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He knows you will feel assured in being able to win the game outright with a field goal advantage. Key numbers indicate the margin of victory or defeat most common in the NFL. What Professional Handicappers Do - Learn the tricks of the trade and increase your odds of beating the books! Johnny Wynn Handicapper Review. NFL Key Numbers

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Check out who went where right here! Each position has it's own dedicated article! As one offshore bookie stated, "the number three, obviously, is death in our industry.

Bookies are hesitant to move off of a three because they run the risk of getting sided. Even if bookmakers stay at three all week and the game falls on that number, they 'push' or pay back all bets, losing out on all of the vig commission as well as all operational costs associated with taking bets for that game.

If there is heavy action on one side, for example, the bookie will increase the juice for that side and lower it for the other in order to promote balanced action. When the number is at three, the book's hold percentage for that game usually decreases, according to Rob Gillespie, president for Bodog. You do a lot of that work and then you get nothing for it.

And then everyone who bets a teaser on the side gets a win out of that. So those pushes can be very expensive at three without even moving on or off the number. Four used to be more important to the bookies, but has decreased in recent years because of advents such as the two-point conversion. Now it is either three or five because they go for two usually. Three points is the most common final margin in football games. No margin of victory even approaches the frequency of three, but seven is another common final margin in football games, for obvious reasons.

Other key numbers in the NFL include 4, 6 and You can even extend into the teens 14 and 17 for college football key numbers, but with so much parity in the NFL numbers that high generally do not apply for straight bets. About 16 percent of NFL games fall on the number three compared to 8 percent of games with a final margin of 7 and about 6 percent of games with a final margin of 10 and 6.

For example if the New England Patriots are Of course, this is not always the case, but it certainly is sometimes.