The Ultimate Slot Machines Guide

Knowing which symbols to look for in an online slot machine not only makes betting fun, but it helps you understand what's going on when you win. This is the statistically expected percentage of every dollar that will be returned to the player. Sometimes your game will trigger a bonus game and it is important to check whether the slot machine you are playing has any. You can also find casinos that offer free spins as part of the bonus. Why Can’t I make a Consistent Return at Slots?

How Real-Money Slots Work - The Basics

Getting Started with Slot Machines

Still, hit frequency and percentage are easy to understand, and that information is easy to find. Now that random number generators power slot machines, the odds are more complicated. In the old days, figuring out your odds of winning on a slot machine meant dividing the total number of symbols by 1. If a slot has 3 reels and 10 symbols on each reel, the odds of one particular symbol appearing on the machine would be 9 to 1, or 9 losing symbols and 1 winning symbol.

To figure out the odds of hitting 3 particular symbols for a jackpot , multiply your chances of landing one symbol three times by itself. That can also be expressed as to 1. Back to the random number generator: For example, with a modern slot machine, one symbol might appear one out of every twenty spins. A second symbol might appear one out of every ten spins. And a third symbol might be set to appear one out of every fifty spins. The term hit frequency applied to slot machines means an informed estimate of the ratio of losses to wins on a given machine.

The cheapest way to do this is to find a nickel machine, pull the lever times, and work out the ratio the hard way. Make a mark for every time during those spins that you win, any win big or small. On the other side of the coin, if a slot machine pays out only 9 or 10 times per spins, but you win a ton of credits, you may be tempted to stay and press your luck for the big jackpots.

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