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The two most common types of prop bets in tennis, are betting on how many sets a specific matchup will take, and also betting on who will win the first set in a match. The odds on these two prop bets will vary depending on how heavy of a favorite one of the sides is.

Remember, each matchup in the example that we are using will be based on the player having to win three sets in order to win the match. The best way to explain these two prop bets is to take a look at an example of both by using the matchup betting example from above. As you can see by these odds, Djokovic is the heavy favorite, and is expected to win the match in either straight sets, or in four sets. If you think that Isner can win the match in any amount of sets, you can get some great odds on betting on his side of this prop bet.

While the odds on this bet are a little better for Djokovic, he is still a very large favorite to win the first set of the match. Futures tennis betting works very similar to a futures bet in the NFL when you are betting on the winner of the Super Bowl, except that there are four different times to do futures bets in tennis typically. Each of the odds on the players for these events will be different though, as specific players play well on specific surfaces, and other players struggle on specific types of surfaces.

Some players are excellent all around players, and you may find that they are near the top in terms of favorites for each Grand Slam event. Of course there are many more players offered, but this is just a list of a few of the tennis future betting options that you would have. As you can see, the odds will range once again, and as the event gets closer you will notice that the odds do change a bit as well over time.

There are some very good betting options when it comes to betting on tennis, but just be sure to do your research and look for angles on which players play well on whichever surface the event is being played on. So give one of these tennis bets a shot on the next Grand Slam, and see which type of bet is your favorite! Betting on the US Open: Matchup Tennis Betting Matchup tennis betting is one of the most popular ways to bet on tennis today.

Matchup Tennis Bets Novak Djokovic vs. Roger Federer vs. Tennis Prop Betting Prop betting is popular in every sport, and this definitely goes for tennis as well. The first thing is to sign up with a good sportsbook. Check out the BettingTop10 reviews, choose your site s and follow these steps:. Select the type of bet whether it is the outright winner, the score at the end of a game or set, the number of points or aces scored etc.

Check the final score after the match, and you may withdraw your winnings straight to your bank account if your bet proves successful. There are a large number of annual tennis events for players in Ireland to bet on and we have these listed below.

Favourable betting odds can be found by backing the winner of a designated set. Is a player a notoriously slow starter? Back their opponent to take the first set. Does a player tense up when going ahead?

If so, back their opponent for the second set. Check how a player normally performs on a particular surface, be it clay, hardcourt or grass. Set-scores and total games played are also worth chasing up. If you think two big servers may grind out three sets with few breaks, look for a total that suggests a , , score. You can play safe and look for a small return from backing the big names to breeze through the early rounds, or you can look to pinpoint possible upsets and put two or three matches on one betting slip.

The later rounds in tournaments are where you start looking at the stats. If one of the players has been making a lot of errors in the tournament, they will start to be punished by the bigger players. Back them to win a set, but ultimately to lose. Is also worth checking out the tournament draw itself as aside from the Grand Slams, bookmakers wait until the draw has been released to price up a tournament.

Often, especially in some of the smaller tournaments, one half of the draw is significantly stronger. This could mean a lower ranked player is worth an each-way bet. One of the best things about tennis betting is the amount of stats available. Check these out and you should be able to judge the value of backing a particular player, or players. Tennis is one of the few sports where there is always a winner and a loser.

This makes tennis a great sport for betting, because typically the highest ranked player wins the match. Privacy Policy Contact Us. Tennis Betting in Ireland Jump To 0. Tennis Betting Options For Irish Bettors There are lots of different types of bets that you can place when betting on tennis matches.

Outright match winner — this is where you bet on the winner of the game. Total number of sets — this is where you bet on predicting the total number of sets it will take for the winner.

Individual Set Score — predict the scores for each set. Tie-break — you wager on whether the match will end in a tie break. To win the match will end with three sets played for an under wager, or four sets for an over wager. You bet on a player to win a tournament and another bet for them to place which means they are a finalist. Other popular tennis betting options include first point winner, exact game score, game to deuce, game total points, total aces, first ace, first to three games, first break, double faults, fastest serve, and total tie breaks.

In-play betting is often available at online bookmakers particularly on live major events and Irish punters can bet on specific aspects of a match having seen how it is unfolding.