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Kinect Sports

Use Both Feet in Soccer Try using both feet to kick shots. Don't just keep using your lead foot. Various Easter Eggs Here are a few Easter eggs and secrets that can be found in the various games. Bowling - toss the ball in the wrong direction and the crowd goes nuts, really! Bowling - Jump as you roll the ball to break the wood on the floor. This might take a few attempts. You'll get an Achievement for this one. Boxing - As soon as your opponent's life bar is empty, you can continuously hit him with swift punches and he will stay up as you hit him.

He does eventually fall over though. Track Racing - Before you start running, you can move your arms and your computer opponent will say things and move away from you. This wont work with hurdles. Boxing - You can move your arms in a rotating position towards at your opponent to constantly hit him in the face.

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Web design by RippleWerkz. Programming and database design by Remarkable SE. Also visit our Alphabet Lyrics sister site. Free To Play Screenshot. Win a match by scoring a goal in the last 10 seconds in Football. Score or more in the Pin Rush Bowling mini-game. Scare the bird from the crossbar using the ball in Football. Win a match in Table Tennis Champion difficulty. Score 85 or more in the Body Ball Volleyball mini-game.

Score or more in the Bump Bash Volleyball mini-game. Break some electrical equipment within the stadium in Javelin. Score 10 or more in the One Bowl Roll Bowling mini-game. Win a match after being knocked down 4 times in Boxing. Throw the discus less than 4 meters in Discus. Score 5 goals or more in a match in Football Professional or Champion difficulty.

Score or more in the Super Saver Football mini-game. Score a perfect hat-trick 1 header, 1 left foot and 1 right foot goal in a match in Football. Reach level 10 and earn the Amateur badge. Win a race after knocking down every hurdle in Hurdles. Knock down your opponent with an uppercut in Boxing. Score a point by heading or kicking the ball in open play in Volleyball.

Win a match in Football Champion difficulty. Win a game in Bowling Champion difficulty. Perform a block move by jumping at the net in Volleyball. Score or more in the Paddle Panic Table Tennis mini-game. Reach level 30 and earn the Champion badge. Score 60 or more in the Rally Tally Table Tennis mini-game. Force your opponent to roll 3 times in a match when reaching for the ball in Table Tennis.

Win a match conceding no points in Volleyball Professional or Champion difficulty. Score 80 or more in the Target Kick Football mini-game. Reach level 50 and earn the Legendary badge. Survive a stun sequence without being hit in Boxing Professional or Champion difficulty. Win a match with a technical knockout 3 knock downs in 1 round in Boxing. Win a match conceding no points in Table Tennis Professional or Champion difficulty.

Win 2 games, one with each hand in Table Tennis. Win a match in Boxing Champion difficulty. Gain a boost start and boost finish in m. Get a Turkey 3 strikes in a row in Bowling.

Reach level 20 and earn the Professional badge. Win a match of Volleyball Champion difficulty. Perform a windmill manoeuvre in Long Jump. Break the lane with a high ball in Bowling. Defeat any 5 calorie rivals within a single day. Beat any calorie rival every day for 5 days in a row. Lets Go Pikachu Walkthrough a.. Lets Go Eevee Walkthrough and.. Ask a question here Help a gamer Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions. Upcoming games for What are you looking forward to?

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