The Spun’s 2018 College Football Staff Picks: Week 3

The effects of Florence began being felt Thursday morning. Texas Southern at Alcorn St. North Alabama at North Dakota St. Defenses Will Dominate Opening Weekend". Bishop Eustace 30, Glassboro 20 Minnick: Watch: The Rush

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KU's commitment list in the Class of is now up to 17, leaving room for seven or eight more guys. This was the final weekend of the current recruiting period and college football will now enter a four-week dead period before recruiting can pick up again. Copy and paste the link: I don't want to read any comments dissing these recruits comparing us to other schools. I'm amazed at how even professional scouts are frequently wrong. I'm amazed at how many busts there are in the nfl.

We have to do a better job finding less sought after talent and then a better job evaluating who's ready to play, better job developing players.

I want the less sought after guy with a real love of the game, drive and a natural talent. I have come to find this rating system has zero validity when it comes to judging a players heart and work ethic. I remember another poster saying Talib was a 2 star athlete? And where is he today? I think a great selling point for this program is this.

You can hang your hat on the fact YOU were part of the team that finally turned this program around. I know there's a lot of work ahead, but this Alumni and fan is behind you!

On another article, someone asked the question of what exactly it means when it's mentioned that someone has "drawn interest" from other programs.

Matt answered this a day or two ago. It is if the head coach, a member of the coaching staff, or one of the school's scouts has visited to watch a player play. It also means if a player has received an offer or has been invited to make an unofficial visit. It also means that someone from the university has contacted the family or the player in one way or another expressing interest.

The rating system has flaws. For KU to succeed, it comes down to development. I like that we are going after high school kids who will be here for four or five years. While te list may not overwhelm recruiting analysts, it looks like Beaty's connections with Texas high school coaches is paying off. Recruit four year players, keep the same staff for four years and by the time they're seniors they'll be bowl eligible at minimum. I'd wager my house on it.

Back in I was living with my best friend in Manhattan while he attended kstate. This was one of their better pre-Snyder years. Don't remember the coach but he came in and took a class of freshmen, started them all four years.

We went to the game against Ou and couldn't believe it. This was back during the triple option days. Kstate led at halftime They were in the game till the last. The speed of Ou was too much. Not outstanding coach or players but they had tons of experience. We have better players. If we did thst we might very well win the conference.

Jumping into the recruiting pool this late in the game with a new staff when it's not a program that sells itself means you basically have to take what you can get in the first recruiting class.

Beaty's fate as a coach will rest on his assistant coaches abilities to develop the players. Player development is far more important for a program like KU than recruiting because KU isn't going to land the highest caliber recruits except for the occasional top level local recruit.

Yo think you are talking about Jim Dickey who's redshirted all of the best players even seniors and the next year K-State got its first ever bowl bid. That was some time in the early s. I understand we need to accept lower ranked guys right now. I will be more interested in next year's class to see if we can upgrade talent on the roster. Its one thing to criticize administrators and coaches making big bucks. Its quite another to do so with young amateur athletes. Think about that awhile and perhaps you'll get it.

These guys were also 2 star recruits in high school: For what it's worth nothing: Right now Beaty is trying to build relationships with hs coaches looking at recruits the hs coach feels has been over looked. If Beaty has strong ties to hs coaches the coaches can be an influence to the recruit as we have already seen this past weekend.

What needs to happen and it seems the new coach is doing it. Get back to the High Schools, even if Beaty does not sign a kid from every school he visits, this leads to a greater relationship in the future. If Shea Patterson shows the ability that made him look like an elite quarterback of the future at Ole Miss, it may be more decisive than that.

This is another game between two teams separated by a few total votes in the rankings, but the sportsbook lines have Florida State as a much more definitive favorite than Notre Dame is above. The Seminoles will be in their first game under new head coach Willie Taggart, and have a home game on Monday night, which should be a good environment. Before his one year at Oregon, Taggart was at USF, and it took him a while to get things going there. He was pretty firmly on the hot seat, before breaking out midway through the season, his third in Tampa.

From there, the Bulls were an awesome team to watch, but he was just through his first 28 games there. It may take a while for Taggart to really get things rolling at FSU, though there is plenty of talent on the roster.

The Troy Trojans have been really strong though, and have managed to hold on to head coach Neal Brown. The year old Brown is in his last two years at Troy, including a record at home.

Last year, Troy battled the Broncos up in Boise, falling However, FIU was also a pretty impressive story. Butch Davis, the former Miami, UNC, and Cleveland Browns head coach, led the Panthers to an record and bowl berth, just a year removed from a season and an overall very poor Ron Turner tenure at the school.

Indiana maintained itself under Tom Allen, fielding a strong defense, but a very poor offense in This week, it named sophomore Peyton Ramsey the starter at quarterback, beating out Arizona graduate transfer Brandon Dawkins, who has since stepped away from the sport. Ramsey had moments last season, but the team was just 78th in scoring offense. If FIU hangs in this one, and can put up some points on a solid Hoosiers defense, it could definitely steal this game at home.