Might be a homer choice, but Florida Atlantic is a good one. Unquestionably, this is the part of the game that will determine where a recruit will sign. Only OS members can post comments Please login or register to post a comment. Be sure to check him out on his arena page here on OS. Welcome to Reddit,

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Improvements and tips for success

If you have a CB visiting, you will get a bonus for having 2 interceptions or 4 passes deflected. Each time recruits come to a game, make sure you hit their bonuses for more points on a visit. When the CPU starts their visits, it's perfectly normal to fall behind by huge numbers. You will see 1, - 2, point swings in their favor. Depending on the time of year, this could be a small nuisance, or a huge roadblock.

If this happens in earlier weeks, then you have a chance of passing them with your visit. If their visit happens later in the year, and if they have a successful visit, you could LOSE the recruit entirely, watching them commit to that school. Don't be alarmed if you see yourself fall behind after a CPU campus visit Off Season 1 week to sign.

EA shortened the final signing period to 1 day, where you have no limits on how many points you can put into 1 player. You can assign 1 recruit max level points the highest is 15, or spread out your point total among your final players. This is your last chance to land the recruits you want and need, so make sure you land that recruit.

The only promises you can make now, are for players who are leaving, who you can try to convince to stay. You can promise them getting a degree, or better draft position if they were to hold out another year before entering. If you promise someone they will be a first round draft pick, that becomes something they will hold you to. So be honest in your assessments of their talent. Thank you for this I like the new recruiting, but it is going to take some getting used to.

I also am very appreciative to see this guide before picking the game up. Albeit I'm a little bit scared now too haha. Thanks for the advice! Five o'clock, come quickly. If this was Reddit I'd gift him "Gold" for this This looks so much better with pictures than my wall of text!

These tips and stuff make recruiting seem to difficult but I feel like playing as Michigan it won't be as hard as everyone is saying. Now my EMU dynasty may be difficult like they are saying in these. Hope I am right and that I don't struggle recruiting as Michigan. Originally Posted by Juce These tips and stuff make recruiting seem to difficult but I feel like playing as Michigan it won't be as hard as everyone is saying.

Originally Posted by Markus2 Can u still create prospects?? Can't wait for my game to come in the mail! Is there a coach integrity rating that is affected? Originally Posted by Schwart "If you promise someone they will be a first round draft pick, that becomes something they will hold you to. Loving the recruiting this year. It's deeper than I think a lot of people realized yet streamlined really well.

I only played a few games this morning before work, and have several recruits visiting tonight when I get home. Unfortunately I have 3 QBs coming, but I guess I'll just need a big game and learn my lesson for next year. Originally Posted by JLoco11 Yes, 24 prospects is still the maximum.

Here are the things I have found so far with recruiting while playing as EMU. As EMU I have some 3 star recruits who I am leading on getting so far and up by over 1, points 4 games into the season. Thanks for the guide, nicely done! I'm a little perplexed by some of the reviews okay, mostly IGN that seem to treat this like a minor "paint job" update on a mode that was already there. This seems to me to be a significant overhaul, and it comes in the same year we get a physics overhaul that noticeably changes running and tackling.

It gets to the point where an incompletion feels like an interception. I'm not even going to lie, I play with my offense difficulty a step lower than my defense difficulty. The AI pass defense is infuriating to the point where the game wasn't fun until I adjusted the setting. In general it's more fun to start with a poor team and build them up or try to earn your way to a better place. I like it a lot better than just dominating from the get go with an already good team. That's generally what I like to do.

I just feel that recruiting slows the game down a bit too much. I always start out with a small school with kickass uniforms. Eastern Michigan is fun team I like to use. They have a gray field too nowadays ala Boise Smurf Turf. It's pretty much the "let's do what everyone is doing and try make our program interesting" route. If they remade it I would want them to make it more realistic especially with the rosters.

I use the triple option at Florida Atlantic, works to perfection against every team except East Carolina for some reason. You can pretty much design the program from the ground up because all of the players are kind of crappy. If you want to run the wishbone, you can start from scratch recruiting that. If you want to run the , you can start from scratch with that.

If you continue the good work you can get invited to the SEC, creating a more challenging future. The best thing is, you'll know that YOU are the reason the team won its national championship s in the future because you had to sit through all the crappy years and recruit your own talent and build your own schemes.

Winning against Bama with a team like Florida, OSU, Texas, OU, etc is not anywhere near as rewarding as the feeling that you get when you beat a big team with a small-time program. Every possession is incredibly important. Every sub makes the difference. Every play-call determines the outcome. The roster was garbage when I took over. We barely won 7 games the first year. It took 7 years to beat LSU, and now we got a good rivalry going. Took 4 years to win a bowl game, took 6 years to win a BCS game.

Playing in the Superdome is awesome. Took me 6 years to average over 20, a game. Now we're averaging over 60, The uniforms are pretty nice. I like how "classic" they look. Now I'm in Season 8, and we're still only a 4-star team. Can't wait to play in a team superconference next season. I actually followed Tulane for the next couple of years because I knew the players' names by heart lol.

It really is so much fun. I'm about to dust off the PS3 and start it over, or play FF7 for nostalgia. The offseason is long. If you have updated rosters, Western Michigan would be fun. They have a really solid roster bc coach Fleck is an outstanding recruiter. You could build a MAC school into a powerhouse, or after a few years of success could jump ship for a larger program. The only problem is, I forgot how terrible the lower-rated schools defenses are, and since I created custom conferences that make it more regional, my terrible defense is getting destroyed by schools like Rutgers, Syracuse, and Penn State.

We're so bad that you have nowhere to go but up and it would be a lot of fun to build the program into a national champion. I'm partial to UMass as an independent. It's a lot of fun to take a bad team and turn them into a contender. I tried it with Idaho once, but they're a complete dumpster fire, so there's not a lot I could do with them.

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