Free Printable 2018 Super Bowl Betting Squares

They all made multiple wagers and then I went to That the Jags wouldn't try the same spoke of caution, if not fear. Starburst slot - 55 no deposit free spins on Casino Cruise! Nick Foles is no rookie and he's been around and had some success in the NFL, but this is an entirely new stage for him. This is all based on last year. Giants among odds favorites for final week of NFL preseason action



To help personalise content, tailor your experience and help us improve our services, Betfair uses cookies. By navigating our site, you agree to allow us to use cookies, in accordance with our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Mike Carlson looks ahead to next Sunday's match, discussing the form of the Philadelphia Eagles and their opponents, the New England Patriots.

Most of this is down to quarterback bias; Nick Foles is a quality back-up but he has limitations. We did alright here last week, didn't we? Pats-Jags under, Eagles-Vikes over the Eagles got within half a point all by themselves and the Eagles on the money-line. Which sets up the Eagles and the Pats in the big one. It isn't the dream match America supposedly wanted: The Eagles are in one sense plucky underdogs against the perennially successful Pats, but in another, they rank among America's least-likeable fan bases.

They are the ones who attacked Santa Claus with snowballs. Whose stadium was the first with its own on-site night court to deal with drunken assaults and the like. I once described Philadelphia fans in the context of baseball, but still relevant by pointing out that in other places, New York for example, fans threw batteries at the opposition's outfielders.

But only in Philly did they boo the thrower if he missed. Joking aside, Philadelphia has a point about not getting enough respect, not least from the bookies. They could easily have lost to the Falcons, whom they outplayed but allowed four chances at a winning touchdown from inside the ten yard line.

They emerged with a win: Minnesota was a different story. What seemed to be a balanced match-up of great defenses and effective offenses, both operating with backup quarterbacks, turned into a rout. The easiest explanation is that the Vikings' D was built not to give up the big play, especially on third down, and once the Eagles hit on a couple of those, their offense wasn't geared to come back from way down.

Any time your offense becomes one-dimensional, your defense can get better, and that's what happened. So who wins and by how much? Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Super Sunday.

In terms of the number, not only are the Eagles and Patriots each a combined outright this season including playoffs but both clubs finished against the spread this season. What about those prop bets? The one thing that is a sure bet is that once again, fans will be busy plunking down a little money looking for a big pay day on Super Bowl Sunday. Fantasy basketball lineup — January 29, by Jeremy Lambert. Super Bowl 52 preview, Mike Vrabel gets his chance and more.

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