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If you accepted the bonus, and are not credited with the bonus within a few hours of making your deposit, contact a customer service agent for help. We're also looking for variety in the lines that include placing wagers on political events, celebrity gossip, reality competition shows and current events. Once you create an account, you can access it anywhere, from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Arizona?

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Odds on Arizona State winning the Pac at several sportsbooks have them finishing in the bottom half of the conference, which sounds about right. The second-most popular sport in Arizona is easily basketball.

However, be careful if you're going to bet on them this year. As a fan, it's one thing to really root for your team and hope that your team does well when playing against the likes of the Thunder, the Spurs, and Warriors and Clippers, but it's another thing entirely to put your money down. The Suns don't have quite as much talent as years past.

Tucker, they're able to hold their own against average teams, but they don't quite have the firepower to get past those elite teams in the West. So, if you're a huge Suns' fan, just be careful when putting your money down. Realistically speaking, they're a very average team. They won the title in '07, '09, and just last year in ' The Mercury are very tough to contend with, and they make a far safer bet for sports gamblers than do the Suns. Our Phoenix sports betting guide offers more information on each team and legal options for wagering.

Now, as mentioned above, they're not exactly challenging the big SEC West teams for the National Championship, but they're a very tough team in their own conferences. So, for the purposes of sports betting, the Sun Devils should be good for a solid seven wins. This collegiate program also has tremendous athletes in less popular sports like archery, track and field, and badminton. If your sports betting extends to these niche sports, make sure the Sun Devils are on your radar.

They frequently win in these types of events. In the list of Arizona sports above, we left out over half a dozen minor league baseball teams, the Tuscon FC soccer team, and some other semi-pro and B-league teams that many Arizonans root for. This is because we're focused on sports betting here, and thus we're trying to stick with the teams that will give you a chance to win money should you want to bet on them.

To that end, there is one team in Arizona that stands out above all others, and that's the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL. There are some very legitimate reasons that we predict they will do the best this year. For starters, they have an extremely potent offense, with a healthy Carson Palmer leading the charge as their Pro Bowl QB. They also have a fairly week schedule. Then they have the Cleveland Browns directly after that before taking a bye week. After they get out of the bye, things get tough with a game against Seattle, and then the Bengals.

And they close very tough, with back-to-back weeks against the Packers and the Seahawks. However, a record for Arizona is something that's definitely within reach this season. We have also included a valuable Arizona football betting guide for AZ football fans who are looking for insight into enjoying betting on their favorite teams. We've recently added an informative guide to betting on the Arizona Cardinals , as well as an entire section devoted to Arizona basketball betting.

The gambling laws in the state of AZ do not address any type of online gambling. While it can be said that state laws do not make it illegal, they also do not expressly legalize the option either.

That being said, it is not legal to operate an online sportsbook or any type of online gambling site within the state of Arizona at this time. With the emergence of state based online gambling finally happening in several states, it is possible that this may change in the future, but for the time being, do not count on state regulated sports betting options to be a possibility. There are not any state or federal laws which prohibit AZ residents from participating in legally licensed and regulated online sportsbooks which are located outside of the United States.

You can access the state code concerning gambling laws at the Arizona State Legislature. There are a number of of these types of sportsbooks operating on the web, and this guide has provided access to the most trusted and reputable options. You will not be breaking any laws should you choose to bet on sports at one of these sites. The key is in ensuring the sportsbook at which you are betting is in fact legitimately operating within the industry and holds authentic licensing and compliance certifications, and are subject to genuine regulatory oversight that has the same strict standards and licensing requirements that we have here in the US.

Our team has found a handful of online sportsbooks that fall into this category, and that legally provide their services to Arizona residents and visitors. Sadly, this is not the case.

There are an alarmingly large number of questionable and low quality Internet sports betting sites that are either predatory and set up solely to steal your identity and money, as well as sportsbooks that are simply low quality and place you at risk due to poor business practices. Either way, these are the undesirable destinations that bettors need to avoid at all costs.

This is not as simple as some may believe. Skilled web designers and marketers have successfully made these dangerous sites appear very professional and classy by using savvy design and development and colorful and inviting advertising. It is hard for even very experienced industry professionals to see through some of these tricks.

We urge you to limit your online sports betting activity to those Arizona sports betting sites which have been vetted by professionals. This guide, and others like it, provide insightful and thoughtful information to assist bettors in reaching the industry's leading sportsbook brands. Every sports betting site you see recommended on this page was carefully vetted by industry analysts using an intense review process that is executed from both a professional and a customer point of view.

We have spent the time and effort to locate the reputable and trustworthy sites so that you can spend your time enjoying the action, not blindly bouncing from site to site in search of the real deal. One of the criteria for inclusion in our guide includes offering a wide range of betting lines. This means that not only are the most popular major, minor and collegiate leagues that span football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer covered, but also European leagues, motor sports, MMA events, boxing, tennis, golf, cricket and other less mainstream categories.

We also want to see creative options such as team, player and game props, and special seasonal contests. The brands we recommend offer features such as live betting, in play betting and some include live streaming of matches and games. We're also looking for variety in the lines that include placing wagers on political events, celebrity gossip, reality competition shows and current events.

We compare the betting lines and paylines with other online and brick and mortar sportsbooks to ensure that each specific site that we recommend is in line with the rest of the industry.

Our team of technical analysts have been studying the industry for over 20 years since the industry was just getting its start. All of the websites that we have meticulously decided to recommend are compliance certified by all the available sanctioning bodies, operate outside of the US, and have all the proper regulation required to comply with international financial codes.

These are the sites that have the best promos, customer service and financial reliability that we have been able to find.

The sport selection of the sportsbooks that we recommend is vast and sometimes vexing. Did you know you can bet on computer games like Counter Strike: They have all the traditional sports from the all the major athletic leagues in the US along with Europe and Asia as well.

You can find money lines on boxing matches, mixed martial arts fights, Rugby games, and even winter biathlons in Austria.

The bonuses are innumerable for residents of Arizona. At any of the premier websites of the industry you will be able to find a slew of bonuses and promotions that should pique your interest.

We recommend that you check out all the sports bonus packages before making a final decision on your sportsbook. Mobile sports betting has been one of the main driving forces of the industry and is one of our main requirements for recommendation.