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Indian Open postponed because of floods in Kerala. Some of the more expensive queues use a wide variety of woods such as walnut and cherry in the cue butt to embellish the design and produce a highly playable and attractive cue. We would have to have a look at the butt to see how we might be able to fix any loose weight. Riley snooker cue Distance from search location: Snooker Cues:-

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O'Sullivan Retains Shanghai Masters Crown

Snooker tables differ from pool tables in a few key ways, the most obvious of which is the size of the table itself. Snooker pockets are small and the distances between balls is often great, so accuracy is extremely important in every shot. Snooker cues have small tips to give you this accuracy, even on shots which may travel 20 feet or more. All of our Snooker cues come with free delivery to mainland UK. However, for locations outside the UK mainland there may be an additional charge depending upon your exact location.

Please call our friendly customer service team on for a quote. Visit our showrooms to see the range of cues we currently have in stock. You can try each of them out for yourself, and ask our experienced staff anything you need to point you in the right direction of your perfect cue.

We have over cues in stock, in both Snooker and Pool styles. At our showroom you can try out our selection, on any of our huge number of playable tables. We also stock rests and extensions. Our cues are available with a range of optional accessories, many of which are offered at reduced prices when bought with the cue itself. Chalk, tipping tools and shaft cleaner are all essential for taking good care of your cue.

We also offer a great range of accessories such as hard and soft cases, cue racks and cue rests, all of which can be seen in their own sub-categories on our main Cues page. Proud to be Official Merchandise Partner for these prestigious brands. If you need help with anything contact our team on. Everything you need to get the most out of your game including a comprehensive selection of tips and chalk and chalk holders.

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Tweeten Elkmaster Tips 14mm. Tweeten Ten Minute Tip Cement. Tweeten Elkmaster Tips 13mm. Brunswick Blue Diamond Tips 9mm, 10mm, 11mm. Tweeten Elkmaster Tips 11mm, 12mm. Tweeten Elkmaster Tips 8mm, 8. Peradon Screw-in tips pack of 5.

Bison Super Glue Gel. Peradon Supafile Tip File blue. Peradon Nylon tip fastener. Cannon Blue Velvet tips 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm. Tweeten Triangle chalk cubes, green. Tweeten Triangle chalk cubes, red.

Tweeten Triangle chalk cubes, blue. Peradon Magnetic Chalk Fob and chalk. Peradon Leather Chalk Pouch. Kamui Chalk Cover black. Kamui Chalk Cover red. Kamui Chalk Cover dark brown. Kamui Chalk Cover tan. Kamui Chalk Cover navy. Silver Cup Chalk red, dozen cubes.