This one, where players bet on the phrase the horse would say when used, was the second to be disabled, on 13 January , in an update which made them say only one thing: I would not like to get scammed to this for my hard earned gp so they can sell it to buy a BMW or Silentc0re's bar tab. After the kick of Smith and Rave from Fisherman clan, they opened up their own clan and gave a rank to "Hand Hurts" who you may remember from twitch early I was going by the amount I have won in previous days. Well, technically JaGex is letting you borrow your account, and if they sell their property it is perfectly legal, so basically bonds are not illegal RWT as JaGex is selling their property. New Promotion Coming Soon!

Rules of the land


Three weeks ago, I came back to Runescape with 35m and Full bandos and decided to gamble. I made that cash stack into m and Had full bandos,fury,ags and claws in about an hour. I ended up losing all of it within the next two days and then dropped to 14m with no armour or anything of value. This happened because I didn't know when to stop, and thought I was unbeatable.

Anywho, back to the guide. There are two main methods of Gambling. This method requires you to join an online 'IRC' chat of a Runescape gambling clan. This is how it's done. You find a dicing clan. Go the where the clan is situated. Join their friends chat 'Smokin Mils' 5. Now go to their website [ Register or Signin to view external links.

Click the guide if you want, but this will cover the basics and how to earn cash. Now hop back to runescape and find a host. Trade him your bet EG. Another Person will trade him the same amount. Now your wager has been created. Go back to the chat room and type in! Which ever person that's rolled the highest number, will win all of the money.

If you get the highest number, trade the host and receive your winnings. This will make you incredible amounts of money, depending on how much you've placed. I bet 1m, If I win, I receive 1. How do you honestly fucking think some guy is just going to give you a free million dollars. New runescape players don't fall for that, dumb people who play runescape fall for that. I think you're getting carried away and you're wrong. It's people like them and you that give the rs community a bad name.

Lol raging on a guy who said he got scammed because he didn't know. I'm the kid but you're the one dumb enough to believe someone is going to give you free shit for nothing. You're the reason people think rs players are stupid.

I'm not wrong, you clearly are but won't admit it. Smart people do not get scammed, you are a dumb person who thinks he's smart and that someone even smarter got the better of him. No, you're an idiot who was scammed by an idiot. What you just said was one of the dumbest things I've ever read.

Never in your incoherent rambling, did you ever come close to what could be considered a rational thought. I award you no upvotes and may God have mercy on your soul. Currently they can file a DMCA against the site since they are using the rs art on the page. Beyond that not very much. ROW has a betting site. It makes me sad knowing a popular YouTuber is endorsing that kind of thing Wtf that guy tried to scam me in varrock the other day, he wanted me to drop my items so he could give me "an edgeville teleport".

Wish I would've known who he was so I could record it The acc he was on was wildyowns1. I'll confirm when I get my laptop, but why would I lie about that..? Might have a dash or smthing idk. It's sad that back in like he actually made good videos, then for some fucked up reason he teamed up with ryan wooley and started scamming. He was a good guy at first and then turned into a douchebag sadly. Worst part is that he legit has a big fan base of like minded people who support and back him up, It's pathetic.

I don't condone this sort of gambling where they are literally taking your money. You trade them money to bet. That is the bottom line. When he does giveaways on twitch where you had to type in the RuneBet chat which requires an account, yeah. It all comes down to how much you care about your account and the risks you are willing to take. If it's not morally wrong and people enjoy it, then they are free to do as they like while knowing the consequences and what could happen.

How is it morally and illegally wrong lol? It's not morally wrong, tell me why it's "morally" wrong? Jagex should just allow a 'safe' method ingame, so the people who inevitably will look elsewhere don't get fucked over. They should add gambling at the dueling arena. That would be, on the surface of things, such an awesome idea. I always assumed commission stakers did something similar -- E. Not really, they would lose a lot. It's not what they did but I see what you're saying.

Who cares if bettors of those sites get banned, they should for funding those scammers anyway. Also it's not if they get shut down the DB will be leaked it's when someone does a SQL attack on their DB, no Runescape site has ever been completely secure, not zybez, not tipit and not any botting sites. I personally think its stupid as fuck to gamble on anything, I myself am a drug addict and so I know all too well what addiction is like. Its so fruitless and unrewarding. At least with drugs you get high as fuck and party like its But hey, it's their money's funeral.

