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Success Thank you for signing up! This is likely to be a very good year for the Democrats in the House of Representatives. The standard deviation of presidential party midterm seat losses increased from a standard deviation of 17 seats to to 27 seats to Highlights

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Sept 11, 7: Ash is coming to the Alumni Board meeting tonight. I'd ask him to address the Explorer Town rumors that he is leaving after 1 win year, but unfortunately I am in San Francisco for the week on business and won't be attending. There are no posts here. She needs a stem cell replacement and even if all goes well with that very risky it is not a cure. They are trying to buy time in the hope that some type of better treatment may be discovered.

I ask for your prayers for Stephanie. With that being said I smiled so much when I read Dolphins prediction I felt it was a good time to jump back on and say that he is the most optimistic fan we have. Go Explorers and hug your loved ones. Life is short and unpredictable.

Indeed, life can be very short and unpredictable. Sounds trite, but I've learned to enjoy every day. I will add Stephanie to my prayer list and hope for a positive outcome. Even now, this looks like more highly rated players than I can ever remember. Five if you count that week Goodman was on the roster. He would be close to ceiling-less. I was kind of hoping he'd coach at least the out-of-conference schedule before we started talking about his next moves.

We have the talent to make it happen. Actually we were Gonzaga before Gonzaga was Gonzaga. And my personal favorite after 30 seconds of searching We can still avoid a 20 loss season if our guys can win out the regular season, grab the A10 crown and then win 7 games in the NCAA tourney to claim the national championship.

Democrats have to do well just to hold their current overall numbers. The reason for this is found in the previous three elections for this class of Senate seats. In , Democrats gained six seats, and in , they gained four seats. That is history, but how is the current political climate steering the electorate? Despite strong economic growth real GDP growth of 4. Is this good or bad news for the in-party? Moreover, aside from Presidents George H. Other than the Bushes, every president since the mids has had approval ratings in the low to mid 40s at their first midterm.

The bad news for Republicans is that the parties of each of these four recent non-Bush presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama suffered double-digit House seat losses in their midterms and two lost more than 50 seats Clinton in and Obama in What follows are four independent congressional forecasts that inform us about what we should expect to come out of this election.

Table 1 presents a summary of these congressional forecasts. Although there are differences among them, two points are common. This is likely to be a very good year for the Democrats in the House of Representatives. In fact, all four forecasts expect a Democratic House majority. In the Senate, Republicans are likely to hold their own and perhaps pick up a seat or two. So, on to the forecasts. For more details about the forecasts, see the links at the top of this piece.

The Seats-in-Trouble model of party seat change in national congressional elections both on-year and midterms is a hybrid election forecasting model. It combines the insights and comprehensive assessments of expert election analysts examining in depth the conditions of individual House and Senate contests with a rigorous statistical analysis of historical aggregate data of partisan seat change. The Seats-in-Trouble forecasting equation built from these observations was first used in the House elections.

It has since been modified, tweaked, and extended to Senate elections. The accuracy of its forecasts in its various incarnations has been quite good until , when substantial expected Democratic seat gains failed to materialize. The raw material of seats-in-trouble equation is the pre-election competitiveness ratings of individual district or state races determined by The Cook Political Report since the mids.

The seats-in-trouble index aggregates these individual district or state in application to the Senate ratings to a national measure. The revised index now counts a seat as being in trouble if it is rated as a toss-up or worse for the party currently holding the seat. The index is computed as the net difference in the number of seats in trouble for each party: Democratic seats in trouble minus Republican seats in trouble.

A negative relationship is expected between the number of seats in trouble for a party and the number of seats actually gained by that party. The seats in trouble index is plotted against seat change for Democrats in House and Senate elections in Figures 1 and 2 respectively, and the associated regression equations are presented in Table 1.

Ratings around August were not made in and and those elections, therefore, are not included. Ratings around August were not made in and are, therefore, not included.

Standard errors are in parentheses. House estimates are based on elections from , , and from to Data was unavailable for the Senate in The seats in trouble count is from The Cook Political Report in or around mid-August of the election year. As Figure 1 and the table indicate, the index and actual seat changes are strongly related in House elections and the conversion of vulnerable seats to lost seats is greater than one in absolute value.

College Basketball Amid the bracket-busting chaos that has engulfed other regions, two top teams are still standing in the East Region. Top seed Villanova and No.

College Basketball Based solely on seeding, neither No. Funny how things work out in The region saw only one first-round upset of a team seeded fourth or higher when No. The Orange have done it with great defense and College Basketball It was an absolutely bonkers first weekend of the NCAA Tournament featuring upsets galore but the East Regional was spared from such chaos with near chalk making it to the second week.

While the Jayhawks have a ton of postseason College Basketball What would a region be without a No. None of the top four seeds in the region reached the Sweet Skip to main content.

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