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Archived from the original on 12 June Nottingham Forest - Sheffield Wednesday Championship. A player given a yellow card is said to have been "booked", the referee writing the player's name in his official notebook. Hacken - Trelleborgs FF. Kennell, The Gymnasium of Virtue: Recommended Games

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Championship 2018/19 (England): Standings

In their home league matches the most frequent result at half-time was the 5 out of 10 matches. The team has conceded goals in 7 of the last 10 matches, so they have not presented great defensive solidity, but their offense has scored consistently, as they have scored goals in 8 of the last 10 matches for this competition.

In 20 matches in this competition, he only got 3 comebacks in the 12 matches in which he suffered the first goal. In the last 10 away matches for this competition there are 2 periods that stand out: The Boavista comes to this game motivated, after having beaten the Maritime, by , totaling according to triumph in the last three games played.

It is important to note that visitors are going through their best phase of the season and in this match they will fight for three more points. However, in some moments of the game you must act only in counterattack. It is necessary to emphasize the excellent moment of form of the veteran Mateus, a player with 5 goals marked.

Partners 9 Asian Handicap SoccerPicks. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The original "Crysal Palace" was a cast-iron and plate-glass building erected in Hyde Park, London, to house the Great Exhibition of At the time it contained the largest amount of glass ever seen in a building and its clear walls and ceilings that did not require interior lights, thus a "Crystal Palace".

The building was rebuilt in on Penge Common next to Sydenham Hill, but was destroyed by fire in The name was later used to denote this area of south London and the surrounding park. The club's nickname is the Toffees. In the mid s, Dixie Dean prompted the Toffees first sustained period of success.

Their most successful period was the s. In they sold Wayne Rooney to Man Utd. The club was founded in as St Domingo and renamed to Everton one year later. Goodison Park opened in and staged a semi-final in the world cup. It was the first English ground to have under-soil heating.

It has four stands and a capacity of 40, There have been proposals for a new ground since Kit Colours - Royal Blue shirts, white shorts, blue socks. Craven Cottage capacity 25, , on the banks of the river Thames, has been the home of Fulham FC since It was originally a royal hunting lodge and has history dating back years.

The original "cottage", built in , was located on the centre circle of the pitch and was surrounded by woods and used by Anne Boleyn. They have the nicknames: Their ground is Kirklees Stadium which replaced the Leeds Road ground since In , Huddersfield became the first English club to win three successive league titles, a feat which only three other clubs have matched, and none have bettered. They won the FA Cup in After two seasons in the top division in the early s the club spent 45 years in the second, third and fourth tiers of English football before being promoted to the Premier League in The club was founded in as Leicester Fosse.

Leicester were elected to the Football League in The club's highest ever finish was second place in the top flight, in Division One in The club holds a joint-highest seven second tier titles six Second Division and one Championship , as well as one League One title.

The club has only spent one season outside the top two tiers of English football. Liverpool FC nicknamed The Reds were formed in and Anfield, built in has been their home ever since as a result of the previous tenants Everton leaving the ground.

The stadium currently comprises four stands: The Heysel Stadium disaster made the club infamous in Europe; 39 Juventus fans died after a wall collapsed. Four years later the Hillsborough Disaster saw the death of 96 Liverpool fans in a crush against fencing. Liverpool are the most successful team in the history of English football, having won more trophies than any other club. In the close season they moved from Maine Road to the new City of Manchester Stadium 48, all seater , which was originally built for the Commonwealth Games.

In June the Stadium was renamed to the Etihad Stadium. A long period of decline followed the club's successes of the s and s. In Thai ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra bought the club but in August the club was sold to the wealthy Abu Dhabi United Group, who then made a flurry of bids for high profile players.

The club finished 5th in the Premier league in the season. They moved to their ground Old Trafford Theatre of Dreams in They are known as The Red Devils. In the Munich air disaster, eight players lost their lives.

Having won a 19 league titles, four League Cups and a record 11 FA Cups, Manchester United is one of the most successful clubs in the history of English football and one of the wealthiest and most widely supported football teams in the world.

Their gorund, St James Park, is the third largest in capacity in England with 52, seats. The club had successes in - , the mid s, and s.

They qualified for Europe for the first time in The club has been nicknamed "The Saints" since its inception due to its history as a church football team, founded in as St Mary's Church of England Young Men's Association.

The club, nicknamed Spurs, were inaugurated in Their ground, White Hart Lane, was originally a disused nursery owned by the brewery Charringtons and located behind a public house. In competitions using two-legged matches , each team competes at home once, with an aggregate score from the two matches deciding which team progresses. Where aggregates are equal, the away goals rule may be used to determine the winners, in which case the winner is the team that scored the most goals in the leg they played away from home.

If the result is still equal, extra time and potentially a penalty shootout are required. In the late s and early s, the IFAB experimented with ways of creating a winner without requiring a penalty shootout, which was often seen as an undesirable way to end a match.

These involved rules ending a game in extra time early, either when the first goal in extra time was scored golden goal , or if one team held a lead at the end of the first period of extra time silver goal. Golden goal was used at the World Cup in and The first World Cup game decided by a golden goal was France 's victory over Paraguay in Germany was the first nation to score a golden goal in a major competition, beating Czech Republic in the final of Euro Silver goal was used in Euro Both these experiments have been discontinued by IFAB.

Under the Laws, the two basic states of play during a game are ball in play and ball out of play. From the beginning of each playing period with a kick-off until the end of the playing period, the ball is in play at all times, except when either the ball leaves the field of play, or play is stopped by the referee. When the ball becomes out of play, play is restarted by one of eight restart methods depending on how it went out of play:.

A foul occurs when a player commits an offence listed in the Laws of the Game while the ball is in play. The offences that constitute a foul are listed in Law Handling the ball deliberately, tripping an opponent, or pushing an opponent, are examples of "penal fouls", punishable by a direct free kick or penalty kick depending on where the offence occurred. Other fouls are punishable by an indirect free kick. The referee may punish a player's or substitute's misconduct by a caution yellow card or dismissal red card.

A second yellow card in the same game leads to a red card, which results in a dismissal. A player given a yellow card is said to have been "booked", the referee writing the player's name in his official notebook. If a player has been dismissed, no substitute can be brought on in their place and the player may not participate in further play.

Misconduct may occur at any time, and while the offences that constitute misconduct are listed, the definitions are broad. In particular, the offence of "unsporting behaviour" may be used to deal with most events that violate the spirit of the game, even if they are not listed as specific offences.

A referee can show a yellow or red card to a player, substitute or substituted player. Non-players such as managers and support staff cannot be shown the yellow or red card, but may be expelled from the technical area if they fail to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Rather than stopping play, the referee may allow play to continue if doing so will benefit the team against which an offence has been committed.

This is known as "playing an advantage". Even if an offence is not penalised due to advantage being played, the offender may still be sanctioned for misconduct at the next stoppage of play.

The referee's decision in all on-pitch matters is considered final. Along with the general administration of the sport, football associations and competition organisers also enforce good conduct in wider aspects of the game, dealing with issues such as comments to the press, clubs' financial management, doping , age fraud and match fixing.

Most competitions enforce mandatory suspensions for players who are sent off in a game. Sanctions for such infractions may be levied on individuals or on to clubs as a whole. Penalties may include fines, points deductions in league competitions or even expulsion from competitions. For example, the English Football League deduct 12 points from any team that enters financial administration.

Teams that had forfeited a game or had been forfeited against would be awarded a technical loss or win. The recognised international governing body of football and associated games, such as futsal and beach soccer is FIFA.

Six regional confederations are associated with FIFA; these are: National associations oversee football within individual countries. These are generally synonymous with sovereign states, for example: This competition takes place every four years since with the exception of and tournaments, which were cancelled due to World War II. Approximately — national teams compete in qualifying tournaments within the scope of continental confederations for a place in the finals.

The finals tournament, which is held every four years, involves 32 national teams competing over a four-week period. Under the tournament's current format, national teams vie for 23 slots in a three-year qualification phase. The host nation's team is automatically entered as the 24th slot.

There has been a football tournament at every Summer Olympic Games since , except at the games in Los Angeles. Originally, the tournament was for amateurs only. The countries that benefited most were the Soviet Bloc countries of Eastern Europe , where top athletes were state-sponsored while retaining their status as amateurs.

Between and , 23 out of 27 Olympic medals were won by Eastern Europe, with only Sweden gold in and bronze in , Denmark bronze in and silver in and Japan bronze in breaking their dominance. Since male competitors must be under 23 years old, and since , players under 23 years old, with three over year old players, are allowed per squad.

A women's tournament was added in ; in contrast to the men's event, full international sides without age restrictions play the women's Olympic tournament. After the World Cup, the most important international football competitions are the continental championships, which are organised by each continental confederation and contested between national teams.

The most prestigious competitions in club football are the respective continental championships, which are generally contested between national champions, for example the UEFA Champions League in Europe and the Copa Libertadores in South America. The governing bodies in each country operate league systems in a domestic season , normally comprising several divisions , in which the teams gain points throughout the season depending on results.

Teams are placed into tables , placing them in order according to points accrued. Most commonly, each team plays every other team in its league at home and away in each season, in a round-robin tournament. At the end of a season, the top team is declared the champion.

The top few teams may be promoted to a higher division, and one or more of the teams finishing at the bottom are relegated to a lower division. The teams finishing at the top of a country's league may be eligible also to play in international club competitions in the following season. The main exceptions to this system occur in some Latin American leagues, which divide football championships into two sections named Apertura and Clausura Spanish for Opening and Closing , awarding a champion for each.

Some countries' top divisions feature highly paid star players; in smaller countries and lower divisions, players may be part-timers with a second job, or amateurs. Football hooliganism is the term used to describe disorderly, violent or destructive behaviour perpetrated by spectators at football events.

Variants of football have been codified for reduced-sized teams i. Such games can have team sizes that vary from eleven-a-side, can use a limited or modified subset of the official rules, and can be self-officiated by the players. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Soccer disambiguation. This article is about the sport of association football.

For other codes of football, see Football. The attacking player No. Names for association football. History of association football. Children playing cuju in Song dynasty China. An episkyros player on an ancient stone carving at the National Archaeological Museum, Athens. For the rules of other football games, see Football. Laws of the Game association football. Association football positions , Formation association football , and Kit association football. Ball in and out of play.

Players are cautioned with a yellow card, and dismissed from the game with a red card. Association football around the world. List of association football competitions. Geography of association football and Geography of women's association football. Variants of association football and Street football.

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