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Contestant 1 to win or Contestant 2 to win for all matches in the event. Win up to R10 Million with our Kwikie games drawing every 2 seconds. Lottoland, on the other hand, is a betting operator where you can make wagers on the outcomes of various lottery games. Players have a choice of selecting 1 of 2 betting options: Online Lottery Information

Best Places for Betting on the Lottery

Best online lotto sites in Australia

Lotteries exist in most states throughout the country, but can also be found online. There are many sites available for playing the lottery online. Choosing the best site really depends on your specific preferences.

Most lotteries will pay out a certain percentage of the profit they gain from lottery ticket sales. The best lottery betting sites will provide diversity in gaming options. There are many forms of lottery that involve smaller, more frequent games that incorporate different rules and structures to keep things interesting.

Moreover, perhaps the most important factor to consider in choosing a website is its reputation. Before you do anything else, make sure sites have reputable financial statuses, many banking options and a well established history of excellence. A deposit bonus works on an earn as you bet basis.

You must place a bet or bets up to the value of the amount deposited in order to receive the full R The earned funds will be awarded to you as promo credits. This is a promotion whereby if you place a particular bet you are awarded a free bet on a particular game, as per the offer.

Vouchers are game specific and can only be spent once a player has a R0,00 play credit balance. Vouchers expire after 30 days and cannot be withdrawn. A form of free credit that a player gets when they participate in a Deposit Bonus. This can be used on any game.

Promo credits can only be spent once a player has a R0,00 play credit and no available vouchers for the chosen game. Promo Credits expire after 30 days and cannot be withdrawn. Freebies are earned through a Bet X get Y promotion. Freebies are game specific and can be used immediately. Freebies expire after 30 days and cannot be withdrawn.

Funds deposited into your account are converted to Play Credits, these credits can be used to place your bets. Your Play Credit balance is always available for you to withdraw.

Play credits are a quick and easy way to keep funds in your account and avoid the payment process each time you place a bet.

We all forget things from time to time. Luckily you can easily reset your password by selecting the "Forgotten your password? You will be required to enter your registered email address, to which instructions on how to reset your password will be sent. Follow the link provided, and create your new password. You can only withdraw play credits. Withdrawals are processed Monday to Friday and exclude Public Holidays.

To update your password, please select "My Account" from the dashboard, at the top right of the screen. Under the accounts tab, select change "Update Password". Enter your new password, and click submit. Remember to use your new password the next time you log in. To change your email address, please select "My Account" from the dashboard, at the top right of the screen. Under the accounts tab, select "Update Email".

Enter your new email address, and click submit. Remember to use your new email address the next time you log in. It's likely that your account was suspended because we were unable to validate the ID number you entered during registration; or we detected suspicious or fraudulent activity on your account. Should you feel that you may have a gambling problem, please view the responsible gambling page which can be found here: Please view our terms and conditions for more information on LottoStar's refund and cancellation policies.

Simply head over to the deposit page where you can choose the amount you would like to deposit. Choose from our list of deposit options, such as: Your payment details are absolutely safe. We protect your data from access of third parties by using the latest encoders comparable to international banking safety standards.

We work to protect the security of your information during all transmissions by using Secure Sockets Layer SSL software, which encrypts information you enter. In the event of an error from our server, please wait a few minutes before resubmitting your order while our technicians correct the problem.

Should you still experience problems, please contact support for assistance. Upon paying for your bets placed, you will automatically be emailed your bet slips. Should you not receive these via email, please confirm your email address is correct. You can resend your bet slips in your account history page. If you're still not receiving your bet slips, please contact support.

Please note that all 2 second games do not send bet slips. LottoStar uses a responsive design. When entering the site, the layout will change according to which device you are using to view the site.

With LottoStar you can bet anywhere, anytime! LottoStar visits a Primary School in Nelspruit and brings joy to enthusiastic pupils eager to learn! How then, can a consumer know if a website is legit, safe, and secure? To ensure the consumer, a list of complete questions was compiled. The list answers the questions on legal issues, number using, and buying options. The consumer will walk away with a better understanding of how online lottery buying works.

In , the Department of Justice DOJ stated that under the federal Wire Act of , that all forms of gambling online were in fact illegal. The Wire Act of was formed to thwart organized crime, in particular sporting events and contests. Then, in , the DOJ reevaluated the policies of the Wire Act and concluded that it did not pertain to the web. On December 23, , the DOJ reversed its decision stating that all types of online gambling were acceptable with the exception of one: Though not considered illegal to buy lottery tickets federally, the consumer must keep in mind the individual state's constitution and gambling laws.

The legality of lottery games is left up to each individual state, with no federal laws in place that prohibit players from participating in online lottery games or from visiting licensed lottery agents online for the purpose of purchasing lottery tickets and subscription services.

Several of these states, such as Georgia, Illinois and Minnesota already have a process in place that supports online ticket purchasing, while other states, including New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota and Virginia also have state sanctioned online lottery subscription services in place. The caveat is that you must be a resident of one of these states in order to be eligible to register for and participate in the state's official online lottery ticket services.

In addition, several states, including California, allow private lottery agents to provide online lottery subscription and lottery ticket purchasing services to players. When using an online lottery agent, one of their representatives actually goes to a retail location and physically purchases your ticket for you and then sends you a digital copy of your ticket.

You typically pay a subscription fee or service fee to compensate the agent for making the purchases on your behalf. It is up to each state whether or not they want to offer these services or allow private agents to offer them, so the laws concerning state based legal online lottery ticket purchases will vary from state to state.

The good news for US players is that there are a handful of legally licensed and regulated online lottery agents that are based outside of the US and that offer online lottery purchase options to players throughout the entire United States. This means that if you live in a state that has not yet implemented online purchase options, or that doesn't even offer any type of lottery games, you still have access to playing the nation's and even the world's largest lottery jackpot games.

Because these agents are based outside of the US, they also have access International lottery games in the UK, the Americas and all over Europe. They operate exactly like the US based lottery agents do. They receive your order and service fee online and then go purchase your ticket for you from a retail location. They have representatives stationed in destinations that sell tickets for the major US games and for the International lottery games as well.

Most of the time winnings that are below a certain threshold can be easily transferred to you. Depending on the laws that are in place where your lottery agent is located, you may have to redeem larger winnings in person, and something tells me that most winners won't mind this at all.

It is not legal for them to mail your lottery ticket to you. When purchasing a lottery ticket, the consumer has the option to either use his or her favorite numbers or for the quick pick.

The quick pick option randomly picks numbers electronically for the consumer. A lottery syndicate is where a group of people buys a lottery ticket to increase their chance of winnings.