Don't want another Reach episode to happen: Serious question, how is this any different to runechat which is run by MX and has been around for over a year? Probably isn't, haven't really heard of it, besides MX made scamming videos LOL what the fuck why do people trust this guy.

But fisherman is well known and has been banned and black listed. I found this by checking the hosting information using whoishostingthis , got the hosting server's ip, and using ip locator on google. Plenty of games have online gambling all over the place. Also is the "Emily C" and "0Miriah" both the the fake names or the exact names?

Emily C was his account that scammed, then he hosted on a level 3 and pretended to be his Gf, she posted youtube videos and streamed on own3d. He hosted on her account. Yes it is the same person, just had his gf post videos. You're a long way from home Pay someone hacker or a judas under the table to get access to their database and ban every single email in it. Right, why don't we pardon everyone who has ever macroed, because they are clearly the victims for falling prey to the temptation of botting?

It doesn't matter that they've disobeyed rules Jagex implemented for good reasons! You're forgetting that smith gave back that divine to NHS after about a year or 2!!!

He's a good guy now!! As much as I don't like RS gambling, Runebet may be the lesser of two evils. Lets face it, ever since Runescape has been public gambling has been rampant. Only now are we starting to see it become organized, which in turn makes gambling for those who really want too safer. Leave it to the market to decide for itself. So when Fisherman makes an account on his website, generates betting tokens for his account, and bets on the person who just cashed in 20m worth of tokens for Fishermans 0 RISK, instantly generated, and illegal gambling currency and wins the bets because he can rig the rolls by changing the code I'm not saying this is true but it is possible that is a lesser of 2 evils?

Or is it someone feasting on the ignorance of players to benefit themselves and break several of JaGex rules RWT, Website advertisement, games of chance in the process? Just took a trip to Runebet and noticed they use the same cryptographic methods as famous BTC gambling sites, meaning it is next to impossible for them to manipulate rolls. In regards to feasting on people's ignorance, I'm sure bettors know the odds aren't in their favor.

Actually they aren't using the same methods. Their site allows them to preload server seeds and thus rig rolls. The famous BTC gambling sites all use one server seed hash, not the old secret system. I keep seeing "fisherman" popping up. Can someone explain to me who this is? I think he is referring to Fishy who is a famous Runescape gambler who amassed his fan base by being one of the richest players to ever play along with over the top giveaways.

Thank you, that makes sense. I've got all the info now haha. I just couldn't find any videos or anything relating to "fisherman". I say Jagex monitors them or somehow regulates gambling.

I'm saying this as a CSGO gambler who saw the massive benefits to csgo once gambling was embraced. Why would JaGex even spit in these guys direction?

They are doing games of chance and have been banned on several accounts. Please tell me you're trolling or have no idea who these goons are. Am I the only one that's not scared about them taking your gold or hacking you, but that we're raising young people to become gambling addicts in the future? Looks like it's not absolutely nothing after all. Nobody is going to use their RS email and password on a runescape gambling website.

I have ikov's database, and trust me, it's not that special. If he can generate tokens worth m and plays dicing vs you, isn't it a bit unfair you had to sell your ely for m tokens yet he just spawns them to play vs you?

Looked back on the whole thing, and yeah it looks like he was banned for RWT after all. I don't get why he was allowed to play for that long when OSRS came out then. While gambling, it doesn't matter where the opponent's money came from unless you're doing a little "deathmatch" where you go on until someone gets cleaned.

However, if you decide to gamble an ely, the tokens received will be worth m. Note that even if they spawn in tokens, they can't spawn in the GP that they will trade over to you in exchange for the tokens. Paypal is not legal tender. VBA stands for virtual bank account. Primedice seems to be pushing towards being illegal in the U. I guess that means the entire world to a murican though.

The fact that you can trade it in for physical cash makes "absolutely nothing" into "absolutely something". Unfortunately there is a logical fallacy literally known as the gamblers fallacy, im sure you have heard of it.

