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This gives us plenty of opportunities for finding spots where we think we can place a winning wager. Therefore, here are the basics that need to be noted down by the beginner players about what they want to know in sports betting and especially on online betting and how to make profits. As a result, many betting enthusiasts have chosen to move away from traditional betting methods such as telephone based services and bookmaking shops. Recommended Betting Sites

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Online Betting: Getting Started

Our recommended sportsbooks will be around for decades to come. Reputable sportsbooks will offer members a variety of handy methods to fund and make withdrawals. When it comes to making a deposit, the preferred method is always credit cards. While not a common option for taking money out, almost every sportsbook will offer credit cards as a way to get money in. Other common methods include person-to-person money transfers such as Western Union or MoneyGram, which is often the favorite method to receive a payout.

Every bonus features a rollover and max cashout. A rollover is basically the number of times you must bet before you will be eligible to take any money out. If you hit a big parlay on day one, however, you may regret taking that big bonus.

Max cashout is similar to rollover, however certain books may put a limit on how much money you can take out if a bonus is taken. Always look into this, because you may think you struck it rich only to find that you won enough for a train ticket to depressed-ville. On the page linked above Managing Your Sports Betting Bankroll , our team of experts will tell you about different options for managing your sports betting bankroll, from ways to easily grow that balance to strategies you may want to avoid.

Believe it or not, account management is a big part of sports betting. Unit betting is a mathematical way of managing your bankroll. By choosing this strategy, you are applying a set variable to a changing number i. The amount you bet is dictated by the size of your bankroll. This method helps you to ride out losing streaks, allowing you to continue betting for longer.

Closely related to Unit betting is Flat Betting. You set your bet amounts for the season and that risk amount does not change, no matter what your account balance is. Unit and Flat Betting strategies are two of the most common used strategies out there, however there are countless others.

Other players will use their balances to back heavy favorites. Find a system that suits your betting style, your available funds, your betting goals, and how risk averse you are. While experts are split on the effectiveness of different betting strategies, almost every professional handicapper agrees that chasing lost bets is a terrible idea. Never heard the term? Say on Sunday morning you bet half your balance on an early NFL game. Successful betting requires patience and research on your part.

Losses are part of gambling. With online sportsbooks, you can make money before you even place your first bet thanks to the various bonuses they offer their customers. One of the biggest perks of online gambling, sportsbook bonuses, give you money or free bets when you make a qualifying deposit.

Almost every online sportsbook, including the ones on our list of recommended websites, offer them. While no two bonuses are the same, they do carry similar terms and conditions. While this may work for some, it may be a big mistake for others. Match Bonuses — One of the most popular bonus options are match bonuses.

Simply put, a match bonus matches your deposit amount with an equal amount in bonuses. Deposit Bonuses — As the name suggests, a deposit bonus is a bonus tied to a deposit to your sportsbook account. While some sportsbooks offer different deposit bonuses depending upon the deposit method used credit card, wire transfer, etc.

Reload Bonuses — Just like the name implies, a reload bonus is credited to your sportsbook account once you have made at least one deposit prior to this one. Reloading or refilling your account proves to a sportsbook that you are not just testing the waters and are here to stay, and have a history of successful financial transactions.

Free Bet Bonuses — Considered one of the least risky bonuses for a sportsbook, a free bet bonus is not a bonus amount credited to your account, but rather a risk-free wager. If you win you get to keep the cash depending upon the terms, of course. Some sites will ask you to make a bet with your own money first, and if it loses they refund your account with cash or a free bet of the same value.

No Deposit Bonuses — By far the rarest of sportsbook bonuses, no deposit bonuses are usually offered when you are a customer a sportsbook wants back badly. They offer you free cash to play with without the need to fund your account.

Be careful however, no deposit bonuses can carry heavy terms. Sportsbook bonuses sound like a pretty sweet deal, right? We always suggest that before you take a bonus, or make a deposit, you read the fine print. Each website is required to say exactly what the Terms and Conditions are of any bonus.

While not universal, always compare these conditions before joining a sportsbook. While rollover requirements do vary, expect at least a X rollover in most cases. While not explicitly tied to percentage, it does place a ceiling on the amount you can receive.

All major online sportsbooks will offer many bet types, ranging from Straight wagers to Exotics and Futures. In the world of online sports betting odds, there are leaders and there are followers. Certain sportsbooks post their odds based on their own formulas and research, just like the master Las Vegas oddsmakers.

Therefore, before going for online betting you should be aware of the things in advance. This can be beneficial for you in easier ways. Make the most out of your sports betting: Betting Strategy - Better Bets.

Betting smart is essentially about choosing which bets to take and how much to bet on them. Having good insight is only part of the puzzle when betting: Doing these both methodically is the first of two stages to a sound betting strategy and hence to making maximum profit from your betting activities, given the quality of your tips.

