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The goal of statistical match prediction is to outperform the predictions of bookmakers, who use them to set odds on the outcome of football matches. Run your entire business with Zoho One. Situation resembles quantum mechanics: Sports betting software seem to have been developed based on this rationale. Over 1, real races every 10 minutes. Football Power Pack



MicroBrothers is a software publisher and Internet content provider. Established in , we publish the WinPicks series of handicapping software, and own and operate ScoresLine. One click is all you need to get the latest scores and odds.

User definable prediction formulas allow you to implement any system and instantly test results. Platinum Picks , power ratings, office pool picks, consensus picks, and much, much more! New Features for WinPicks Release date: New average point spread feature shows which teams historically are the biggest favorites and dogs.

Every team change, conference change, or division change for the seasons has been verified and included. For more information about the new features and a complete release history for WinPicks, click here. Testimonial I have used your software to make money for our proprietary and customer accounts for many years.

Sports betting software seem to have been developed based on this rationale. Such a logical estimate increases your chances of waging winning bets as against losing stacks.

There are various factors that need to be assessed before actually placing a bet; a seasoned bettor does just that. He puts in a lot of effort trying to analyze the teams and the expertise of its players; he gathers reports about them, collects news regarding injured players, the most sought after players and other related facts having an impact on the outcome of the sport. All this information becomes necessary in order to increase the possibility of placing and winning bets.

This is why Trend Bettor has the perfect solution for you. Our system will help you plan your next wager by using past statistic and performance indicators. Just like a professional handicapper, sports betting software is programmed to analyze all the game statistics during the pre-betting phase. We have been carrying the tradition of utilizing PDS Sports handicapping Software like Football handicapping software, Baseball Handicapping Software, as well as looking forward to improve these all with each passing years since the company was founded in by Roger Mott.

Though, there are numerous sports handicapping sites but none of those sites have more reliable background and extensive cognition comparatively PDS Sports Judge.

With the deep and extensive knowledge paired with years of experience in sports prediction field, the founder could summarize all the nitty-gritty for a functional betting tool and were able to turn these into legitimate gambling software. Obviously, anything that boosts your ROI Return on Investment on sports betting per season is pretty good.

Thus; accuracy of the betting software is a significant factor to evaluate trends, teams and statistics. A small fault can ruin all; therefore we make sure that using our precise and accurate software, you would get the right outcome and stay away from facing losses. Advance Approach for Making Right Decision: There are diverse types of software and services that we offer to our potential clients.

If you want to view all those, you must go through all the pages of this website. Have a bird's eye view on the web pages and get enough idea about the Sports Software Tools and Sports Betting Systems. PDS Sports software and services are must-have tools for gambling enthusiasts.

It is not an intelligent idea to count on one's own conceptions regarding sports games when a winning betting is a desired conclusion. Use our sports handicapping tools and experience a profitable gambling with a minor chance of loss.