No matter what we do, what we say, and how sure we are that gambling is retarded. BUT, at least it's pixels and not actual money. Then they buy gp from the gold site that there lost gp is sold to and repeat the cycle and lose real money. Except gp is actual money just like any other currency that can be converted to official national currencies.

I've never heard of gambling on RS aside from staking. What is it that this website allows you to gamble on exactly? I took a trip to website. I won a 1m raffle. I bet it up to around 20m. Realized I gave 0 cares, bet it all with a tiny chance of winning and lost. I'm glad i'm not addicted to gambling.

I'd never consider putting any info on the website, or giving these people money. Exactly, but bitcoins are legal because they can no longer be generated and there's a limited amount. Well, technically JaGex is letting you borrow your account, and if they sell their property it is perfectly legal, so basically bonds are not illegal RWT as JaGex is selling their property.

The more you know. I never lost so many brain cells reading one comment. Generating online betting currency in exchange for goods or service in this case a service is illegal. We may not win, but spreading awareness is a start. I would not like to get scammed to this for my hard earned gp so they can sell it to buy a BMW or Silentc0re's bar tab. In reality, you're still a host in a scam cc, always was and you always will be. I feel like this post was only targeted at damaging runebets imagine and not the soul reason why ppl shouldn't bet there They win if they hit , similar dicing mechanics back when dicing was allowed.

They could also generate their currency at any time and completely sell that currency to anyone who is willing to give them rs gp. The reason why jagex can't sue them is because jagex isn't actually losing money. These two individuals are exchanging jagex's property, which jagex does not lose, for real life cash and exchanging the Smokin mills currency for runescape gold. There's no law, at least in Utah where she lived, that states you cannot exchange online currencies that you make with other online currencies.

Like if you are going against their code of conduct, which you are if you are real world trading. Now the reason why I was behind this investigation was due to the fact that neither one of them paid their taxes on this unclaimed money. I wasn't notified if they were put into jail or not but jagex can certainly report to the police whether or not these people are paying their taxes easiest route as long as they can identify them or file a court case with them. I'm not saying you're lying or anything, but its really random that a person who was working on a case for something like this just browses the OSRS subreddit.

I play the game like 12 hours a day, had several connections with jmods I wasn't notified if they were put into jail or not but jagex can certainly report to the police whether or not these people are paying their taxes easiest route as long as they can identify them. If you have enough information on an individual, you can tip off the IRS.. I mean it's slightly different when you owe what you haven't paid, but if it's unreported income of that magnitude they can get in deep shit.

I was working with Jmods and they were contacting the authorities. They wouldn't give me any information on what they were doing. Look dude you need to calm down over a general rank in a PC clan. Do I run Smokin Elite with other people? Did it used to have gambling back in the day when gambling was allowed? Have I ever hidden that fact? Since gambling became against the rules have you looked at the Smokin Elite site?

Probably not because you're still spewing bs and coming up with ridicules information because you're butthurt over a rank. Smokin Elite when it was created was made as a merchanting clan.

It manipulated the economy with group merching but that was a good 6 years ago. All the clan is now since I took running majority of it a year ago is a teaching tool for flipping.

The shit you're throwing around now was well before my time and you look ridicules going on some pathetic witch hunt over a general rank you want in a PC clan.

I've never hidden I was part of Smokin Elite and won't now but dragging my name through the mud over what the clan was well before my involvement in it is pathetic. You're right, I've only been a host in Fisherman betting clan, Smite betting clan, staked since As if you even know what skid means lmao. They are not scams, just because ignorant players like yourself disagree with them it doesn't warrant forcing your opinions on others.

Firstly I am not affiliated with any RuneScape gambling site, I only enjoy using them from time to time. Secondly they are not creating an online currency, it is clearly stated that the chips have no monetary value, not to mention creating a virtual currency is not illegal and does not need to be registered, declared or anything of the manor to a government until it meets certain criteria which none of the sites are even close to.

Thirdly nobody is forcing players to play, if they wish to then let them. People aren't idiots, it's obvious there is a chance, however small of being scammed or losing your money.