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Do the Wildcats have enough to repeat? Here are the programs coming out as the biggest losers in this unpredictable and agonizing process. With that being said, losing a strong two-way player while having a roster that lacks depth is still difficult situation to overcome especially when you consider that the Wildcats have barely faltered in conference play since then. Headlines Forum Picks

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Let's take a look at why. The deadline for underclassmen to enter the NBA Draft has come and gone. Here are the programs coming out as the biggest losers in this unpredictable and agonizing process. The deadline to retain college basketball eligibility for underclassmen flirting with the NBA Draft has expired.

These six teams benefited the most by players opting out of a pro career this year. Virginia is aiming to rewrite history after becoming the first No. What's the Cavs' outlook for ? No elite college basketball program has taken the brunt of the ongoing FBI investigation into illegal recruiting practices harder than the Arizona Wildcats. Is the program done as a national title contender? College basketball's annual coaching carousel made a few spins recently, and we're looking at how the changes might affect the NCAA futures odds.

Earn Betpoints What Are Betpoints? Although the Wildcats have the talented roster with a proven coach to lead them, they have still struggled to be anything more than a very good rebounding team. While their length and athleticism are impressive, the wavering effort level and lack of physicality of the Wildcats youthful roster has cost them several games that they should have won. Even though the Wildcats have proven more often than not that they can catch fire and play great basketball down the stretch of the season, the Volunteers are simply more disciplined and competitively consistent for the time being.

What is there to say about the Cavaliers that has not already been stated? Their dominant defense is both effective and exciting to watch, especially when you consider the multitude of programs that have conformed to playing average defense while putting all of their resources and efforts into developing one-dimensional, long-range shooters. Even though the Cavaliers average below 70 points per game, their adeptness at controlling the pace of play while relinquishing very few turnovers has worked unbelievably well for them this season.

Although the Seminoles may not appear to pose much of a threat to the Cavaliers, their offense has actually been fairly versatile and effective albeit on an inconsistent basis. In this particular contest, the Seminoles unpredictability combined with their capable athletes could allow them to keep this game close to what is a superior opponent. However, the Cavaliers have rarely revealed any chinks in their defensive armor, a facet which the Seminoles will find difficult to penetrate with any type of consistency.

With a defense that has been their saving grace on more than one occasion Offensively, what the Buckeyes lack in productivity Although the Boilermakers have not looked particularly dominant in their last couple of wins, there is no denying that this team has the size and personnel to maintain their consistent ways on both offense and defense 84 PPG, While the gritty defensive style of the Buckeyes is capable enough to test Purdue, the Boilermakers are too dynamic and efficient to be defeated by Ohio State on their home court.

Although the Aggies are not particularly bad on offense or defense, it has been their inability to impose their immense size on their opponent, which has prevented them from becoming the exceptional program they were expected to be this year. Conversely, the Tigers have defied all expectations this season as they are comfortable at the top of the SEC standings with just one conference loss on their resume.

With a relentless offense that can score quickly and often 86 PPG , the Tigers have been able to overcome their issues defensively Even though the Aggies have the rebounding skills to take away possessions from the trigger-happy Tigers, they lack the tenacity in other crucial areas that are necessary to take down the established shooting identity that Auburn possesses. By their standards, both Duke and North Carolina have looked underwhelming in games where they should have won handily.

However, the Blue Devils are at least fortunate enough to have a talent-laden roster that is highly prolific offensively. Although Duke has been better defensively in their last few contests, they still look out of sorts when playing man-to-man defense, something that will need to be fixed for them to go far in the NCAA Tournament.

Losing three of their last four games, the Tar Heels have gone from being decent to dreadful on defense in the span of just two weeks. While this will undoubtedly be highly competitive and contentious, Duke has the better athletes and the imposing size needed to prevent the Tar Heels from the snatching rebounds off of the offensive glass.

Although the Pac may be lacking in depth and intriguing competitors, these programs are at least competitive enough in their respective ways to make this a compelling contest. Scoring just under 83 points per game, the Bruins are a highly capable offense albeit somewhat streaky from game to game. However, the Bruins most notable problem has been their porous defense While the Wildcats may not be much better on defense Given that both teams have struggled to reach their elite potentials this season, this could very well be a high-octane shoot out that is decided at the buzzer.

In that regard, the Wildcats have a slight advantage given that their offense is a bit more effective and reliable.