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When we're eliminated in the race for the title, we always fight, and usually win the placement matches. Obviously, France placing 11th in '12 is an anomaly, but if you look at Denmark, we had the same bad luck and bad play, and we were really in the same bad position as France when we got to the main round.

But we fought, and we were lucky, and we had one of the greatest comebacks in history. To go into the main round with 0 points, and somehow manage to go through to the semis and then on to win the whole thing, that is simply amazing.

I still sometimes rewatch the last 10 seconds of the match against Macedonia, both because it's such a fantastic mix of luck and skill, and also because we would have been eliminated without that win.

Watch it if you haven't already: And I think player for player, even without Rene Toft Hansen, our main 7 matches that of Spain, and is really only surpassed by the France main 7.

With Rene Toft Hansen, we would of course be even better at least on paper but probably still not as good as France. I remember thinking you had the best team entering the tournament and that you should win it. Don't know why I thought you won the last 3 Olympics Euros. Dinart was hurt and old and we fielded him and Karabatic just lost his father and wasn't himself. They also went in already qualified for the Olympics and feeling invincible. So excess of confidence, plus the whole defense needed a rework as it was entirely built around Dinart exceptional volume of play, made it a very very bad tournament for us.

I'll also be posting the daily discussion threads, the same way I did during last year's World Championship. Cool, I'll probably sticky those as well. Might as well abuse that second sticky slot the admins gave us.

I'm interested to see how the "underdogs" fare this time around, I'd love it if there was a surprise appearance in the semi-finals as long as it's not my team that gets the short end of the stick. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Handball subscribe unsubscribe 3, readers 3 users here now News, results, discussion and stories from this magnificent game.

See the rules of the subreddit. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Handball submitted 2 years ago by Poland gallez. Poland, Serbia, Macedonia, France France seem to be the clear cut favorites in this group. A draw keeps France at the very top of the standings and helps Denmark preserve the second position regardless of the outcome of the clash between Australia and Peru. Will we see such scenario at Stadion Luzhniki on the day?

France won six points form the opening two games, just as planned. Nevertheless, Les Bleus have anything but impressed en route to such record beating both Australia and Peru narrowly. PSG striker thus became the youngest Frenchman ever to score at a major tournament, overtaking David Trezeguet back from the campaign.

The Danes opened the game with Australia in a rather strong fashion knowing that a win there would have sent them to the knockout stages. France's men handball team is widely regarded as the finest national team in the history of the sport and are as of January , the reigning World Champions. Since the s, France has emerged as a major handball team. France won the bronze medal in the Summer Olympics , giving birth to their first nickname: This led to an increased popularity of the sport in France, which was already one of the most popular in primary and secondary schools.

The team became known as les Barjots because the players played the final with an extravagant haircut barjot is a slang word for crazy in French. The team finished 4th in the Summer Olympics France lost the bronze medal game to Spain , whom they had beaten in the first round.

France finished third a year later in the World Championship. The team finished 6th in the World Championship and in the Summer Olympics. France won the world title again in the World Championship organised in France.

During both their quarterfinal and final, against Germany and Sweden respectively, they were one goal behind until a few seconds before the end of the game, but scored a late goal and finally win in overtime with a three-goal margin.

This great strength of character was cause for their new nickname: Five members of les Costauds had already been world champions in with les Barjots: The team finished third in the World Championship. In the Olympics , the teamed finished 5th. Although they won their five games of the preliminary round, the team went down to an ageing Russian team led by year-old goalkeeper Andrey Lavrov in the quarterfinals 24— In the World Championship , France finished third again.

The retirement of their star meant for the French team the final transition between the early successes and the new generation of players.

In France won for the first time the European Championship , a competition in which they had never won a medal until then. In the final, they overwhelmed Spain , the reigning world champions 31—23 , against whom they had lost the opening match in the preliminary round.

In , France finished third in the European Championship.