specific item you can choose to have the game give you a notice when the item is registered by pressing the notice button.

That way you will have a few minutes to get yourself to a marketplace and get ready to bid on the item. To get a notice you only need to press the notice button shown in the image above. You can then manage the notifications by pressing the notification button on the first screen shown. This opens the above window. In it, you can see that I have added several versions of the Dandelion Scythe to my notifications. To stop receiving notification you only need to press the delete button next to the item.

The bid system in Black Desert Online is rather simple. When the item pops up you select bid and cross your fingers. It's rediculous how low the max price is for certain items. A lot of armor pieces come to mind. Have a look at the crafted items next time. It is just a matter of the materials becoming common enough that their price falls.

Am iron ingot can be used in multiple items where as the item crafted only has one market usually. The game will automatically lower your prices, if an item has been on the market for too long.

I have a stack of beer sitting at s a pop now, but when I put it up it was listed for s a piece. Which basically tells us, that you should always sell at max because your prices will degrade over time on their own. In the video above, the price of milk is silver. On my server in EU the last milk that was sold was sold for silver, this is 6 times the price!

In an ideal world, items with an average price of below to silver or so being made tax free might help make the sale of said raw goods slightly more attractive. Gold or in this case silver sinks are important, but on such inexpensive goods it doesn't remove much from the economy. It only makes the sale of these goods to anything but a vendor virtually profitless and therefore kills the supply. Honestly, a majority of the sold out stuff is because the demand is too high and supply is way too low.

For example, if we look at milk. It's not really because of how cheap milk is that keeps people from selling it. It's really because the only people who have milk have to manually farm it from cows or get it as a bi-product from cooking.

Those who take the time to gather milk probably are trying to use it to cook something. There's literally no reason for someone with no need for milk to even get milk in the first place. Well, if players could set the price for milk, it would make it profitable to go out to get milk just to sell it.

The way it is now that's not profitable because prices are kept so low, so no one does it. If you let players naturally set the market value, it will eventually settle around a place people are comfortable farming milk for silver. We also have a bad side to that in which a set few of players will have the power to manipulate the market in a way that is harmful to everyone else. I prefer this system because it allows everyone to be a little more self-sustaining and only depend on the AH when its necessary.

There's definitely a ton of balancing issues with the economy right now. It is pretty easy to take control of the small scale markets in MMOs, especially when wealth is infinitely obtainable and resources never run out. However, they need a much more advanced algorithm or a team of people actively monitoring the economy to get it running well. Yep, you just explained it pretty well. The people selling milk are those who don't want it and didn't actively farm it. They list at minimum price to get rid of it.

Drive the price up. Level 50's will buy them. But nooo, always a ton of jackasses listing them at min price. Even with people listing them at min, my max price shards always sell within a few hours. Its a recent change. For the first couple weeks they were stuck at K and never sold because there weren't enough 50's. Now they're finally starting to sell well. Saying someone listing something at a low price is a jackass is just all the more reason to continue listing things at a low price.

People trying to get video game rich and not considering the other side is hilarious to me. If everyone is selling at the lowest price, everyone is buying at the lowest price, so the money is the same regardless.

It's just inflation if everyone all of a sudden started selling at max. Your money will be worth less if everyone is selling for more. Go play Eve if you're wanting to day trade. It's a lot of fun in that game. I list most stuff at maximum price , most of it sells instantly other than the very few saturated items that have good supply. Please listen to this. All of you that craft primarily in this game. Sell your wares at max price. This is actually a good example why central planning does not work.

Fixing set prices always results in supply demand issues. This morning I started listing everything without listings at max and sold each one.

I list minimum because I don't care. I want people to buy my stuff so that I don't have to delete it. For example, many scarce armor pieces would sell for double or more the price they can be listed at, but people are stupid and sell them for minimum, thus reducing the maximum price.

Why am I being downvoted? Just look at armors that are scarce and sell them for a high price, for example Heve, even if you put it there for the maximum price, it probably won't even take 30min till it's sold.

And even if the maximum price increases, people will still buy it instantly, cause for many classes it's currently BiS! For example, on my server Agerian Helmet is currently at k and it's sold instantly.

Heve Helmet at k only 2 available. People will buy it if you sell the right armor. Ofc if it's a bad piece of armor, than you won't be able to sell it for a high price. Agerian armor, instant sell. Any Heve part, instant sell. They're also all pieces that are being enchanted and needed by high level players. If you're trying to sell something like talis which has 1k units on market, ofc it's not gonna sell fast All of them sold 15m.

Another issue is, with prices so low many people don't even think about selling. I myself got over 1k wheat, but why should I sell it for next to nothing? Better let it rot in my warehouse than go sell it. And another thing is, with milk for example, it's sold here in the video for like s. So you'll get less than 70s from it, or less than 40s more for each milk you sell.

I rather sell it to the vendor instead of walking to the market place, just to make a few silver. So listing things for minimum price will make things be even scarcer than they already are, because people with brain won't sell them for cheap. There is alweys a group in MMO-s who follows this mindset no matter how the market works in that particular game.

It's not worthed to sell regular items even at max price at this state because only a few ppl list that item but they think they won't make too much money out if it so why not sell it at min price to sell faster. So the prices cannot really go stable. So the prices won't go stable, or they will take a long time to go stable like several months. These restrictions really fears the players awey from using the Marketplace at all. Plus players can't trade directly with each other to get behind this fee wich is another tpic for another day.

But these really ruins the economy and trade system in BDO. To prevent gold selling?? Just Hire some moderators to Ban or Mute them It really limits the Freedom to interact and trade with other players. And why does Daum do this? Because they are Lazy, that's all. The marketplace in this game is just a delayed vendor in my eyes. I'm not going to be putting thought into what's thrown up there. Just want it out of my inventory for slightly more than what a regular vendor would give me.

I'm certainly not alone in that. The UI for the marketplace is simply atrocious and so awkward to use it's not worth messing with.

I'm not a "solo" player as you put it, but I'm just making food and shit for guildies. No point in bothering selling the shit. My concern about the marketplace is how instafast some of these auctions can go, which is highly suggestive of bots Notifications are to let you know the item that is listed WILL be on the market in 15 minutes. So people can get ready to fight for it.

The time can be anywhere from minutes from what our guild has gathered possibly scaling with amount of auctions being posted? I don't think its bots, I think its desperate people trying to snipe stuff. The AH is shared across all channels, so its a lot of potential buyers. They even added a capatcha thing to hinder bots. The problem is the maximum isn't high enough. Listing at minimum is pointless on a lot of items that sell instantly, which is why I made this video, because I'm tired of people selling for minimum and hurting the marketplace by keeping the items unpurchasable without sniping.

It's really easy to camp the AH if you know what you're doing, I tend to get a good amount of the things I'm camping very high demand items. I feel like your either pulling this info out of your ass or completely misunderstanding how the market place works. Auction bots are in the other versions.