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Our Chat Room is a place where you can discuss betting on MMA with some of the coolest people in the world. Eat foods high in carbohydrates. What are some tips to help make weight on the scale? You should always consult your doctor before attempting to lose or gain excessive amounts of weight in a short period of time as the practice of doing so can be unhealthy. Sao Paulo; 22nd Sep 2018

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In this article we'll discuss the practice of making weight, its advantages, disadvantages and some tips to making your weight loss go easier. You should always consult your doctor before attempting to lose or gain excessive amounts of weight in a short period of time as the practice of doing so can be unhealthy.

This phase consists of actually going "all-out" in terms of weight gain. Your goal during this time is to actually gain weight.

Granted you aren't aiming to gain fat , fat will be gained during this period because fat gain is almost inevitable when bulking. You are eating surplus calories during this phase. At this point you are decreasing your calorie intake in preparation to your upcoming competition. While still at a slight bulking phase, you are eating a surplus of instead of calories as in the full bulking phase. The competition is coming close, at 2 weeks out you must look at your current weight and decide if you should stress out 1 more week of bulking, maintain your current weight, or start cutting.

If you think you are too far overweight to safely reach your target weight then you should start cutting. This is eating a deficit of calories, depending on how much weight you need to lose. It's a week before the event; at this point you should evaluate your current weight situation. Are you at the right weight? Are you possibly even underweight? Whatever the situation you are in, this is the time to make any last minute changes to your diet and cardio routine.

The weigh-in is 48 hours away. While it is unsafe to starve yourself of water for 2 days straight, you should cut down on liquid and food intake slightly in preparation of the fasting that you will undergo 24 hours before the competition.

This is what it all comes down to, regarding to making your weight. It's 24 hours before the weigh-in, and sometimes you must take drastic measures to be able to make your required weight. After you've made your weight, you have about 24 hours before the matchup to re-hydrate your body. While you will not be able to fully re-hydrate your body, depending on how dehydrated you are, this is still an important time.

Slowly drink water and sports drinks electrolytes over the course of the day and pile on the food. As the time comes closer to the competition, eat foods high in carbohydrates like rice, pasta and oatmeal to replenish energy to your body. When the actual matchup arrives, you should be close to the weight you started at before dehydrating yourself. Whether you are looking to gain weight or lose weight on the scale, there are tips to aid your goals. Depending on the amount of weight being lost at once, the health effects vary.

Other side effects of dehydration are reduced blood-flow to the kidneys and muscles. The heart has to work harder to pump blood because of decreased plasma volume in the body, which causes fatigue to set in earlier. This can greatly affect a contest which lasts longer than minutes.

Extreme, rapid dehydration can be fatal. An excessive water deficit can lead to kidney failure, heat stroke or heart attack.

There have been instances of death involved from athletes resorting to extreme measures to make their weight. While some people may think that if they drink enough fluids and eat enough food between the weigh-in and the contest, then their body will be completed re-hydrated.

Studies show that the body requires 48 hours to fully re-hydrate, and that is considering the athlete is using perfect methods required to re-hydrate themselves. An athlete competing in a sport that requires being at a certain weight must consider the tradeoffs. Having to lose 15 or more pounds the night before a weigh-in can be detrimental to your health and actually do more bad than good during the competition.

However, having to lose only a few pounds the night before the competition is not harmful. The body naturally loses 5 or so pounds anyway during sleep. If a month before the contest, you are plus pounds over the required weight, that is the time to seriously start cutting.

That way once the weigh-in comes around, you won't be sacrificing your health and your performance to lose weight. Don't let your hard earned training go to waste by trying to gain a small advantage over your opponent by weighing a bit more. Good luck at your weigh-in! The hardest part for fighters is to make their desired weight class without losing strength and muscle mass. There are many critical things to do in preparation for a fight. Weight manipulation or 'cutting weight' before a fight can be the hardest thing a fighter can do.

There is a so called art to doing it, and nutrition is the number one factor. The athlete begins by consuming 2 gallons of water a day for the first three days before a weigh-in. The increased intake of water triggers the body to excrete more urine than usual.

The day before the actual weigh in, the fighter cuts the fluid intake down to minimum, restricting himself to simple sips throughout the day, and he also cuts out sodium from the diet.

It should be noted that the fluid consumption is cut back, but the body is not deprived completely. To do so could damage the fighter's health. The final component in weight loss is training. MMA fighters do sport-specific training that engages the larger muscle groups such as the legs and the back. They will train the explosive fast-twitch muscles and do aerobic conditioning.

He includes bent rows, upright rows, military press, good mornings, lunges, squats, and deadlifts. This type of training will effectively burn calories, pulling the excess weight off. The lean muscle mass developed through the training helps to maintain the weight loss. Video of the Day. How to Lose Pounds for a Weigh In. Wrestling Diet to Lose Weight. When I first joined here it blew my mind how much money we make. I guarantee you will make money long term if you stick to the betting tips.

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