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A very different type of live betting over and there is the one on the number of corners, or yellow cards. Many online bookmakers offer betting on the exact score of every game in a match. When this opportunity comes up, bet on each race before the first game is over. No such thing as perfect live betting strategy

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Tennis set betting is great for beginners

The fastest, most reliable way to get to BetOnline: Home Betting Edge Tennis. Who is a better tennis player? Was it the style and precision of Steffi Graf or the power and grace of Serena Williams? It is the longevity and staying power of Williams against the short burst of Graf. Open starts in a little more than two weeks.

One answer is an obvious one, but what about two alternatives? Open starts in three and a half weeks. Bettors will get a clearer sense about the way this tournament will proceed as they gain more details in the month of August, but right now, the three men with the best chance of winning are clear: The Australian Open has provided plenty of highlight reel plays already but it has also provided a couple of lowlights as well including what happened during a match between Feliciano Lopez and Adrian Mannarino.

Lopez unleashed a serve that traveled at MPH and connected with the groin of a ball boy who somehow despite showing some lingering effects still managed to run over to retrieve the ball and get set in time to avoid a delay in the match.

Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Andy Murray are all listed among the favorites to win at the All England Club this year, and with Wimbledon right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get in on those odds and set up to make some money with one of those four favorites.

The results at the French Open were wild. Not so much that Maria Sharapova was the champ but that so many top players were eliminated before even breaking a sweat, so to speak. Live betting arbitrage is a shining example of how players can greatly reduce the risks of losing and even turn a bet into a risk-free venture.

This is not exactly a live betting system, but rather a combination of a bet placed prior to kickoff and one or more laid once the games have started.

You also need a favorable turn of events to make arbitrage a reality, more precisely to have odds margins high enough to completely cover the risks. The best case scenario is to eventually place two opposing wagers with both of them having odds above even value.

When this happens, regardless of the outcome of the match, you are guaranteed to rake in a small profit. A live betting arbitrage strategy also demands a fair share of experience and a keen eye for crowd psychology, to predict the direction in which the odds will shift. For instance, if you notice that a major European team is playing on the road against a mediocre opponent and the odds exceed even value, you could place a bet early on.

The idea is to wager as soon as the odds are posted, because punters are likely to back the favorites and this will prompt the bookmaker to lower the odds. The in play betting strategy using arbitrage will then prompt you to bet on the home side immediately after kickoff, assuming the double chance wager exceeds even value.

Having said this, there are occasions they can be more profitable to bet on the total number of corners, yellow cards and everything in between. Gambling tutorials include in play betting tips for all these types of bets, but it is recommended to keep the stakes relatively low because these are volatile markets. Testing this out on a bookmaker with minimum stakes might be a good ideea.

Betting on the total number of goals is closer to conventional wagering, since the decision rests mostly with the strength of the backline and the effectiveness of the offensive. The standard line is of 2. The odds follow a predetermined direction and once the game begins they go downwards for less than 2. The live betting over under strategies are once again geared towards risk-averse or aggressive punters and they can pursue two opposing directions.

Conservative players who want to take no unnecessary chances would be inclined to bet on the over markets initially, as these have odds that exceed even value. They can also use arbitrage in this situation and if no goal is scored early on, they can place the opposing bet on the under markets immediately after the odds go beyond 2.

Meanwhile, if you want to get fully immersed in the gaming experience and are knowledgeable enough, it is better to simply watch the games using the live streaming. This can reveal useful information that can be in turn put to good use by placing wagers that are very different to the ones contemplated prior to kickoff. A very different type of live betting over and there is the one on the number of corners, or yellow cards.

Only a handful of bookmakers are offering the latter in play and one would have to bet on the number of players prior to kickoff. The rules also differ but in most cases a red card counts as two points while a yellow card stands for one point and the wager is made on the combined amount. The only reasonable in play betting tips regarding the number of players booked encourage players to watch the games live and see if tension is about to go through the roof.

You have a feeling how many cards will be given or corners kicked during the game? Look at the top right box on this page, click on 'live streams' and let your sports expertise guide you to your next live bet. Will the trailing team make a come-back? Will the leading tennis player lose his poise?

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