Once you accept this, all you need to is to substitute the probabilities and odds into the formula. This gives us a simple solution to ii: An easy solution to i is less succinct.

Times where human-judgement calls are required are up to you, basically. Chances are your payoffs will be small, and potential losses large- even though this is an optimal bet, the KC implicitly assumes that you have a large enough bankroll to recover from very large upsets. Thus having a personal rule for how much of your bankroll you are willing to bet, or what odds you are willing to take bets on. BetterBets provides an automatic calculator that you can use, instead of having to do the math yourself.

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How do I get started in an online sport betting? Here are my top ten tips for anyone betting online for the first time. My focus is football soccer but the lessons here are applicable to all sorts of betting.

Here are the essentials you need to do. Set up a dedicated bank account to be used solely for betting and nothing else. Allocate your betting fund to that account. Open as many betting accounts as you can and be prepared to take advantage of those free bet introductory offers.

If you use them wisely the technique is called Matched Betting and it is a subject that is widely covered specifically on a thread in the website Money Saving Expert: You can add hundreds, even thousands of pounds to your betting bank, for free, and at no risk to your capital. Try and familiarise yourself with the various odds comparison websites such as Oddschecker , Odds Portal and Best Betting.

The name of the game is backing your selections at the best available prices and to do that you need to use sites like these. Keep a spreadsheet of your bets. Whether you are following a series of tipping services or your own selections it is vital to know where you are doing well and poorly and crucially how much is in your pot so you can adjust your staking accordingly. Make sure you have access to as many betting channels as you can.

Make sure you have all your bookmakers phone numbers punched into your phone address book and spread your bets around their various web platforms, telephone betting operations and shops where appropriate. Not only will this allow you to bet while you get on with your life, it will also allow you to eke out the maximum amount of life you can get from your profitable betting accounts.

Sadly, restrictions and account closures are a fact of life for successful punters but if you shop around and spread your stakes where you can between firms then you will greatly aid your chances of staying under the radar. Whether you are following tipping services or backing your own selections you should look to carve out your own expert niches. Specialise on what you know — or where your instincts tell you that you can have an advantage over the hard-pressed compilers.

If you are choosing tipsters evaluate their claims using the same criteria. The subtext here is: The odds and the info will be very much in their favour — unless of course, you have done your research and genuinely know something different. You will not succeed without the benefit of patience, balance and realism in your betting.

When your percentages suggest that the bookies have got it wrong and that the bet you want to back has a greater chance of winning than they think then it is time to do a bit more research just to confirm your own view and to consider having a bet.

Unfortunately, if you want to back your own fancies there are no short-cuts in this game. Thankfully, the rewards can be ample pay for the work you put in. As a beginner, you can forget those dreams of relaxing on a sun-kissed island in retirement just yet. But from small acorns big trees grow and as you keep growing your bank and turning over hundreds of bets your stakes will rise proportionately too.

The trick here is to be realistic at the outset, set yourself some attainable objectives for example, doubling your bank size over the course of a year and not becoming disheartened by failing to attain pie in the sky dreams overnight. Quite the opposite in fact. It will almost certainly ebb and flow throughout the season, in both directions and often dramatically.

Unless you are prepared for this fact of life and can steel yourself to cope with it you are unlikely to stay the course. Though sound staking and money management can protect your capital to some degree the fact is that losing runs take their toll on the spirit as much as the wallet. The moment betting is no longer fun — even as a profession — and starts to negatively impact on other areas of your life is the moment you should consider doing something else instead.

There is no shame in discovering that betting, with all its swings and roundabouts, is ultimately not for you. Dust yourself down and once your emotions are settled allow yourself a period of reflection.

Did you make good bets despite the results on the day? Could you have worked harder having missed a vital piece of information before kick off? Learn to be a good winner and a good loser by taking an even course at all times.

At set intervals it is a good idea to re-evaluate how things are going. Are your stakes big enough? Are there certain bets you do well and badly with that you need to take account of? Are there times of the season where you should stake more or less aggressively to reflect your edge over the bookies? These are all questions you can answer with a comprehensive bet record in front of you.

What goes against you today will run for you tomorrow — and vice versa. It is the end results that count and where you do exert the most control is on the path you take to achieve your objectives.

Learn to be a good winner and a good loser and keep your winnings and losses in perspective. If you can keep an even keel when all around are losing their cool then congratulations. You are well on the way to becoming a successful punter investor. They are probably losers anyway. Finding your own road and incorporating it with the best, most reliable information around is the way to make betting pay.

As in most things, the common consensus is overrepresented in betting and factored into prices accordingly. On a similar note, temper general caution with bravery on those occasions where you think you have value on your side.

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