Olympics Eventing Dressage 2016 live stream: Watch online – August 7

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Thanks for being a part of the COTH forums! How are they scoring the Eventing? Just wondering how they score the stadium and XC to generate a higher number. Points for each jump clear or something?

Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman. The Grove at Five Points. I believe you can earn bonus points for completing the higher level courses and some courses have bonus fences you can earn extra points for. They list scoring info for all disciplines here.

Dressage is given a positive percentage with top score of Then each jumping phase is scored subjectively on a scale of with highest. They add a few bonus points if you jump a higher level points. All three phases are summed and high score wins. I was sitting next to the stadium judge as she explained how she was scoring. Essentially it had a ton to due with rideability! Even if a horse with a big green and had a rail you could still get scored high.

Each jump got a score and I believe the corners and then there was some scores given overall I think but I heard her scoring each fence. She was really looking for horses that were being presented in a good balance. Corners that were being well ridden where the horses were being prepared either through simple changes or a balanced lead change.

She wanted you to come forward without chasing them to the fence. Cathy Wieschhoff was the SJ judge. I, too, sat near her. You could hear her say things like: Nice balance around the turn. Nice rhythm to the jump 8, running at jump 5, etc. There were some pretty scary rides and some quite lovely ones. There were several that I was afraid to see them go cross country. Cathy would go speak to some of the riders, after they jumped, before cross country to give them advice, too.

She made it a great learning experience, as well as being a fair judge. When in Doubt, let your horse do the Thinking! What is your take on this article?

With the article praising the rider as having "good sportsmanship" for not continuing on a lame horse well done I am left to wonder if soundness is a requirement in this contest. If a rider enters any part of the contest on a lame horse don't the judges excuse them? Originally posted by skydy View Post. While I completely agree with your point, these days it does seem necessary to positively reinforce good horsemanship.

I don't mind that this junior rider got an atta boy for not pressing her horse, especially considering she was in contention to win. Product of the Week. About Equestrian Life Magazine. In This Issue of Equestrian Life. Editorial Submission and Writer's Guidelines. How do you achieve 'throughness'. Tips from Carl Hester. Flying Changes Part I.

Flying Changes Part II. There is life after laminitis. How do you feed your hay? Ten tips to beat the heat with horses. The top three individuals following eventing cross country were the only horse and rider combinations to traverse the trappy course without jumping or time penalties. Fourteen horses were eliminated, two were retired from the course and one withdrawn. Michael Jung, from Germany, rode a clear round on Sam for second Boyd Martin was the pathfinder for the U.

Lauren Kieffer on Veronica was eliminated in a fall — both horse and rider walked away. Clark Montgomery on Loughan Glen retired. New Zealand is in second place With two riders out after the cross country course, the U. FanSided 2 years Olympics equestrian eventing team final results: