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This list usually comes out about weeks before the Big Game, and we've been doing this since They could only gain 12 wins in the entire season of the s. Online betting is also restricted in some regions of the country so you should document yourself about the availability of such a service in your region. Maybe the main reason why you should be betting on the Super Bowl is because such an event can really bring you a great return on investment if you place the right bet. Basic Information About Super Bowl Sunday

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Responsive design technology helps keep design and functionality consistent across different screen sizes. Not sure anyone expected that. If they did, probably not to that degree. Super Bowl 52 was predicted to be a 4.

The Super Bowl was expected to be close, and it was for a time, but the Eagles took enough chances to beat the defending champions. Philadelphia started with the ball and moved down the field. Their run game also got off to a good start, though this was expected since they possess 3 quality running backs in LeGarrette Blount, Jay Ajayi and Corey Clement.

K Jake Elliot missed the subsequent extra point 1 of several misses by kickers that night. The first quarter ended in favor of the Birds. Things got worse for the Patriots in the second quarter. There were open receivers down the field on multiple plays, but Brady simply did not have enough time to spot them with the incoming pass rush. New England attempted to score a yard field goal, but a botched snap caused K Stephen Gostowski to stutter-step, resulting in him hitting the upright.

The hit on Cooks was clean, but harsh. There were several trick plays in this game. The Pats attempted to go for it on fourth down with a pass to TE Rob Gronkowski, but he was covered too tightly and the pass was broken up. Coach Doug Pederson continued the gutsy play calling by going for a 2-point conversion, however this did not work out and the score stayed at Another NE field goal brought their total up to 6.

Unfortunately, Gostkowski missed the extra point by shanking it wide left. The Eagles were determined to score again before the half and drove down the field yet again. Foles was not pressured much either. The halftime score was Eagles. Things got interesting in the third quarter. Philadelphia backed off their pass rush for some reason and decided to go more man-to-man.

Gronk scored a touchdown in the beginning of the third with Gostkowski finally hitting an extra point. New England refused to go away and their offense began to look more alive. WR Chris Hogan who had a strong performance with yards caught a touchdown pass from Brady. Philadelphia managed another field goal in the opening minute of the fourth to make it Could they pull off the comeback? The answer was yes.

Gronkowski got paired up with a much smaller defender in man-to-man and Brady capitalized. The Pats took over at and now the Eagles were pressured to answer back. The NE defense was able to keep the Eagles from converting on third down, but they decided to go for it on fourth-and-one with 5: TE Zach Ertz made the catch and kept the drive alive.

A few plays later, Ertz was out wide against single coverage and brushed past his defender to make a touchdown reception. The play was reviewed because the ball popped out, but Ertz had established himself as a runner and broke the plane. Philly tried to go for 2 but were snuffed by the defense. At with just over 2 minutes to go, this was Brady time. However, Brady was stunned from a Brandon Graham rush and lost the ball.

It was recovered by Philadelphia. There needed to be 1 for both teams to make—a touchdown for NE and a turnover for Philly—and the Eagles made it.

Philadelphia ran the clock down to just over a minute and scored a field goal before giving the ball back to NE. The Pats made things worse for themselves by getting downed inside the New England had to go 91 yards and score a 2-point conversion just to send it into overtime. The clock expired on an incomplete Hail Mary pass to Gronk. With that, Philadelphia won their first Super Bowl. This was quite the game for fans and broke a record for most total combined offensive yards in any NFL game.

Foles and Brady threw for over yards. It was a back-and-forth affair that almost saw an incredible comeback, but the Eagles were simply too much for the Patriots. Or check out our article on interesting Superbowl facts to gain insight into things like how much money is spent on the Superbowl each year. Not Yet Determined Where: Not even the Cleveland Browns can step back after a winless season.

The AFC West is one of the most well-rounded divisions over the past 20 years. The Chargers finished their last season with 9 wins out of their last 12 games after going at the start of the season. The Raiders are up and down throughout the season, whether it being game schedules or starting their season with 4 games out of Oakland. A year after playing a franchise record five prime-time games, the Raiders are under the lights four times in With the return of Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins look to bounce back from a lost season, the Dolphins feel like a middling team teetering on another rebuild.

Late-season games against the Patriots, Jaguars, and Minnesota could determine their season. If everything goes as planned the New England Patriots will be able to make their patented late-season push.

While still rebuilding the New York Jets are heading into their third consecutive losing season and eight consecutive years out of the playoffs, in other words, when do they start playing in ?

The AFC South has had trouble performing at the same level as the other divisions. With the returns of J. The Jacksonville Jaguars are predicted to become the AFC South Champions for a repeat of last season, the offense has been improved with the addition of Andrew Norwell and ranked as the fifth highest scoring of the season. With 4 going to the Green Bay Packers who supposedly have the toughest schedule this season on paper. Tough start to the season facing Green Pay and Seattle, but their schedule lightens up considerably starting Week 3 predicted record The Detroit Lions have taken under a new coaching staff under Matt Patricia, however, are still expected to deliver the same mediocre results Detroit has seen over the past few years.

The Lions still face too many holes in the offense the line and run game and far too many questions in their defensive line pass rush and interior line for them to be anything special this year, but the draft could change this predicted record Bank Stadium since it opened in predicted record The Dallas Cowboys have won the most Super Bowl titles with 5, however, their offseason has not been great with free-agent losses and the release of Dez Bryant.

The New York Giants have a brutal seven-game stretch to open the season which will be tough to navigate. The defending Champions return with 19 of 22 starters and will be fueled by a talented group of players coming off injury led by Wentz and Jason Peters who stress that Super Bowl hangover is not an option. The Eagles begin their title defense against the Atlanta Falcons , their schedule is no cake walk as they face seven teams that made the postseason last year.

To improve overall, the Redskins need better health for key young players to develop such as Josh Doctson , if these happen they could perform decently this season. The Atlanta Falcons have a tough start to the season facing the defending champions in Philidelphia. They turn around with back-to-back home games against the Panthers and Buccaneers, followed by another home game against the Bengals. The main focus for the Falcons seems to be the division race as they close the season at Carolina and Tampa Bay predicted record The two meet in Charlotte during Week 15 and then conclude the season in New Orleans in Week 17 , these games could be the difference between which team goes and predicted record for the Panthers.

Expectations remain high for the New Orleans Saints , as long as they can buck their trend of slow starts over the past four years. New Orleans must take advantage of their early schedule because their final 10 weeks are loaded with playoff contenders predicted record The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost seven games last season in a one-score game with five decided by three points or less in overtime.

With Jameis Winston healthy and improved chemistry with DeSean Jackson, and a fully revamped defensive line this draft could go a long way predicted record The West division has seen its fair share of Super Bowl experience, the division combines 13 Super Bowl appearances and a total of 7 Super Bowl Championships. They have stretches of difficulty in both halves of their season, with their late stretch containing; Green Bay, Atlanta, Los Angeles Rams, and the Seahawks.

It will be a tough finish to the season for Arizona predicated record Los Angeles Rams are looking great as they start their season with five prime-time games and 3 of out 4 of their first games at home. San Francisco 49ers have the buzz going for them due to their finish last season, which lots to prove the 49ers have a manageable schedule and one that is particularly team-friendly on the back end of the season. With the Rams as a clear favorite to win the division, the Seattle Seahawks are not to be forgotten of what they have — such as Super Bowl winner Russell Wilson QB , all pro middle linebacker Bobby Wagner, and one of the best safety in the league Earl Thomas predicated record Tom Brady and Bill Belichick prove an amazing history with New England, making them one of the top three teams in the league.

With their previous track record in the recent years, why would they not be one of the first predictions for Super Bowl 53? The Defending Champions naturally have to be considered as one of the favorites to give the championship another run. But especially this year as the Eagles are returning with 19 of 22 starting players from their Championship season, and will once again have that depth in the quarterback position.

At this point, we can only assume that the Eagles regardless of which quarterback will play will find success between them. When you hear the word underrated think Minnesota.

They have Dalvin Cook healthy returning to the backfield and are definitely being slept on right now by the community. They have one of the most well-rounded teams in the league and are going to prove it to everyone. Rumor has it the Rams are building something special down in Los Angeles!

The Rams are looking very good this year and are estimated to be one of the most valued teams in the league. As seen in Super Bowl LII it is possible to build a winner without the star quarterback everyone expects, it just requires an infrastructure. Both teams benefited from a collection of dangerous pass catchers and the innovation of standout play-callers. The Eagles shored up the corner spots by trading Darby and signing Patrick Robinson to a one-year deal, as well as picking up both Sidney Jones 43rd overall and Rasul Douglas 99th overall.