Boxing: Anthony Joshua results, fixtures

Both fighters were praised for their performances, with many critics and fans believing that the fight lived up and exceeded expectations. Hector Saldivia as these two traded knockdowns and standing counts Fighter of the week: This was higher than the 8. He is currently a unified heavyweight world champion, and holds three of the four major world championships in the sport: Price just probed with his jab early but finished the opening round with a couple of good combinations. Anthony Joshua knocks out Wladimir Klitschko in the 11th round!

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Joshua by knockout at 2: Joshua looks to blitz Klitschko from the opening bell of the 11th and Klitschko is down! Joshua looks to finish the job and sends Klitschko crashing to the canvas again.

Klitschko down a second time in the 11th! Klitschko beats the count but Joshua comes in for the finish, Klitschko buckling under a flurry of punches and the referee intervenes! Another good combo by Joshua to open the 10th. Lots of jabs from both men. A very close round. Too close to call. I think Klitschko may have nicked it, certainly helped by the right that landed right at the bell. A strong body shot from Joshua early. More of those would help. Joshua does enough to take the round, surely.

Klitschko stalking Joshua, whose legs have recovered but who still finds himself on the wrong end of an increasingly worrying jab from the Ukranian. Klitschko pushing the pace here and the chasm in experience is showing. A close round but Klitschko won it with the jab. Say what you want about Klitschko but his conditioning is impeccable.

Joshua looks as if he took off the round in the hopes of recovering, but in the process Klitschko notches an easy one. Does Joshua have a second wind? Remember, this will be his first ever time past the seventh round Joshua loses his mouthpiece early in the round. And now Joshua is down! A massive right hand by Klitschko did it.

Joshua in serious trouble! Too tired to move out of the line of fire. No legs, breathing through his mouth heavily. A hugely compelling fight is unfolding here at Wembley. Klitschko is down early in the fifth! Looks like a left hook did it, but really it was the accumulation of quick punches. But now it looks like Joshua is gassed after trying to close for the big finish. Joshua looks tired as Klitschko is getting his feet back. Joshua takes a massive left hand.

Only the third time Joshua has been past the third round. Klitschko scoring early with a sharp right. Then he cracks Joshua again with a punch that prompts a collective groan from the crowd. Joshua answers with a hook followed by a right hand. A nice counter right by Joshua. The fighters are starting to let their hands go early in the round and the potential for fireworks looms. Joshua finally uncorks a right uppercut but misses the target, but even the missed power shot stirs the crowd to the back rows.

Klitschko still bouncing on the balls of his feet, looking fresh. Another close round but Joshua takes it for pressing the fight.

Klitschko scoring with right-hand leads early in the second. A good straight right from the Ukranian. Another low-action round as the fighters spent most of the session trading feints. A better, busier round for Klitschko and he nicks it on my card. Klitschko pawing with the left jab from the opening bell. The year-old looks light on his feet. Each man feeling the other out in the middle of the ring. Joshua darts forward and tries a left-right combination but misses.

What a massive sound from this crowd in support of their man! Joshua lands a good left. Klitschko looking light on his feet, but holding his left low Joshua by KO Parker is a strong boxer strong, like Joshua, but he doesn't have the talent to defeat Joshua. Besides, one of the problems that Parker presents, and will be a factor in this fight, is his defense.

Joshua has a great opportunity to remain undefeated and move his record to an impressive , 21 KOs! Dillian Whyte Heavyweight title contender. Joshua by KO I think Parker will get smashed to bits. I think he will be lucky to go six rounds. He hasn't got enough in his arsenal. Parker's strength will be his downfall in this fight. He hasn't got great defense or power, and to beat Joshua you have to be one of three things: You have to be a very good, talented boxer; two, you have to be very powerful; and three, you have to be super fit and super strong and tough.

I don't think Parker is any of them. You'll have to soak up a lot of punishment against Joshua at some point, and also, when you hit him you need to react when he goes into his shell: You saw that against me and Klitschko, when he got hit and thought, I don't like this, and froze.

That's when you have to take your chance. But Parker will not be able to make him miss. David Price Heavyweight title contender. Joshua by KO I see it being cagey at the start, with Parker trying to use his movement and speed to score shots. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies?

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