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You may see a line like Arsenal Find out which teams are doing well and which matches are actually mismatches. So trust me, it's a strong perk and why even the sharp bettors that live in Vegas choose to bet offshore at sites like Betonline. Let's dive into this guide and start talking about betting on soccer. There are specific rules on player props and goal props. Is Betting On Soccer Matches Legal In The United States?

Professional Soccer Betting Options

Legal USA Friendly Soccer Betting Sites

Since they are not physically located in the United States, they do not fall under the jurisdiction of the DOJ or the Federal Wire Act, which prohibits online soccer betting if it is handled by companies located and operated in the USA. This means that when savvy sportsbooks operators turn to industry recognized online gambling jurisdictions like Curacao, Costa Rica and Malta for licensing and certification, they provide US players with a totally legal option for online soccer gambling.

These companies employ the most reliable software, multiple banking choices for getting money in and out of your account are available, and literally hundreds of global soccer leagues are available for your wagering enjoyment.

Through our review process we have listed just the top operators here on our website, as we are dedicated to revealing legal and reputable online gambling options on soccer and other sports for residents of the United States. Claim thousands in welcome bonuses when you deposit at any of these reputable online sportsbooks who offer soccer betting.

As we mentioned above, soccer is often referred to as football internationally. Definitely not the football of the United States, it is one of the oldest and most widely wagered sports in the world. And while there is college soccer, far and away the most important soccer gambling will take place on professional leagues located around the world. The global world of online soccer betting, and all soccer play for that matter, is basically divided into two very large groups. There are more than individual leagues with divisions and 7, teams comprised of over 5, clubs, just in the English football league system.

There are also international leagues spread across the world in other countries. Yes, you can bet on sports online from the United States. Due to the uncertain legal climate for offering sports-betting services to Americans, some bookies have opted to not serve residents of the United States. Yet, there are others that gladly accept action from American bettors.

One thing that we should get clear right off the bat is that individuals who place bets through the internet on their own behalf have never been targeted by U.

Whenever the authorities decide to enforce the anti-gambling statutes, they go after the owners and managers of the betting sites, not their customers. Two of the most prominent bookmakers that serve Americans are Bovada and Sportsbetting[dot]ag , and they both offer plenty of lines for EPL fixtures as well as many other sporting events.

They also manage well-rounded real money gaming platforms that include card games and casino titles among other wagering pastimes. Moving money to and from USA online gaming companies is somewhat difficult because many banks refuse to permit transactions involving gambling.

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have come to the rescue because they allow speedy deposits and withdrawals with relatively low fees and are outside the control of the banksters. For comprehensive information on Bovada, Sportsbetting[dot]ag, and a number of other internet bookies, head over to the following page: Technically there is no law against you making a bet, but there are a bunch of slightly ambiguous laws that, under the current interpretation, causes most licensed offshore sports books not wanting to take your action.

Having said that, do some research and you will find a website where you can bet - there are loads around. Betting on football in the UK is a huge perfectly legal business, but I suspect websites like Bet will probably block you from registering or placing bets from the from the US.

This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. To learn more and to see our picks for the event, check out our World Cup Betting Odds page where we go into further detail about who could win the prestigious event. Las Vegas sportsbooks are convenient because they offer a physical sportsbook location. While these online sportsbooks may lack a physical location, they make up for it extra features for their bettors. One of these features comes in the form of bonuses. Bonuses are essentially free money tacked on to your sportsbook account as a way of saying thanks for betting with the sportsbook.

Bonuses are offered throughout the year, so bettors will never be short of incentives to keep betting. Online sportsbooks also have a wider variety of betting lines than most Vegas sportsbooks. US fans may not be the most inclined to soccer since it is not the biggest sport domestically, but the MLS is growing fast and has plans for expanding with several franchises. This site will provide unbiased insight into the top teams and players from around the world so you can make informed bets that can win you some money.

The Champions League is a tournament comprised of the top European clubs. It is considered the highest achievement in club soccer and the most coveted award a team can get. The Champions League starts out with a group stage, where the teams get whittled down to Each team plays two matches, or legs, and the winner is determined by an aggregate amount of goals scored.

Away goals count as more, as they factor home field advantage into it. The Champions League runs throughout the domestic seasons of the various leagues and is spaced out so teams can handle the load of playing in multiple leagues.