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The same goes for Jordan Matthews, wide receiver for the Bills. It reflects the average number of possessions a team makes per game. More possessions translates into more scoring opportunities. Because of that, many daily fantasy basketball players like to grind it out in head-to-head games on a nightly basis. Below are four tips to help you build your lineup:. Start Picking Teams Like The Pros.

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Pitchers receive bonuses for complete games and no-hitters in MLB games. And in basketball players can reach double-double and triple-double bonuses. A double-double is when a player records 10 or more of two positive stat categories. Unlike the 3PM and TO scoring factors, this bonus benefits the big men the most. Of the top 20 players in total double-doubles during the season, 19 played either the power forward or center position.

Shown below are the top 10 players from the season:. Then there are triple-doubles, which occur when a player has at least 10 of three of the stat categories listed above.

These are much more rare in basketball but they occur in guards much more often than in forwards. Your priorities will change with the size of the contest and its payout structure. That being the case, you need to take risks to land in a cash position. You need to draft guys who might have a breakout night. Half of the entrants get paid, and everyone gets paid the same amount.

You just need to end up in the 50th percentile. The more top-heavy the payout structure, the more breakout performances you need if you hope to cash.

Everyone dreams of picking a sleeper who breaks out and has a huge night. The team owner not only cashes, but ends up looking like a fantasy sports master. When it works, it almost seems like magic. The problem is, most fantasy players find that picking sleepers rarely works to their advantages.

They pick speculative talent, hoping for a miracle. But when the dust clears, they find their sleepers still sleeping. Drafting sleepers can be a great tactic in building a winning roster. But picking players who break out takes research and a fair amount of luck. Listen to the talking heads each week but remember that so are thousands of others.

This should go without saying. But every day, fantasy players at DraftKings clearly forget to check the injury report before constructing their lineups. An all-in-one dashboard that provides all of the relevant data about today's pitching matchups. Find out who won the biggest contests, what the optimal lineup was for a given day or slate, and much more! The RotoGrinders Overall Ranking ranks the top daily fantasy players over the last sliding calendar year.

Learn which gaming site might be best for you, and use our research tools and promo codes to start winning cash today. Daily fantasy basketball has soared in popularity recently, with DraftKings offering perhaps the widest range of games in the industry. Unlike baseball or football, basketball is a game that lends itself to day-to-day player consistency.

Because of that, many daily fantasy basketball players like to grind it out in head-to-head games on a nightly basis. Just email support rotogrinders. The consistency inherent to daily fantasy basketball also drastically alters the appropriate strategy you should implement.

This article is intended for novice daily fantasy basketball players. DraftKings requires that you start one point guard, one shooting guard, one small forward, one power forward, one center, one guard any type , one forward any type , and one utility player any position. This is a really unique blend of starters and it results in a lot of different options for daily fantasy players.

Those semi-flex positions, combined with the full flex characteristic of the utility spot, results in a greater level of skill required to win a league. Thus, daily fantasy basketball players on DraftKings really need to project players together so that they can make accurate comparisons among positions.

Further, certain positions are more likely to rack up certain types of stats a center is more likely to block shots than a guard, for example. Depending what type of league you enter, you should seek different types of stats. We have more information on stat consistency in GrindersU, but the point is that you should approach the utility position differently based on your goals. Certain positions and types of players are naturally more or less consistent than others.

On some other sites, players lose points for missed shots, which really changes how you should approach player selection. There are a couple unique pieces of information here, the most important of which is that you get 0.