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It's a power based game that lasts a long time. The difference is between endurance and work capacity. With the latter you are able to recover between spells and overs more quickly rather than just being able to jog miles.

You train cricket specific work capacity with interval running. Commentators often talk about bowlers having a balanced approach and action. Being able to balance in a dynamic situation running, throwing, catching, batting transfers directly to bowling performance. The better your dynamic balance the better your technique and that means faster and more accurate bowling. Bowling is the best way to gain balance, but you should also include plenty of single leg training, bodyweight training and balance drills in your workouts and training sessions.

The term applied to a ball which pitches on the ground exactly at the bottom of the bat. Gives the batsman ample time to see any break which spin may impart to the ball and control his shot. The ball lands on the bat without first touching the ground. Is pitched in such a position that it will strike the bat immediately after it begins to bounce.

Finally, we also noticed that a fast, good length ball pitching in line with the stumps — one that straightens after pitching — also leads to a lot of LBW dismissals.

Most deliveries will be slow, with a few fast ones thrown in between. You just need to keep an eye on the ball and pick the blue trail that follows fast ones.

The slower balls got us out many times until we learnt how to spot them. If you get out or hit for a six, you can immediately force quit the game and then resume playing. If you do this, you can play that delivery once more and you can keep trying until you achieve the desired result. But as purists, we also hope Big Ant Studios fix this 'bug' with an update, as games such as Stick Cricket do not have this problem.

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