2018 NFL preview and Super Bowl prediction

A soft September schedule that includes the Buccaneers , Colts and Giants helps. Throw the long ball with more accuracy? They have the QB and great young mind. Success Thank you for signing up! Super Bowl: Scores, winners, results

Super Bowl 2018 predictions: Expert picks for Eagles vs. Patriots

6. Six more teams change head coaches after the 2018 season

The Pats' experience gives them the edge, and their pass rush can apply enough pressure to force Foles into some mistakes. The Eagles have proven themselves capable of beating the Patriots this postseason on both sides of the ball. MVP whiffs Ranking all 51 winners. But this is Brady. It could be just as tight as the last time these teams met in the Super Bowl, but it will come with an almost identical result.

The peril of making a Super Bowl prediction, or a prediction in any game involving these Patriots, is there's a very good chance you will be percent correct for as much as 58 minutes and still wrong in the end. In each of those cases, the opposing coaches were guilty of strategic errors that essentially involved underestimating the capability of Brady and his pals to concoct a game-changing comeback.

So even if these Patriots are no longer the most impressive or lethal team, they are probably the most resilient team in the history of American sport. Not falling into that trap. Brady and Belichick want this one badly. The Patriots had so much turnover this offseason, both on the roster and the coaching staff. This year should be a step up from there.

They get a more versatile RB, the WR depth improves, and the JG has had a whole offseason to digest the playbook, its not new to him. What I expect… 49ers have had worse than average injury rates If the trend continues 7 to 8 wins. They need edge rusher and better rotational depth. How could the 49ers suprise? What will suprise most casual fans? It looks like every practice starting this Thursday up until the day before the first exhibition game is open to reporters.

Yes, I think so too. Not sure what he did to even deserve a chance at the job. The guy was DC in Houston for 1 year and he still had Romeo Crennel on the staff to tell him what to do.

Even then, the Texans had the worst defense in the NFL last year. They gave up points which was worst in the league by 26 points. Amazing to me this guy got a head coaching job. Bad coordinator an assistant coach.

But I predict that he will be a good HC. Has the personality for it. Except where you have the Giants I have the Niners. Garropolo will raise the Niners higher than Saquon will the Giants.

Manning has a new OC, a new system, how will he handle it, most QBs struggle with that year 1 change. Loved this article Grant! Lots of hard work went into this, I have felt lately this team will be anywhere from to Got a feeling this D will be better than we think but at least a half season is needed for the o-line to gell!

Rogers is the best QB in the league and with the added players they could be a very tough team. There is almost always a team that is projected to make the playoffs, but misses out.

In the AFC it will probably be the Pats. Not as good as beating the Cowboys in 81, but very satisfying. The 49ers will win the nfc west. Also the 49ers were the hottest team in the NFL when the season ended. AFC East- Pats are dominant. Mariota is way better than Bortles. Steelers are getting old, and Lamar Jackson will surprise. The are the most talented, with the best QB. Their defense will win games. I previously had Cleveland here, but I listened too much to Tom Tolbert.

Mahomes will make the fans forget about AS. They won with their backup QB, and acquired Bennett. One more push for Breeze, and the defense looks stout. Cousins is an upgrade, and they have the number one defense. NFC West- Rams are loaded, with good coaching. AR will be back, and they have improved their roster. If they can avoid being decimated by injuries, they have talent. They also can beat up on Detroit and Chicago, for 4 possible wins.

Total homer call, but if the planets align, JG may lead them into the playoffs. SB matchup- Chargers , Rams. A West Coach matchup, which will make the bookies furious. Both Philly and Pats do not make it to the conference championships. Chargers, because Bosa and Ingram get sacks, while the Rams had been beaten up in previous matches, so they are not at full strength. Vikings continue their losing streak, choking in the biggest game. However, I can dream of a 49er- Patriot matchup, and hopefully, Bellichick will rue the day he traded JG to the Niners.

Your going to get your dream matchup Seb. Niners vs Pats in the Super Bowl. My bet is already in. One thing for sure. The NFL and the powers that be will make sure of that! That would be without a doubt the lowest rated Super Bowl in history.

Nobody is going to watch that dud. The All-LA matchup would bore everyone from Barstow eastwards. Do not worry, Jax must improve their QB position. Bortles will not lead them to the SB. Maybe TB- Miami would be worse. That is why I proposed a multi player trade. Chucky may be desperate enough. However, now that TCs have started, all the teams will roll with what they have. Their best strategy will be to wait until the 53 cuts, and upgrade weaknesses. JG will be the field general, and he will out think the opposition.

He will have learned the playbook frontwards and backwards. He will have thrown to his receivers thousands of times. The O line will be be an upgrade from last season. Richberg is better than Kilgore. Garnett will be an upgrade from Fusco.

McGlinchey will help the running game. The running game will help JG. McKinnon is a better fit than Hyde. Joe Williams will emerge and show how explosive he is. While the Rams are poised to return as division champions, both the Seahawks and Cards may regress. Seahawks have defensive turnover, while the Cards have coaching turnover, and QB questions.

Niner coaches have had continuity, unlike the Tomsula and Chip seasons. Saleh has a year to assess the players, and he can put them in their best positions to succeed. KS has finally gotten the players who he thinks will fit his system. If the Niners can establish the running game, it will make the play action passes more effective.

Many injured players have healed, and can contribute. Hope they bring some of them back slowly, so there are no setbacks.

Niners have a relatively easy schedule. They have only 4 games against playoff teams. If the CBs can cover for a half second more, the pass rush may have time to get to the passer. Colbert is emerging as 7th round steal. The Niners have acquired several new DBs. There will be spirited competition in the secondary. Despite not drafting a pass rusher early in the draft, the pass rush could improve. Arik Armstead will be back from a hand injury. Marsh may start to have fun.

Signing Attaochu may result in more sacks. The improved pass rush could result in more pressures, sacks and turnovers. I would say though, I think Minnesota could have a run like Philly had last year if they get Cousins going like they had Case Keenum going last year. They just need to get hot at the right time. They will definitely win the division but the Superbowl might be too much.

He may not have that same production this year which means that defense might be less dominant. I still think they have a top 3 defense but they may not be 86 Bears or Ravens level of great. All in all good job Grant. I think for your next endeavor you should have a guest blogger post their season picks.

Maybe someone like say,,, your fiance. Then all the readers can see how you guys did in your competition. My theory on marriage is this: Marriage is a competition. Everything is a competition. Quick example — when you have your first kid and your both exhausted and the kid wakes up crying in the middle of the night both of you will pretend to be asleep so the other one will get up with the kid.

The one who can pretend to be asleep the longest forcing the other one to get up is the winner. See… Marriage is a competition. Nice return article Grant. Chicago and Detroit battle not to be relegated. The Browns seem to have a pretty good defense, at least on paper. SI saw Philly going 8—8 this time last year.

We asked Andy Benoit to forecast the season anyway, and below he has a few notes about his predictions. The trend will continue. For the Cowboys, that will be receiver and tight end.

Texans fans should be much more excited about the future than the present. But the revolution is bigger than just RPOs. The five teams that do that best: Eagles, Patriots, Chiefs, Saints and Rams. All except the Chiefs are Super Bowl contenders. They also have a fast, unified defense built around guys in their prime. They, too, have a defense in its prime. But the Falcons are a more complete team. Atlanta finally gets its Lombardi Trophy. Please enter your email address associated with the account so we can help reset your password.

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